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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Reddit
Reddit is one of the top platforms in the world today for the kind of engagements and categories available on the platform. It is a site known for videos, memes, pictures as well as updates or information as regard a particular subject.

The section we are interested in on Reddit is the cryptocurrency aspect that has close to 60 categories available. Some of these crypto reddit categories are r/Cryptocurrency, r/Binance. r/litecoin, r/BitcoinMarkets, etc. It can be seen that it covers various aspects of cryptocurrencies from exchange to market to Bitcoin to Altcoins and several others.

All these categories were added because of how useful they are and the number of subscribers registered for them. Reddit is known to have several features to ensure a user-friendly experience and allow you express your opinions through votes and comments.

When voting for any update on any category on crypto reddits, you can either vote in or out and this means you are either positive or negative about the information. They welcome comments from readers and subscribers which is a means of expressing thoughts.

For each category on Crypto Reddit, there is a symbol or logo which depicts the category and the respective number of subscribers to that category. Subscribers are often in thousands of them and the number of active users are displayed. Every category has its own unique graphic design and themes and you are allowed to share link to the social community.

Also, you are not only allowed to share link for the category or post to the social community, you are allowed to view every important information about the community and contacts are available when in need of help. There is also a brief introduction as well as tags about the categories on the site and if need be, the link to the official page for the sites.

Since, there are different categories you can subscribe to without one being the best over the other, you should look out for some features before you subscribe to just any category. These features include;

• Activity

It is important to check the activity of the category, many have quite a number of subscribers but information on the site is outdated i.e. haven’t been updated in a long time. They probably will look dormant if they haven’t been used in a long time.
Look out for activities on the site, how responsive the subscribers are to post, number of people online, how active the moderators of the categories are before you subscribe. Subscribing to a category is very easy because it all requires a tap, nothing more.

• Content

The content of a category is also important. The content speaks about what the category has to offer. Most of them are just involved with keeping us informed with the latest happenings on cryptocurrencies while others are to show us a glimpse of the future. These contents are supported with images of high or low quality and videos of high or low quality.
Quite a number of videos in some of these categories are linked to YouTube which clearly explains pressing issues as well as solutions to either Bitcoin or Altcoins.

• Accessibility

Before you can use Reddit to maximum satisfaction, you have to make sure you have the app rather than the web address. It is very important you download the application before clicking on any of the links for the crypto reddits. The links automatically redirects you to the app after you have registered and fill in basic details.
The accessibility of this app from anywhere in the world is top priority. If there is a poor internet connection, it might be quite impossible to get information or updates from the site, especially when you would love to watch important videos.
Hence, make sure you have easy access to Reddit from anywhere in the world and always tap on subscribe for a category you are interested in so you could get alerts for a new information update.

Summary and Conclusion

Reddit is a platform on its own which has different categories and sub-categories in them. They welcome memes, videos, images about cryptocurrencies and are made available to subscribers. For instance, their funny videos or memes are placed under the comedy section of a category as well as others.

Also, you are allowed to either vote in or vote out depending on how you find the content of what was published on the site. Comments are also welcomed as a means to determine engagements and activities on the site; a perfectly engaged Reddit category has enough comments which is almost equivalent to the number of subscribers you will find online.

In conclusion, it is okay to be selective on the type of crypto reddit category you want, just make sure whichever you select out of those available, they offer you the best information possible.