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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Reddit Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Subreddit

Best Crypto Sites
Information reigns supreme as one of the most important requirements for established and aspiring crypto practitioners. In light of this, crypto news and information platforms have remarkable inputs to the burgeoning crypto economy. Owing to this revelation, it comes as no surprise that social networks have become integral to the community-based model that defines the crypto industry. Hence, the growing affinity of crypto practitioners to information portals like Reddit.
In this guide, we will explore the Reddit ecosystem, introduce you to some of its features, and recommend factors that should guide you when choosing a crypto subreddit. Afterward, we will break down our list of top crypto Subreddits and explain how we went about creating our premium review.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social network that prides itself as “the frontpage of the internet.” While this assertion may seem farfetched, a tour of the website will, however, convince you otherwise. It houses a plethora of information, which the platform segments into different forums. As such, Reddit caters to almost every niche you can think of (and those you can’t), as users have the liberty to form communities dedicated to sharing content about related topics. Users, or Redditors, can share their thoughts and contribute to the platform by submitting links, sharing pictures, sending texts, or post videos. Also, you can downvote or upvote other people’s contributions.


Recall that we mentioned that Reddit houses discussion forums that concentrate on a particular niche. In the Reddit ecosystem, these forums are called Subreddits, and they come with special names that connote the niche or the specialty of the forum. For example, one of the Subreddits that facilitate discussions relating to gadgets is r/gadgets.
As a registered user and member of Reddit categories, you have unlimited access to the over 138,000 Subreddits available on the platform, except for private Subreddits, which require additional admission procedures.

What About Crypto-Related Subreddits?

From our definition of Subreddits, crypto Subreddits are Reddit’s communities that focus on crypto-related topics. Seeing that the crypto community has taken a liking to Reddit, crypto firms and information portals have also joined the bandwagon. And so, they have created Subreddits where their users or customers can network or discuss issues relating to the platform’s services. Likewise, individuals or groups can create crypto Subreddits and establish a crypto theme for it.

How Does Reddit Works?

Reddit has lots of features that enable a truly informative and satisfying experience. An unregistered visitor can access trending posts from various Subreddits on the home page, click the embedded link of the posts, or view full-sized pictures. Accompanying each post is an upvote or downvote tracker that shows you the number of positive and negative feedback the post has garnered. In most cases, these buttons indicate the relevance of the post or comment on the topics at hand. Utilizing this tool is a simple way of informing other users that exploring a post is worthwhile or a complete waste of time.
As expected, the Reddit search algorithm factors in the number of upvotes, as well as downvotes, while ranking the visibility of posts. In other words, the capacity of a post to garner more upvotes relative to its downvotes would determine whether it pops up on the homepage feeds or search results. Likewise, for every individual’s contribution to the Reddit ecosystem, either through creating content or commenting on one, he or she earns a score known as Karma.
For your first visit, the default tab of your homepage is “Hot.” As such, Reddit’s algorithm will base its submissions on the popularity of the posts. However, suppose you have registered or joined a Subreddit. In that case, the algorithm will set “Best” as the default tab, which ensures that submissions on your frontpage include posts from your chosen Subreddits.
Furthermore, you can filter the content available on your frontpage by choosing from other tabs available on the site. There is the “Rising” tab, which incorporates feeds with a growing number of upvotes. Also available is the “Controversial” tab that projects posts that have almost the same number of upvotes and downvotes.
While contributing to a Subreddit, be sure to follow the rules governing the conduct of its members. Each Subreddit has moderators who volunteer to set rules of engagement, picks designs, and have the responsibility of kicking defaulting members out. For instance, some strict Subreddits may not fancy links and spam messages. And so, moderators may ban members found breaking such rules.
Although these individuals are responsible for managing their respective Subreddits, the Reddit team governs the entirety of the platform. Hence, they have the power to remove moderators, ban users from contributing to the platform, and alter the governing rules of the platform as they deem fit.

What Are the Reasons That Make Reddit Perfect for Crypto Practitioners?

Reddit Supports Various Means of Communication
One of the reasons why crypto practitioners love using the Reddit platform is because it allows users to post videos, links, texts, and pictures. With this, users can pick the most suitable way to explain a situation and educate other members. This notion is particularly true for Subreddits, where members post crypto charts and crypto tutorials. They can either post videos directly or submit a link to a YouTube video.

The Crypto Community on Reddit Are Voracious Consumers of Information

Crypto firms and news platforms are aware that news probably filters through the Reddit platform faster than other social networks. Hence, they have dedicated resources to tracking the happenings in crypto Subreddits to gain insight into the sentiments gaining steam in the crypto community. With this, they can gauge the type of services or content that strikes a chord with the crypto community.

Crypto Reddit's is the right platform to build a strong personality in the crypto space

Crypto experts contribute to different crypto Subreddits regularly to boost their visibility. They know that the more they post meaningful and insightful information relating to cryptocurrency, the more people will revel in their knowledge and trust their judgments. Needless to say, this bodes well for them and their affiliate firms and projects.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Looking to Choose A Cryptocurrencies Reddit That Best Suits You?

Having introduced you to the various workings of the Reddit platform and its growing popularity in the crypto community, this section will explore factors that you should consider when choosing a crypto Subreddits. These factors are:

The Specialty of The Crypto Subreddits

We mentioned earlier that Subreddits pick topics that they specialize in. So, it is imperative to consider the crypto niche the Subreddit tackles or discusses. You wouldn’t want to join a Subreddit that adds nothing to your crypto journey. In light of this, it is advisable to determine the core requirements to succeed in your chosen crypto profession or niche. Then, ensure that your chosen Subreddits offer resources that will help you scale these requirements.
Take for instance, a crypto trader. He is aware that he would need to access prompt and reliable news, quality crypto signals, information portals to crypto exchanges, and development reports relating to cryptocurrencies that make up his portfolio. Having collated his core needs, it is safe to say that the Subreddits that best suit him are those which are the best crypto exchange Reddit.

How Active Are the Members of The Subreddits?

It is not enough to join a Subreddit that facilitates discussions that relate to your chosen crypto field. Instead, we advise that you explore the activity of the Subreddit and gauge the willingness of the members to contribute to the community. Chances are, Subreddits with more subscribers would offer little or nothing to your crypto activities. Therefore, rather than subject yourself to a harrowing experience on these Subreddits, it is advisable to take the time to verify its members' responsiveness.

The Quality of The Contributions of Its Members

While activity indicates the member’s eagerness to contribute to the network, quality, however, showcases how helpful such contributions were to you. Regardless of the buzz trailing your favorite crypto Subreddit, it is certain that you will quickly lose interest if you find it difficult to encounter meaningful posts. This notion also comes to play if the members of the Subreddit are not open to utilizing various means to pass their message across. For example, explaining technicalities that relate to crypto mining might entail visual representations or videos. Suppose the so-called experts in your Subreddit are reluctant to disseminate knowledge via tutorial videos. In that case, it might take extra effort on your part to decipher explanations presented in text format.
Therefore, we advise that you ascertain the flexibility of crypto Subreddits and the quality of discussions found on them before joining one.

The Capacity of The Moderators to Establish A Secure and Positive Forum

Although it is okay to express oneself freely and argue one’s standpoint, nonetheless, members should not go about this in a vindictive or negative way. Hence, you should verify that the Subreddits have established guidelines that keep comments and submissions clean and, at the same time, do not ruin the fun. By so doing, you can rest assured that there is no reason to fear backlash whenever you are about to air your opinions or arguments.
Besides, moderators must do all they can to ensure that members are not being bombarded with scam projects or spam messages. Doing this might entail a constant review of the Subreddit’s rules of engagement, particularly if nefarious entities keep finding new ways to go around existing regulations. With this, users can, to an extent, trust information emanating from the Subreddit.

The Beginner-Friendliness of The Subreddits

One of the reasons why people join Subreddits is to become a part of a community of individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and disseminate information. Therefore, crypto Subreddits that do not facilitate such an educative-primed ecosystem are unsuitable for new crypto entrants. Bearing this in mind, we advise that you join Subreddits with the culture of helping beginners find their way in the dynamic crypto space.

How Did Cryptolinks Put Together Its List of Top Crypto Subreddits?

We at Cryptolinks acknowledge the importance of Reddit to the crypto community and took the initiative to compile a list of crypto Subreddits that have done remarkably well in catering to crypto participants. As it is with our culture, we opted to carry out an organic analysis of the communities mentioned on our list of best cryptocurrencies on Reddit. To do this, we set the recommendations listed above as guidelines to determine the efficacy of crypto Subreddits.
In light of this, we verified the niche of each Subreddits. This analysis showcased the importance of Subreddits and their appeal to a larger demographic. Subreddits that constrain their members to peripheral crypto topics would not attract as much attention and buzz as those that give members the liberty to discuss anything crypto.
However, we did not make the mistake of basing all our analyses on the capacity of Subreddits to generate buzz. Instead, we dived a little deeper to ascertain that the quality of discussion found on each Subreddit. By so doing, we were able to identify those that generate considerably high activities as well as topnotch contributions.
Note that the rules of engagements are important to ensure that the network remains free from nefarious activities. As such, we analyzed each Subreddit’s regulations and how effective they are in keeping discussions clean and ethical. That said, we only picked Subreddits that value the integrity of their communities and initiated rules that would discourage members from posting unwarranted comments or making submissions that could jeopardize the safety of other members. This analytic process checked if there were rules banning spam messages and unsolicited advertisements.
Lastly, we browsed through each crypto Subreddit’s post to determine whether it is suitable for new entrants. To do this, we checked to see if established members are willing to answer questions or post educative materials that would help newbies. Also, we gauged the members’ propensity to utilize easy-to-understand words, rather than complex terminologies, when explaining or making their arguments.
At the end of our analysis, we found 57 crypto Subreddits that had managed to meet all of our requirements and have made it to our list of best crypto Reddit. As always, we advise that you analyze the pros and cons of each crypto Subreddits mentioned before picking one.
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