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Best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Desktop Wallet
Majority of adults or workers even children make use of wallets for safe keeping of one's money. This is not so different when it comes to digital currencies. The sites below deal expressly and uniquely with helping Cryptocurrency traders find a way to store their coins properly and safely.

Cryptocurrency traders find it difficult to find a desktop wallet that can make them feel safe about their coins or are looking for a means to recover their coins and lots other things needed. However, whichever category you fall in, a platform has got you and helps provide information on several desktop wallets and their functions and various features to help fulfill your needs. On Cryptolinks.com, you will find over 20 legitimate desktop wallet sites that have been thoroughly tried out, highly trustworthy and recently reviewed on some levels. Most times, Cryptocurrency traders find it difficult to choose one because they are all good in their way, even debates have been going on which of them is better than the other; with the short reviews provided in this category on cryptolink.com for them, it is very easy to pick the best that would fulfill your needs and keep your mind at rest.

These 20 desktop wallet sites here have been reviewed to be in the top 50 in the business of helping store variety of coins. Some of them include; Tezor Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Exodus Multi Currency Wallet, Stellar Wallets, Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, Nem Wallet, Dogechain Wallet, Lisk Wallet, Jaxx Multi Currency Wallet etc.

All these desktop sites have been reviewed based on a few things, which include:

• Features
• Security
• Supported coins

These few things mentioned above form the bases on how these sites operate and below are explanations on the factors considered in order to place sites in the Desktop wallet category of Cryptolinks.com;

Sometimes storing one's coins offline or with wallet providers is good but might be unreliable because they can be hacked or may not be found. On sites such as Trezor gives you chance to store your coins conveniently and safely with their hardware wallet. With this one can go to bed knowing that your coins are properly kept. On some sites, one can get easy and cheap access to different desktop wallets in which one has the opportunity to choose any of the wallets. They also have other features such as FAQs where you can find answers top questions on desktop wallet or how to make use of the site, access to software such stellar core, horizon API and so on. Examples of sites like this include Stellar and so on.

Some sites help provide you information on how you can get access to your lost funds, proof checking your transaction history using spy and other amazing features. Some of these sites have additional links where you check the market maybe for the latest coin values. Some sites also gives you detailed information on how to download desktop wallets on your Android or iPhone and also details on the kind of wallet you're downloading. Some of them include information apart from how to get access to their desktop wallets or explanation on how the desktop wallet benefits but also provides information for those new in the field, enlightening them on they can get started on it such providing a guide.

Some of these sites do not focus on safeguarding your money alone but also provide access to useful information such as On-chain governance protocol upgrades, Proof-of-Authority consensus, Private Ethereum transactions, Warp sync and pruning, Rust and Wasm in blockchain and so on. In addition to that, they provide means to educational and informative articles for your daily learning.

There are some sites which are not browser specific or maybe might be difficult to open. These sites don't give you that kind of problem, it allows easy access to information you need on desktop wallets and makes you feel secured.


Some of these sites have made it their to provide useful information about a newly developed feature called cold storage bitcoin wallet that easily manages offline Bitcoin wallets using a computer that never gets in contact with the net. All the things needed to create transactions can be managed from a computer online with a watching only wallet . All the secret private key data is provided only on the offline computer. This greatly reduces the risk of someone hacking into your wallet and stealing your coins. Tutorial videos are also created enable viewers understand the concept properly with links the video on the site.
These sites also assure you the safety of coins by providing you information on their reliable security measures that ensures your coins are not stolen or lost. These sites make us realize that one can recover its lost coins.
All Cryptocurrency traders know the importance of private keys. Some sites provide traders who are willing store their coins opportunity to create their own private keys known to only the owner of the coins. These desktop wallets are more less like normal conventional banks.

Supported Coins

Some of these sites specifically deal with only one type of Cryptocurrency such Electrum Bitcoin wallet, which deals with keeping only Bitcoin safe.
There are also some sites, which provide information on web wallets that support any kind of coins such as Coinspace and lots other.


In conclusion, looking at these things listed above you can be sure that these sites are the best in the business of storing your coins with their highly developed features and other side attractions.

Cryptolinks.com have made it available for you, all you have to do is just choose the one you want.