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Bitcoinarmory Wallet Review

Bitcoinarmory Wallet


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Armory wallet is a hierarchical deterministic desktop wallet. Uses control their own private keys. It has been noted for its strong security features. The wallet only supports Bitcoin. The wallet is open source and has multi-signature functionality. One of the key features of the wallet is it enables users to keep the wallet offline for enhanced security while importing the public key to another online wallet creating a watch-only wallet. This will enable users to monitor balances using the online wallet. They can use the offline wallet to sign transactions.

The wallet was developed by Armory technologies which were founded in 2011 giving it a long history in the cryptocurrency industry. The founder Alan Reiner has stepped away from the team in 2016 but the wallet is still functioning and considered secure. The open-source nature of the wallet takes developers into account and is noted to be ideal for integrating exchanges and crowdfunding. Overall, the wallet is completely oriented towards enhanced security and is a good choice for advanced users who hold security as a number one priority. Users who are beginning and value flexibility and ease of use will be better suited using another wallet option.

Pros & Cons
  • Strong focus on security
  • Hierarchical deterministic
  • Users control private key
  • The public key can be imported into an online wallet for a watch only wallet
  • Multi-signature functionality
  • Operating since 2011
  • Only supports Bitcoin
  • The founder has stepped down