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Bitcoin Paper Wallet
A wallet is very important to a non-crypto trader in which it serves as a private and personal possession where one keeps money, credit and debit cards, Identity card and lots other important stuffs because of all these important things kept in the wallet, it needs to be safe guarded by any means possible. As a wallet is important to a non-crypto person so also it is very essential to a Cryptocurrency trader. Wallets are important part of a cryptocurrency trader because it is where they can keep their hard-earned digital money. As a successful Cryptocurrency trader or investor, you might be dire in need of where to keep your coins or maybe you have tried keeping your digital money and it disappeared or got stolen. Which ever category you fall under, there is a cryptocurrency platform that might be of help to you. This platform can help provide useful information on several paper wallets with their functions as well as various features to help fulfill your needs. This platform is known as cryptolinks.com where you can find like over 5 paper wallet sites, which helps provide useful information on several paper wallets, their functions and usefulness as well as various features that can help fulfill your needs. These sites have thoroughly examined, fully scrutinized and can be regarded as best of the bests with the various things they have to offer. Some of these include: bitaddress.org, Wallet Generator, bitcoinpaperwallet, Caryptographi and so on.

All these paper wallet sites have been reviewed based on a few things.
These few things are mentioned below form the bases on how these sites operate and also under here are explanations on the few characteristics considered in order to place sites in the paper wallet section of Cryptolinks.com;


Provision of means to purchase needed tools

Some sites help provide means to buy tools needed for a paper wallet. Sites such as Cryptographi and so on help provide information on how to get these tools conveniently by just clicking the link. These tools can be purchased with money or with Bitcoin at a price that is not harsh. Some of these tools include roll of cryptographi paper ($5 USD or 0.0008 btc), piper Sd card -16GB Samsung ($39 USD or 0.0060 btc) and so on.

Durability and Customizability

The essence of using paper wallets for safe keeping which involves an offline mechanism for storing Bitcoins by printing the private keys and Bitcoin addresses onto paper. These sites top most desire is to help customers secure their digital money with a durable, dependable tangible object.

Some of these sites help provide information on a better way to store bitcoin whether on their card, keychain or dog tags which are more durable as you can keep it close to you at all times or store safely somewhere that nobody can reach. These (card, keychain or dog tags) were designed as a durable, customizable solution for data backup, saving, gifting, and/or transferring of bitcoins.
The card is made of solid, dependable material that allows lasting protection against the elements. The functionality of a paper wallet and the strength of metal seamlessly combined. Materials used do not corrode, rust, or stain easily.
These sites also give information on how to get this secure, durable and customizable card along with the price.

A means to keep your own money

Since online wallets can also be dangerous to keep your digital money for long term storage in which they can be hacked. Even keeping a live wallet on your own computer can be risky. These sites have provided a means to be your own bank by printing out your own tamper - resistant wallets and generating your own addresses, you can reduce your exposure to hackers as well as people you don't really trust in your home or office. All you have to do is transfer your bitcoins into your new wallets, and make sure to keep it safe the way you would keep your car keys and ordinary cash. With this wallets you can do a lot easily such as giving bitcoins to someone who might understand the technology by using a pre - loaded paper wallet such that for someone receiving the gift unfamiliar with digital money, the other side of the wallet contains printed instructions for checking the wallet balance and withdrawing funds.

A means to learn

Some of these sites on cryptolinks.com also help provide information on how you can store or make a paper wallet on their site by making use of links to videos, articles or even in steps boldly written on the site. They also provided frequently asked questions, which might be of help.

Convenient means of purchasing

You can get access to ship your paper wallets to anywhere in the world. Some of these sites help provide useful information on how to do that including the number of days it would be delivered.


All the features listed above are just for you to get a top of the iceberg of what they have to offer. They even have more, you might never know if you don't find out.