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Best iOS Bitcoin Wallet
Everybody in all facets of life knows the usefulness of wallets. This is where people store their private and valuable belongings such as money, ID cards, ATM cards and many other important things but most especially money is kept in the wallet for safety purpose and easy reach. However, there are different kinds of wallet with ranging qualities. Some are better than the others. It is better to go for the best in order to sure of your money's safety. In the Crypto world, wallets are also as important, as it's where Cryptocurrency traders safe their digital money. If you're in the category of people that have been looking to get information on the best place to keep your digital currencies, we have got your back as we have made over 30 iOS wallets sites available to pick your choice out of the best in the business of helping store various coins.

These sites are in form of applications on the iOS Appstore. Some of the sites include: Coinbase ios Wallet, Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin, BTC.com – Bitcoin Wallet, Luno Bitcoin Wallet, WIREX:Bitcoin, Litecoin Wallet, Xapo · Bitcoin Wallet & Vault and so on. These sites have been thoroughly tested and reviewed for you.

Below are some unique characteristics on how they were collated into these categories.

Easy Access

These sites have made available links on which you will find where to download the applications for free. Through these applications you can get access to store your coins.

Good Feedback Mechanism

These sites have provided a means by which you can contact if you have an issue or want to file a complaint. You also get the chance to write your comment on your view about the site and the application.

Coin Support

Some of these sites were specifically created based on the fact that they only provide information on a particular digital currency such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, ripple and so on, while some sites give information on any kind of digital currency over 150 digital coins.


This site’s wallet provided means by which you can recover your lost coins on a new wallet with your coins still intact. A simple recovery phrase is all you need to restore your wallet on another device if yours is ever lost. Your balance and entire transaction history can be restored from just your backup passphrase.

Global Coverage
Some of these sites have provided access to trade at your convenience from anywhere in the world. For instance, LocalBitcoins.com allow access to trade on their site a lot of cities and countries.

These sites’ wallet supports many other languages apart from English such as Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and so on.

Most of these sites’ wallet requires iOS 9.0 or later, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad touch

Most of these sites’ wallets have provided users with access to a newly added cold storage feature where users can create offline cold wallets, spend and receive bitcoins into them without having to expose your private keys to an online device. They also take safety precautions by using their highly developed security measures to verify all accounts to ensure maximum security.

Access to Useful Information
On some of these sites, you can get maximum access to information about the various wallets on the sites, how to use it as well as other additional information that could be helpful. On these sites, you can also get to other apps, which could be useful for you.

• On these sites’ wallet, all the private keys and other important data are stored locally and encrypted in order to ensure maximum security.
• On these sites’ wallet, you can get access to multiple accounts at the same time such that a family of 6 can manage one app
• On these sites’ wallet you can get to convert your bitcoin into over 150 fiat currencies worldwide in order to lock in the exchange rate especially when you believe the value of cryptocurrencies will drop.
• With some of these sites’ wallet you can also get access to transfer funds instantly to your friends and family or to their phone number.
• On these sites’ wallet, one can get access to updated information on current market prices in form of real charts, graphs and illustrations together with notifications and alerts. You also to get access to account activity alerts including payments and deposit requests and confirmation. You can get access to view live buy and sell rates of all Cryptocurrencies on your home screen. On some of these wallets you can get price alerts for constant tracking of your favorite cryptocurrencies.
• On these sites’ wallet you can secure your account by setting fingerprint lock as well as other security measures such as setting a pin or lock on your transactions.

In conclusion most of these sites offer one of the best trading services with all the numerous mentions and their highly sophisticated and developed security measures they stand to offer you the best services and cater for your needs.