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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Bitcoin Exchanges
Every business person whether a trader or an investor, who loves to get himself or herself involved with cryptocurrencies, will have a great knowledge of crypto exchanges. For you to make transactions on the internet using digital currencies, you certainly need to have something in your wallet so you can proceed with whatever you want to do. However, if you don’t have or it’s insufficient, there are crypto exchange platforms that would allow you to either check for the exchange rate of fiat money to cryptos or allow you to buy or sell your digital currencies.
Whichever category you fall into above, a crypto exchange platform is often the solution you need. In this category on Cryptolinks.com, you have over 70 legitimate exchange platforms that have been tested, trusted and reviewed on some scales. Sometimes, there are often debates on which of them is better than the other; with the short reviews provided in this category for them, it is very easy to spot the best, the better, the good and the considerable.

We can’t tell you something is bad unless we have reviewed them and these 72 here have been reviewed to be in the top 100 in the market. Some of them include; Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloneix, Bitstamp, Gate, Paribu, GetBTC, CoinsBank, Coinroom, BitMarket, etc.

All these crypto exchange sites have been reviewed based on 4 things;
1. Supported Coins
2. Security and Safety
3. Programs and Projects
4. Features
These 4 above are yardsticks to which all of the 72 sites have been categorized as the best, better, good and considerable. There are several other bases but those 4 are the major ones we considered on this website.

Below are the explanations to the 4 factors considered in order to place sites in the crypto exchange category of Cryptolinks.com;

• Supported Coins

There are different sites with different type of Coins they support. The most popular type of Coins that most of these sites support mainly are; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Dash, etc. The importance of these supported coin as a factor is because you wouldn’t want to get to a site and all you ever find are coins which are not even in in the class of yours i.e. you wouldn’t visit a site that supports LTC and XMR and then come with RLC or OAX.
One remarkable thing about these sites is that they have crypto pairs such as BT/ETH, XMR/BTC, LTC/BTC, etc. and with regard to situation in the market, they could change with either their value rising or falling; there is always an account for that.
Therefore, you should consider crypto exchange websites that supports a crypto pair or the kind of Coin you use to avoid issues.

• Security

One very important thing you should consider before signing up for any crypto exchange site. There have been many cases of theft, fraud and scams in the past and they may never stop. You need to keep your account, wallet and coin safe from hackers who take all of your funds and digital assets without you knowing.
Wallets are the most vulnerable assets you can ever have, they expose you to a greater risk if not properly secured. There are different types of wallet ranging from Electronic to Paper or Hardware to Online. Based on reviews, it is said that a Hardware wallet is the best because all funds are stored offline; however, depending on the purpose of your business, you can choose whatever wallet suits you.
There are also different levels of security and security protocols that should be put in place. The most common types are the Multi-Factor Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication which are top-level security protocols.

• Programs

There is something great about giving back to the community either in funds or in projects. Most of the top-ranked crypto exchange platforms have certain programs that will change the community as well as improve the lives of many people. A site that could do all these better than anyone else is often considered the best.
There are other services it may offer back to the public in terms of events and seminars whose details are displayed on site and where people can contribute with their coins via a wallet address. In turn, they provide blockchain capital to start certain projects and plans.

• Features

Aside the 3 factors explained above, the other factor which is often considered where all other yardsticks for the best crypto exchange platform fall into is the Features. Different sites have their own different features; it could be the most unique thing about them.
For instance, one of the top features of a platform like this is the ability to execute transactions fast and easy. People love when they get a platform that they could buy or sell cryptocurrencies fast and easy without having difficulties with speed. The better the speed, the greater the number of people that patronize the site. If for anything, sites like Binance, Bitsane and few others are the fastest in the game.

Also, another feature considered Liquidity and the type of trading that takes place on the site. The most common types of trading that are useful on crypto sites are Margin trading and Fiat currency trading. A site that would offer either of the two or best of both would be considered a great asset to the crypto community. Professional customer support is also one great feature considered.


In conclusion, having considered all these factors listed above i.e. Security and Safety, Supported Coin, Programs and Projects, and Features, the best out of all the crypto exchange site is Binance. The site is different because of the top-level kind of security it has, the programs and projects it supports and the variety of coins available on the site; it is also trustworthy and transparent in dealings.

Cryptolinks.com has brought you all of the sites in this category and it is only reasonable for you to choose what kind of service you want either of them to offer.