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The cryptocurrency ecosystem has of recent witnessed an influx of several crypto exchanges designed to improve trading of assets, likewise promote Bitcoin and other valued tokens to the mainstream audience. Among these includes Bithoven, a new platform with features to enhance user trading experience. We have studied this exchange, outlined its features, pros and cons below. Is Bithoven a trusted exchange? Let's find out.

About Bithoven

Bithoven is an exchange platform where users can easily buy/sell/trade cryptocurrencies. Launched on January 14, 2019, it is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The exchange offers a variety of trading tools such as order book, candlestick chat, market overview etc. for excellent trade execution and has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Bithoven offers advanced security measures such as TLS/SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to prevent a hack.

Bithoven an inbuilt wallet and doesn’t accept fiat payments. Therefore, you can only deposit/withdraw from the exchange via cryptocurrencies from an external wallet. To start active trading, visit to create an account. You’ll be required to verify your email address for security reasons. It offers low transaction fees, i.e., 0.2% of trading value for deals recorded on the exchange.

It offers a 24/7 live chat feature to provide excellent customer service. You can also submit your requests by opening a support ticket or email [email protected]. Bithoven is compatible with all devices, and it has no hidden charges in transactions. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, TRON, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Bithoven provides various incentives for its users, i.e., 100 DOGE bonus for new users. It also has operates a referral program where users are rewarded for promoting the platform.

Lastly, it complies with AML/KYC policies to create a safe environment for crypto trading. Every user is required to complete verification to qualify for full access to the platform services.


Bithoven has fantastic features which help to improve user trading experience on the exchange. These features include;
- OTC Trading: Bithoven offers over-the-counter trading for crypto traders who wish to execute large volume trades.
- Trading Tools: It provides various trading tools and instruments such as order book, candlestick chart, market overview, etc.
- Security: This exchange is fully encrypted with SSL encryption and provides various security measures to ensure safe trades. It also offers two-factor verification to ensure account security.
- Multicurrency Support: Bithoven provides support for more than 400 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, etc.
- Customer Support: It provides a 24/7 live chat system for its users. You can also fill an online contact form to contact support. For further enquiries, it has a well-detailed FAQs page which provides answers to common customer issues.


Bithoven is a new crypto exchange which provides excellent services with over 400 cryptocurrencies. It is highly encrypted and implements security measures such as 2FA. It has low trade commission and provides a 24/7 chat support system. It also offers margin trading opportunity. It has other notable features such as OTC trading, user-friendly interface, which makes it an excellent exchange to trade.

Pros & Cons
  • User Trading Interface: Bithoven is an exchange that provides a user-friendly interface. You can make use of indicators and other trading tools easily.
  • It has a lot of cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. Although it is a new exchange, Bithoven supports over 400 cryptocurrencies including EOS, Litecoin, Stellar, NEO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • Low Withdrawal Fees: Every withdrawal action on the exchange is initiated with low TX fees. For a detailed list of fees for cryptocurrencies, see here.
  • It has a 24/7 customer support system.
  • The exchange offers margin trading opportunities for users to leverage and earn more profits.
  • Bithoven doesn’t support fiat currencies for deposits or withdrawals.