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Are you interested in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain? When it comes to finding the best cryptocurrency websites, you might feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many great resources out there these days. But, finding them can be tricky. The good news is that I've done this for you! After years of searching, I've finally rounded up the best crypto links around. Most importantly, all of these sites are designed to help you learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some of them I've even used personally. This list is growing all the time, so bookmark it and come back every once in a while to see what's new.

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Cryptolinks - 2150+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

by Nate Urbas

Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Miner, Holder. 🚀🌑

Since an advancement in technology, there has been a lot of threats to cyber operations. If one is too careless about his or her own privacy, he or she could experience privacy leak and that wouldn’t look too good. Now, we are in a world where virtual currency exists and any fail in security could expose your funds to hack, which could eventually leave you bankrupt.

In this category, we are more concerned with your security rather than anything else. There are many security details you should be aware of all by yourself. Once, you have an understanding on security mechanisms, it is easy for you to know how to protect your account and funds.
Blockchain Safety and Security talks about funds and how vulnerable they get. Often times, funds are vulnerable due to the kind of wallets used to store them. There are basically 4/5 different types of wallet (Hardware, Electronic, Web, Paper). Each one of them are then divided into 2 types namely; Cold Storage and Hot wallet.

On Cold storage, it means a wallet that is only accessible offline while Hot wallet is a wallet that is accessible online i.e. network connection. Even though Offline storage feels like the best, there are quite a number of people who would rather go for Hot wallets. However, going for Hot wallets means you should be prepared to improve security every time.

In this category, there are 11 sites you will see pertaining to Blockchain Security and Safety, they include;
1. Bitcoin’s Security Model
2. Jolly Roger’s Security Guide for Beginners
3. Bitcoin Security
4. Cryptocurrency Security Standard
5. Securing your wallet
6. How to store Bitcoin
7. How to create a Bitcoin paper
8. Crypto Scam Checker
9. Glacier
10. Security Concerns and Security Related to Bitcoins
11. Bitcoin Storage
All these sites have a regard for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and be sure they are expository in details. You don’t have to worry about keeping your updated when there is need for an improvement in security details. The main priority of these sites is your fund or account security.

However, there are certain characteristics associated with all these Blockchain Safety and Security sites listed above, they are;

• Storage

Each one of these sites describe what kind of storage cryptocurrencies and their wallets have. Normally, wallets have a type of security but it is important to know what kind of storage they possess i.e. either Hot wallet or Cold storage. With the aid of this division, you can easily tell what kind of improvement you need.

• Additional Security

They recommend additional security for your wallets and account generally. Often times, the use of Multi-authentication or 2-Factor authentication (2FA) had proven useful countless of times. This is a top-level security protocol that requires user’s permission before gaining access to an account. This can be improved on a regular basis (as soon as there is need to improve your security details to avoid being defrauded or hacked)
Also, the use of multi-signature wallet is helpful to ensure your wallet is accessible by only you without another external body gaining access.

• API and keys

API is a form of interface that allows you gain access to an account either publicly or privately. The use of APIs will be mentioned in any of these sites and how important they are. They are categorized into Private and Public APIs. There are restrictions with Private APIs while Public APIs can be accessed freely; hence, you have to use private keys to gain access to your digital wallet when the need comes. You can as well have a wallet using a Private and a Public API or a custom API at the same time.
There is always one thing with using private keys, you can connect many digital accounts into one account and use several keys to ensure their safety. However, if you misplace a key, you can still access your wallet freely and easily.

• Additional Features

Additional features are important because that is another factor that people consider when choosing a security detail. Any security system must be able to offer additional features aside protecting your funds and account. For different types of wallet, there are different features that would be offered for you to choose from. They should also be upgradable

Summary and Conclusion

This category on Cryptolinks has provided different sites where you can learn about Blockchain safety and security without stress. There are many other sites but these sites stood out with their features, contents and the kind of customer reviews that was recorded.
In conclusion, it is important to check the pros and cons of these sites presented before or after you go through them. One way, they help you in learning and ensure you have the right source to provide for family and friends who are into the crypto business.
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