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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Miner, Holder. 🚀🌑

Being able to analyze and interpret data is a very useful skill set for individuals looking to capitalize on the burgeoning crypto market. Owing to the importance of crypto statistics, we have seen a proliferation of websites enabling conducive environments for accessing and analyzing crypto-related stats. These sites have specialized charting systems, interpretation tools, and other visual representations to help crypto practitioners identify trends and anomalies that can have untold impacts on the crypto economy.
In light of this, this review section looks to explore platforms offering statistical services to crypto participants. We will highlight the benefits of these websites as well as the list of crypto statistics sites that have done enough to establish themselves as market leaders in this niche.

What Is Crypto Statistics?

We are aware that the first thing that pops into a majority of people’s heads when they hear the mention of crypto statistics is price tracking or market capitalization charts. While these analytics are aspects of crypto stats, they are, however, just the tip of the iceberg. Crypto statistics encapsulates everything that has to do with data representing the entirety or a section of crypto and blockchain economy. Therefore, it is possible to research stats on the crypto payment sector, exchanges, or crypto networks.

What Is A Crypto Statistics Website?

Having explained what crypto statistics is, hence, it is easier to explain the purpose of crypto statistics websites. Crypto stats sites are platforms that provide data, charts, or other visual representations of the performances or states of cryptocurrencies. Note that this definition captures a growing number of platforms availing functionalities that allow users to view the past and present states of crypto-related metrics.
In some cases, you could find crypto stats websites that fixate only on a particular metric and offer variations of charts and statistics tools allowing users to get a broader view of the performance of crypto networks. On the other hand, we have cryptocurrency stats sites that dedicate their services to several closely-related metrics. Likewise, some restrict their tools to specific cryptocurrencies, while others offer stats tools for a broader array of digital assets.
What makes crypto stats websites special is their status as the ideal platforms where practitioners can piece together related or non-related data to identify trends that are currently sweeping across the crypto world. Similarly, they offer representations other than price movements that alter the status quo in the crypto economy.

What Are Some Of The Metrics That Crypto Statistics Websites Avail?

Although there are several metrics, which crypto participants can assess to gauge part or the entirety crypto economy, we have, however, decided to streamline this guide to some of the most popular. Without further ado, here are some of the metrics and stats you will find on crypto statistics websites.

Blockchain-Related Metrics

These metrics detail the performance of public blockchains’ performances. In other words, websites that showcase blockchain stats offer tools suited to determine the efficacy of blockchain networks. As such, you will most likely find metrics detailing the block height, the difficulty, transaction size, and so on. With these stats, you can identify the states of the transaction validation processes of crypto networks and how it all adds up to a broader picture detailing the performance of crypto networks.
Other blockchain parameters include the block version, the script type, pool distribution, and reward distribution. Also, note that some websites fixate on UXTO-related metrics and provide visual representations of the value of unspent transactions on blockchains. Then, we have sites offering stats relating to p2sh data of blockchains enabling the functionality. The same is true for OP_RETURN, as some stats website display information regarding the details inputted on blockchains using the OP_RETURN script.
Not forgetting that network speed is also an integral factor for judging the efficiency of cryptocurrencies, some sites have, therefore, begun to project historic and present data on the network speed of crypto networks.

Crypto Economy Metrics

Apart from data encapsulating the operations of blockchains, there are crypto stats website that offer statistics on parameters showcasing the economies of cryptocurrencies. For instance, Coin Dance provides data representing the distribution of mining power of mineable cryptocurrencies, which can help you determine the susceptibility of these networks to centralization.
Also, you can find crypto stats websites with statistical representations of the volume of transactions involving bitcoin and other digital assets. The same applies to metrics relating to the size and activities of bitcoin nodes distributed across the globe. Some have even gone as far as to monitor the legal status of cryptocurrency in different regions. Also, we have websites that offer an alternative to transaction per day stats that might not entirely show the intensity of activities on blockchain networks. Instead, these websites go for the more accurate blockchain output, considering that crypto participants often prefer to bundle transactions to ensure that transaction fees remain negligible.
Furthermore, it is worth noting that not all crypto stats websites design their platforms for personal use. On the contrary, some sites essentially cater to institutions and organizations, which intend to incorporate trusted stats to improve their productivity or operations. Hence, we have stats apps that run a service model that does not align with the open-source and free-to-use framework that defines a majority of crypto-based platforms. In other words, you might need to pay for some of the services available on some coin stats websites.

What Are the Factors to Look Out for When Considering A Crypto Statistics Website?

Now that you understand the fundamentals of crypto statistics websites and their core features, the next section will introduce you to the factors to consider when searching for premium crypto stats sites.

The Type of Metrics and Charts Featured on The Website

As explained earlier in this guide, crypto stats websites have their specialty as regards the range of metrics or parameters made available to users. Therefore, it is left to you to research the metrics featured on the website you are considering and decide if it aligns with the type of analysis you are looking to adopt. For instance, you have no business opting for a crypto stats website that solely provides data on UXTO when it is stats relating to bitcoin nodes that interests you.

The Type Cryptocurrency That the Crypto Stats Website Supports

A cryptocurrency statistics site could either dedicate all of its resources to one digital asset or enable a system that caters to an array of cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that the crypto statistics website you are considering has the infrastructure necessary to track the cryptocurrency of your choice. It is worth mentioning that a majority of the top platforms available today are specially designed to track one or more metrics relating to the bitcoin blockchain.

The Quality and Accuracy of The Charts Available on The Website

Apart from ensuring that the charts and stats available on the site aligns with your interest, it is imperative to ascertain that the quality of the charts accessed is premium. To do this, you should check to see that all parameters are clearly stated and agree with standard analysis methodologies. Also, you should probe statistical values for errors or flaws, as the viability of the website depends on the accuracy of its data and figures. We suggest that you do extensive research to determine the methodology adopted for the collation, analysis, and interpretation of data.

The Beginner Friendliness of The Website

A lot of the parameters tracked on crypto stats websites are peculiar to crypto and blockchain technology. As such, it might take a while for new entrants to grasp the importance and implications of the data and stats logged on crypto statistics sites. To speed up the learning process, some of these websites incorporate easy-to-understand formats for their charts and even incorporate blogs to explain simple ways to utilize their charts and tools. Needless to say, the availability of these features should interest individuals who are not too familiar with crypto terminologies like OP_RETURN, psh2, and so on.

The User Experience of The Crypto Statistics Site

While ascertaining the suitability of the platform under review for new entrants, it is advisable to ensure that it embodies all of the elements required to establish a user-friendly platform. In other words, check that the website incorporates simple designs that improve navigation. Likewise, you could explore its features and determine that there are no time lags when loading the platform’s webpages. It is also necessary to avoid sites that feature too many ads. Note that platforms with all sorts of unsolicited pop-ups and banners cannot guarantee a premium experience.

The Website’s Business Model

As stated earlier, some crypto stats websites offer their services to all and sundry, while others streamline their features for institutions and firms. In light of this, we suggest that you verify the business model at play on the crypto stats websites of your choice. For individuals looking to utilize crypto stats tools for personal use, it is advisable to opt for a website designed for everyday use. On the other hand, those planning on utilizing crypto stats for commercial use should adopt crypto statistics websites for institutions.

The Fees Charged for Services Rendered

Do not assume that all crypto statistics websites are free to use. In some cases, these platforms come with service plans detailing the features available to subscribers as well as the fees. Hence, the ideal thing to do is verify if there are hidden charges or fees attached to selected tools or features. If this is the case, it is vital to analyze the pricing system of the website, compare it with other platforms, and determine if the service in question is worth every penny charged for it.

The Customer Support System of The Crypto Statistics Website

Since statistics entail complexities, it is, therefore, necessary that websites availing related services have topnotch customer support. By so doing, it becomes easier for users to log complaints, especially when they encounter snags while using statistical tools and charts. As such, we suggest that you opt for platforms with credible and efficient customer support systems. Ensure that the website’s feedback mechanism is available 24/7.

How Did Cryptolinks Compile Its List of The Best Crypto Statistics Websites?

Knowing fully well that crypto stats are essential for determining the true states of the crypto economy, hence, we at Cryptolinks have taken the initiative to review the crypto statistics niche and identify top-performing platforms in this sector. To do this, we adopted an organic methodology requiring us to analyze the operations of crypto stats sites up close. While this is a given, we ensured that the recommendations highlighted in this guide feature in our review process.
The first thing we did was to identify the metrics or parameters featured on each website and determine their relevance to crypto practitioners. We are aware that some stats are more relevant when it comes to acquiring a deeper understanding of how the crypto world works and attaining a broader vantage point as regards the crypto economy. Hence, we were thoughtful enough to ascertain that the websites mentioned on our list captures stats and data that fall under the above-stated category.
Thereafter, we determined the cryptocurrencies that each platform focuses on. We discovered that bitcoin, being the most popular cryptocurrency, remains a highly demanded crypto when it comes to crypto statistics. Hence, you will notice from a glance at our list that a majority of the websites mentioned are dedicated to bitcoin stats. Next, we verified the accuracy and quality of the chart and stats tools available on each platform. This review process entailed that we analyzed the statistical methodology incorporated on each site.
After exploring the quality of the stat tools and data available on these websites, we went ahead to assess the beginner-friendliness and user-friendliness of each. Here, we looked out for elements of simplicity, tutorial materials, high loading speed, easy to read charts, and other features that make navigation easy. Once we were done with this assessment, we examined the pricing system of each platform and ensured that they are competitive. Lastly, we put the spotlight on the customer support system of the crypto statistics websites under review. We expect each platform to provide 24/7 customer support and topnotch communication channels.
At the end of this research, we found 9 crypto stats sites that have done enough to feature on our list. We advise that you read the review article on each platform made available below before opting for one.

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