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Blockchain Reader Review

Blockchain Reader


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Blockchain reader is a website that allows you to look at blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain. You can view all the details of that block including block height, block depth, transactions, size, transaction time, previous block, nonce, and more. Although the website provides statistics on individual blocks, it lacks information which provides a big picture overview of the network statistics.

The project is open-source and free to use. The open-source nature of the project enables anyone with a node to run the block explorer on top of it. Users who want to make a contribution are provided with a donation address

This is quite interesting for anyone wanting to check the status of an individual block and to examine the information in a specific block in more detail. However, the website seems to be aimed at people with a technical background and doesn't give any big-picture views of the bitcoin network.

The website also provides a mining simulation page for anyone interested in seeing Bitcoin mining in action.

Pros & Cons
  • A lot of detail for individual blocks.
  • Mining simulation
  • Free to use
  • Open source
  • Not a very friendly website for the everyday investor.
  • Does not provide much detail on the bitcoin network as compared to other websites.
  • Very technical
  • Lacks a big picture overview of the network.