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Stablecoins Are On A Collision Course With Regulators

15 October 2021
Stablecoins are heralded as the glue holding the crypto market together. These digital assets enable channels that let crypto holders transfer value between two or more crypto networks without having to incorporate fiat-based transactions. More importantly, they provide crypto participants with an opportunity to momentarily escape the volatility of the crypto market. While all these factors have propelled the stablecoins market in the last couple of years, it has also attracted regulatory scrutiny that had in turn induced uncertainties regarding...
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The State Of Crypto Regulation In The United States

The State Of Crypto Regulation In The United States

25 September 2021
Regulation will remain a sensitive discussion in the blockchain and crypto realms for obvious reasons. For one, these are nascent technologies based on decentralized and borderless approaches to financial applications. As such, It could take a collective approach by global regulators to cover the crypto economy that is constantly evolving and largely decentralized. For now, though, each country has begun to acknowledge the innovative power of cryptocurrency and introduce regulations that can help crypto companies in their quest to create...
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Copyright, DeFi And Securities Unravelling The Different Layers Of NFT

Copyright, DeFi And Securities: Unravelling The Different Layers Of NFT

5 September 2021
It is undeniable that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become one of the major highlights of the crypto and blockchain movement in recent months. The sheer possibility of expanding the ownership rights that blockchain and tokenization offer has elevated the concept of non-fungible digital assets to mainstream status in record time. Bearing in mind the mainstream appeal of NFT, it is easy to forget that this technology or blockchain feature is still relatively nascent. Therefore, several NFT components require more modifications...
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All You Need To Know About Cardano And Its Upcoming Upgrade

18 August 2021
Those familiar with the crypto industry will agree that Cardano is one of the most promising and ambitious digital asset projects presently under development. For one, Cardano always features prominently in the list of blockchain projects that are innovative and robust enough to challenge the dominance of Ethereum in the smart contract and decentralized application market. Also, its native token, ADA, is one of the top five digital assets by market capitalization. And so, it has become necessary to unravel...
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Taproots And Beacons_ The Evolution Of Bitcoin And Ethereum

Taproots And Beacons: The Evolution Of Bitcoin And Ethereum

28 July 2021
It is no more news that the future of the entire crypto industry hinges on the success of digital asset technology. While we have seen a wide variety of practical interpretations of cryptocurrency in the last 12 years, the fact remains that it is still very much nascent and far from being an established technology. With this general context in mind, it is safe to say that there is enough room for growth. But there is no denying that the...
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Green Bitcoin And hash Rate Migration_ A New Beginning For Bitcoin Mining

Green Bitcoin And hash Rate Migration: A New Beginning For Bitcoin Mining

9 July 2021
Without any doubt, mining activities will continue to play an integral part in the Bitcoin economy for a very long time. As such, it comes as no surprise that Bitcoin mining has always come under scrutiny whenever the sustainability of Bitcoin is being discussed. If we are not defending the energy consumption rate of this hardware-intensive operation, then we most certainly will be dissecting the regulatory implications of concentrating mining activities in a particular jurisdiction. In some rare cases, as...
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s Bitcoin A Good Legal Tender_ El Salvador As A Case Study

Is Bitcoin A Good Legal Tender? El Salvador As A Case Study

21 June 2021
Although Bitcoin has already survived a decade marred by legal uncertainties, criminal affiliations and incessant attempts to downplay its potency, events recorded in the last few weeks have no doubt played important roles in the shaping of the digital currency’s future. The first is its sudden emergence as a legal tender in Central America, then there is a recurring narrative surrounding Bitcoin’s power-inefficient mining process. Lastly, the intensified research and development on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) highlights some peculiarities...
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How To Survive The Crypto Crash And Induce Long-term Profits

How To Survive The Crypto Crash And Induce Long-term Profits

28 May 2021
Volatility is perhaps the most appealing attribute of the crypto market to new investors. The prices of digital assets have recorded unprecedented uptrends since the year began. In turn, this has spurred the influx of investors looking to generate high profits amidst the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. However, all this changed when the crypto market responded negatively to a series of events. At the time of writing, Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, had fallen by 47% in the space...
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The Ultimate Guide On How To Earn Digital Assets

Crypto Income: The Ultimate Guide On How To Earn Digital Assets

10 May 2021
It is perfectly okay to feel bad about failing to possess the insight and the conviction to invest in cryptocurrency before the start of the ongoing bull cycle. Merely thinking about the potential profit and the missed opportunities could demoralize and force investors to make hasty and bad investment decisions. From what I have learned over the years, there is no bad timing when it comes to cryptocurrency. There are always new opportunities around the corner. The most important thing...
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Everything You Need To Know About Coinbase’s Wall Street Debut and Its aftermath

Everything You Need To Know About Coinbase’s Wall Street Debut and Its aftermath

17 April 2021
With every passing day, we have more reason to believe that crypto is the future of the financial economy. Not only have digital assets like Bitcoin outperformed traditional investment vehicles in 2021, but we have also witnessed several watershed moments that have brought cryptocurrency closer to the mainstream. The latest of this long list of milestones is Coinbase's public listing that saw the value of the company increase by ten folds. On the 14th of April, Coinbase became the first...
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