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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Miner, Holder. 🚀🌑

There are diverse ways to keep tabs on happenings in the crypto space. You could get updated on developments in the crypto world by closely following forums and crypto discord groups. Also, crypto news platforms are there to cover newsworthy events relating to blockchain and crypto technology. However, none is as comprehensive and efficient as crypto news aggregators.

These platforms search through the web for crypto news and aptly present them to users. While aggregating news is the fundamental utility of a good news aggregator, there is a horde of other features that make these websites amazing. In this article, we will explore the operations of crypto aggregators and the details to look out for when choosing one. Likewise, we will breakdown the factors we considered while compiling our list of best news aggregator sites.

What Are Cryptocurrency News Aggregators

From the name, crypto news aggregators are information distribution platforms that update their users on crypto events and developments in record time. As such, these platforms track crypto news websites, twitter, and other popular information-disseminating media to ensure that their content is always up-to-date. Some of the platforms on our news aggregator list offer users price tracking tools to ensure that they stay ahead of market movements. All in all, an average crypto news aggregator is the one-stop site for crypto practitioners looking to be in tune with the fast-paced crypto market.

Having understood the concept of news aggregation, the next section explores some of the features you can access on these platforms.

What Are the Features of a Typical Crypto News Aggregator?

News Tracking Feature

As earlier stated, tracking crypto news is the primary function of a cryptocurrency aggregator. Hence, regardless of the variety of other features an aggregator offers, the main factor that defines its viability is its ability to track and log news links at lightning speed. In light of this, news aggregators utilize sophisticated algorithms that can search the web for content relating to cryptocurrency. Also, users can apply various keywords filters to personalize news aggregating services or to isolate specific news.

Price Tracking Features

Apart from aggregating crypto news, these platforms offer users a price tracking interface that lists all or some of the cryptocurrencies in the market and their live prices. This feature helps users access the crypto market at all times, especially for those that are into trading activities. For crypto traders, analyzing developments in the crypto space and examining their effects on price fluctuations are some of the ways to ascertain market trends.

Portfolio Tracking Features

In addition to news and price tracking features, some crypto aggregators offer portfolio options, which users can set up to support their crypto holdings. With this, crypto practitioners can streamline the aggregator site’s features to focus on the range of cryptocurrencies that make up their portfolio. As a result, it becomes easier to access updates relating to their chosen coin. Judging by the functionality of this feature, it is safe to say that crypto news aggregators have taken up the responsibility to provide market indicators to the crypto community

Crypto Exchange Trackers

Some crypto news aggregators go the extra mile to give users a broader view of the crypto exchange market. Here, you get to access charts showcasing a crypto exchange trading volume and market cap. You can also compare one or more crypto exchanges to identify the one that offers the best prices to sell or buy a particular cryptocurrency.

Community Sentiment Indicators

Knowing fully well that tracking prices and news links are not enough to ensure quality-price projections, some crypto aggregator sites have included the community's sentiment-gauging functions. This feature helps users to assess the perception of participants regarding new developments. And so, some aggregators have added icons to showcase readers' thoughts on aggregated news. In most cases, it has similar functions as the “Like” and “Unlike” buttons on social apps. Or it could come in the form of a “Bearish” or “Bullish” indicator that shows the users' sentiments, as regards the perceived contribution of the news to the growth of crypto. Therefore, you can determine whether a piece of news positively or negatively affects the crypto narrative or would spur people to sell their crypto.

Alerting Tools

You wouldn’t expect a world news aggregator to have all the above-mentioned features, without putting an alerting tool in place to help users keep track of them. As such, it is common for these platforms to allow users to set price alerts. By so doing, they are certain that they wouldn’t miss out on prices that they believe is worth selling or buying a cryptocurrency. Also, a user can set a news alert that would notify him/her whenever the news aggregator's algorithm covers hot topics. Needless to say, this is one more way of guaranteeing that crypto participants have the crypto world at their fingertips.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing A Crypto News Aggregator?

Having explored the various features that you might encounter on crypto news aggregators, you will agree that choosing the right one might not be as easy as it seems. Therefore, the next section lists some vital factors that should guide you whenever you are on the verge of adopting a crypto news aggregator website. Our recommendations are:

The Speed of The Website

If compiling news is the core functionality of a website, then the speed at which it gets this done matters. We advise that you rate how long it takes for the website to update its news offerings. Doing this will ensure that you only go for a top aggregator site that can cope with the ever-evolving crypto economy. This assertion holds, considering the rate at which the crypto space generates price-altering developments. Going for a lagging crypto news aggregator could put a dent on your chances of capitalizing on market trends. It could also jeopardize your ability to quickly adapt your business models to changing trends.

The Sources of The News Links

When it comes to picking the best news aggregator, you have to check the sources to verify the quality of the compiled news. It is advisable to ascertain the integrity of the news so that you do not get burnt as a result of fake news. Hence, there is no harm in checking that you only get served not just up-to-date news, but also the credible ones. To do this, you could check the percentage of news sourced from trustworthy websites. Using a crypto news aggregator, which has a large percentage of its news collected from unknown websites, might hurt your crypto business.

The Accuracy of The Platform’s Price-Tracking Algorithm

Platforms that best aggregate news sites incorporate price trackers to help users keep abreast of price movements. While this is a helpful bit of feature, we advise that you verify the accuracy of the tracker before basing your price projection analysis on its outputs. This you can do by simply comparing the price index with standard price tracking websites for cryptocurrencies. If the price does not tally, then you might need to look for an alternative crypto news aggregator site.

The User Experience and Ease-Of-Use

While crypto news aggregators pack a variety of tools to help users keep pace with the crypto space, it is, however, imperative that these features do not limit user experience. As much as you would want to have the liberty to get more done on a single app, there are consequences of having too much. And so, we expect your chosen crypto news aggregator to have enough tools to cater to your needs, but not at the expense of user experience. This is especially true for new entrants who might find it a tad difficult to get acquainted with these tools.
Also, you should check the design and layout of the platform to ensure that navigation is easy. Some of these websites add short summaries that encapsulate the essence of the crypto news. This model could help users find their way and identify interesting news links, instead of relying on titles that are often misleading. Likewise, make sure that it supports a mobile view or has a mobile version. Better still, you should go for the best app for cryptocurrency news aggregates, as it is certain that you would need to access the platform’s services on the go.

The Subscription Fees

Not all crypto news aggregators offer free services. Although compiling news links might come as a free service, other features might only be accessible to paying customers. As such, you should verify the subscription plans of the website, as well as their duration, before opting for one. More importantly, ensure that the platform offers a reasonable trial period for you to check that the service is worth the amount set as the subscription fee.

The Type and Number of Ads on The Crypto News Site

There is no doubt that user experience closely relates to a platform’s propensity to limit the number of ads incorporated on its website. This notion applies to crypto practitioners that would rather utilize a free crypto news aggregator than one with subscription plans. In as much as it is not wrong for providers of free news aggregating services to monetize their websites, however, too many ads could stifle user experience. More concerning is the quality of ads incorporated on the site. A credible crypto website should have nothing to do with scam crypto projects or schemes. If you find shady ads on your crypto news aggregator, chances are that the news content on the site are not as credible as you think.

The Type of Features on The Website

Scanning through the features of a website will give you a clue as to the class of crypto practitioners it caters to. A news aggregator that comes with loads of price indicators is ideal for crypto traders. On the other hand, those that focus on the news, by employing diverse ways to get users to scan and search through various crypto information portals (be it news platforms, subreddit, discord groups, and so on) are good researching platforms. Therefore, we advise that you sieve through the tools and features of a crypto news aggregator to discover how useful it is to your crypto profession.
How Did Cryptolinks Compile Its List of The Best News Aggregators in The Market?
Cryptolinks is aware of the growing importance of crypto news aggregators, particularly to people who desire to keep themselves abreast of crypto developments. Hence, we went the extra mile to compile a list of news aggregators that have shown, time and again, that they have the resources to cater to their customer base.

To do this, we checked to see the quality of news links compiled on each news aggregator as well as their sources. By so doing, we could ascertain that the aggregator prioritizes topnotch websites over questionable ones. Similarly, we gauged the speed at which the platform updates its website and logs timely news. According to our review methodology, the standard time for aggregating news is 10 minutes tops. Anything higher than this, then there is no guarantee that users can capitalize on breaking news.

We also verified the accuracy of price tracking tools available on the crypto news aggregator. Analyzing this detail helped us to score platforms based on the viability of their price trackers. Since user experience is vital, we, therefore, took the time to analyze each platform’s design, not forgetting that mobile-friendliness and simplicity play key roles in reaching ease-of-use. Furthermore, we examined the subscription plan incorporated on each platform. Here, we tried to compare the subscription packages of different platforms and pick the reasonable ones.
For free-to-use crypto news aggregators, we ensured that the free services do not eradicate users’ right to privacy. Also, we checked for the numbers of ads available on each platform, as it determined how much users would enjoy using the website.

When all was said and done, 12 crypto news aggregators made it on our list of best web news aggregator sites. These platforms have undergone lengthy scrutiny, which did expose their strengths and flaws. Owing to this revelation, we have attached short reviews that showcased the pros and cons of each platform. We advise that you read through these reviews to get a clearer picture of the workings of the websites on our crypto news aggregators list.

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