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Coindesk Review
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Coindesk is a news platform that presents fresh information about blockchain technology and financial activities via cryptocurrencies. The page brings you the most important details out of many in the crypto world.

On Coindesk, all you have to do is subscribe for their daily or regular updates on blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies and enjoy unlimited updates.

Features of Coindesk

On the dashboard, the site simplifies itself into section so users or subscribers won’t have issues reading posts. The different sections or features of Coindesk are;

1. Blockchain 101: This section provides information about a particular type of cryptocurrency which is considered the most popular, Bitcoin. Topics under this Bitcoin aspect include what Bitcoin is all about; how you can get Bitcoin; how to mine Bitcoin; what Bitcoin transactions entail; and how you can sell Bitcoin. Other aspects are Blockchain, Ethereum with their respective topics.

2. Technology: This section the technology with which different cryptocurrencies work and other public protocols.

3. Markets: Here, different trading activities as regard cryptocurrencies is explained in details.

4. Business

5. Data and Research

6. Consensus: Consensus is an event that frequently occurs in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Consensus aspect takes you back through the years from recent consensus to past consensus.

Pros & Cons
  • Coindesk has a perfect design and theme.
  • Important Categories have been divided into sections on the site.
  • Advertisement services are available on Coindesk.
  • Regardless of how navigable it is, sections and categories look poorly organized.