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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Charts, Analysis and Perdictions
Sometimes, all you need may not just be only words that describes the situation of the market, even charts help. A chart is a graphical representation of variables showing the frequency and relationship between them. Most of the charts commonly represented for cryptocurrencies are those that show exchange rates for crypto pairs or those for prices of cryptocurrencies.

Aside showing charts and analytic view of happenings in the market, it can also make predictions on what the situation of the market could be tomorrow, later or in the future. It implements a Bear and Bull market justifying these facts i.e. A Bull market tells that the situation of the market could be bad but there is a certainty that it will improve or rise in the future while a Bear market tells that the situation of the market could be bad and cannot get any further than being worse. They are said to be optimistic and pessimistic respectively in predictions.
These prediction mechanisms will save you from investing or trading at the wrong time. For anyone who would love to use an exchange platform either to trade, buy or sell or even invest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Altcoins, the sites in this category should be consulted first before making any move.

All the sites in this category show analysis for a cryptocurrency both in charts and designs as well as make predictions on what could happen. They even offer additional services where you can make deliberate and find the best cryptocurrency to go for during trying times. Some of the sites in this category include; Coinmarketcap, Investing.com, Tradingview, Bitinfocharts, Winkdex, Zeroblock and over 30 important others.

Factors considered for the selection of these sites out of many crypto analysis charts and predictions sites available:

1. Data tools

Data tools are important in order to draw out and provide sufficient information about a cryptocurrency in the market. These data tools are as important as the chart and analysis itself. There are different types of data tools available, some of them are; Global charts, Historical snapshots, Currency Converter Calculator, Crypto Glossary, Watchlist, Website Widgets, etc.

All these data tools have their own features and roles they perform in giving an almost accurate or accurate information about the market. For instance, the historical snapshots are for making references and comparing them with recent happenings, the currency converter calculator is built on a special algorithm, used for making exchanges from one currency to another (fiat-to-fiat or fiat-to-digital or digital-to-fiat) while a Graphical chart will produce graphical representation of a cryptocurrency in the world market.
The website with the highest number of Data tools is Coinmarketcap while others have either of those listed above.

2. Accuracy

The accuracy of charts, analysis and prediction is one important factor to consider also in selecting a type of site in the category. You have to different kinds of accuracy; The “almost accurate” and the “always inaccurate” sites. Regardless of whether there are advanced data tools or not, accuracy of predictions depends on the cryptocurrency and the situation of the market. Moreover, charts and analysis could be 100 % correct.

Now, everything is based on predictions and statistics, these sites are subjected to change in their decisions depending on what the market has to offer. So, if you have a site with a reputation of always being inaccurate, then you should steer clear; however, if you have a site that fluctuates with the accuracy of data, it could probably be a good site. Even the best site in this category is not always accurate neither is it always inaccurate.

3. Quality of information on the site

We have talked about data tools useful to make all analysis, charts and predictions possible and accuracy of these data tools in giving reliable information. Now, we are interested in the quality of the site. The quality of the site is almost important just like the rest. You don’t want a site where all you find are just designs or jargons; you want something you will understand easily and quickly without stress.

For you to enjoy maximum satisfaction, choose a site with a great or good quality. The quality could be in the information, arrangement of data in an organized way, designs for the charts, and useful crypto information. If you choose a bad quality site, you will end up getting frustrated at the little information you find on the site.


The best site on the site is Coinmarketcap based on reviews as well as the pros and cons, but the rest are great just the way they are and it might interest you to know that you could prefer them over Coinmarketcap based on your demands. Some sites have better features than Coinmarketcap that you will find amazing.
In conclusion, there are about 44 crypto analysis charts and predictions site in this category on cryptolink.com that have been selected out of many for the kind of topnotch services they offer.