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Coinmetrics Review
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CoinMetrics provides data services and research in the cryptocurrency industry. The home page displays posts by the CoinMetrics team which are typically research focussed posts discussing certain metrics. CoinMetrics have been operating since 2017. Their research focuses on cryptocurrency analysis and data visualization. Examples of some of the research areas explored include ratio analysis, correlations, and mean reversion. One limitation of CoinMetrics is that it only covers around 60 crypto assets. This is a very low amount when compared with competitors that often include data on thousands of assets in many different fiat currencies. CoinMetrics is more of a niche data solution that explores data metrics and analysis that is more unlikely to be covered by other data providers,

Users can also integrate with the data via an API. All the data and metrics on the CoinMetrics website are exportable via the API. Documentation on using the API is available on the website. CoinMetrics also has a large list of resources which they find useful for investors. These resources include data sources, blogs, and newsletters.

CoinMetrics also has a subreddit with about 15 subscribers. Subscribers can propose new metrics to be added via the subreddit. CoinMetrics also has a Twitter page with over 8,500 followers. Users can contact the CoinMetrics team via direct messaging on Twitter.

Pros & Cons
  • Useful data analysis and research
  • API to export data
  • Resources listed which are useful to investors
  • Only around 60 assets supported
  • Only operating since 2017
  • More of a niche solution