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Etherscan is a block explorer software focused solely on the Ethereum blockchain. This is essentially a search engine tool that helps its users find, confirm, and validate transactions across the ETH blockchain.

As soon as you visit the site you will first notice some handy data and statistics at the top. These include the market cap of ETH in real time as well as a data chart for the price, the last 14 days, previous block data, transaction data, hash rate, and network difficulty.

Immediately following this quick hub of data is the blocks section. This section is updated in real time and gives a detailed information readout covering the most recently mined block. Next to that is essentially the same function but focused on transactions. You’ll be able to see every single transaction ever recorded on the Eth blockchain.

Other than that, there is a discussion hub and blog function on the site where you can learn more and talk about Ethereum.

And that’s it! This website is really simple, clean and super easy to use. It is probably most interesting to those that are mining and/or trading Ethereum often.

Pros & Cons
  • The best site to find the most updated Ethereum transaction and block data.
  • A great resource for finding data on Ethereum quickly and easily.
  • The site is clean and ad free.
  • The discussion function is very active and is a great place to learn more and discuss Ethereum related topics.
  • Search function available for specific accounts, Tx hash or other data.
  • No cons to speak of. Etherscan has one main job and it does it well.