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To provide a more feature-rich, high-performance experience for the global community of Avalanche developers and consumers, SnowTrace replaces the Avalanche C-Chain Explorer. It joins Avascan and Avalanche Stats as leading explorers, which improves the experience of the Avalanche community.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we'll give a detailed highlight of the website, its pros and cons, amongst others.


Snowtrace is an implementation of Etherscan, and it's custom-built for Avalanche. It launched in November 2021.

Twenty-three thousand two hundred thirty-five unique users visit daily, with 99,678 pageviews. has a web value of 1,307,561 USD. An average of 4.59 pages are viewed per visitor.

According to Alexa's traffic estimates, is ranked 1,256 globally, with most of its visitors hailing from the US, where it ranks 9,014.

You may search the Avalanche C-Chain blockchain using SnowTrace to find transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX) activity.

With SnowTrace, a version of Etherscan specifically created for the Avalanche blockchain; a new tool has been added to the portfolio of Avalanche infrastructure.

The most common blockchain explorer for Ethereum, Etherscan, enables users to access advanced, value-adding features like a transaction history API, simple, smart contract verification, and aggregated network statistics in addition to tracking and understanding block-level activity on the network.

Who created

Custom-made for Avalanche, Snowtrace is an implementation of Etherscan. It began operating in November 2021.

Who controls the Snowtrace website?

Snowtrace operates an open-source license. All owners of verified contract source code, publishers, and authors are urged to provide the associated licensing information as part of best practices.

Different source codes have various licensing rights and conditions that may limit how the source code can be used, reused, or distributed, which sometimes causes misunderstanding.

Pro features of

Safe domain

According to recent verification findings completed on January 31, 2022, has a current and valid SSL certificate from CloudFlare, Inc. that will expire on October 12, 2022.

According to Symantec, the domain is largely secure.

Efficient Privacy Policy

Your Personal Data won't be traded or sold to outside parties. Only the following third parties, who have been assigned or authorized by the Company to receive your data, may get it:

  1. A) data warehouses; B) IT service providers; C) data analytics and marketing agencies; D) legal bodies as authorized or compelled p by law, like in compliance with a warrant or subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction; E) regulatory authorities that apply to you; F) safety and security personnel.

Your Personal Data may also be disclosed or transferred to any actual or potential assignee, transferee, or acquirer of the Company (including our affiliates and subsidiaries), as well as to any business, asset, or group companies, related to any corporate restructuring or exercise, such as the restructuring they undertook to transfer the business, assets, and liabilities.

The company will take reasonable measures to ensure that all of the aforementioned third parties—including their officers, employees, agents, consultants, and contractors—who are involved in the gathering, using, and disclosing of your Personal Data observe and abide by the requirements of this Privacy Statement.

Sufficient network data, facts, and resources

Avalanche C-Chain Explorer SnowTrace is where you can also find a significant amount of network data, facts, and resources.

Users concern

It is relatively new

Most people judge a company's reliability and expertise by the number of years it has existed. As such, this might be an area of concern for the majority.

How to use

This section and the subsequent sections following it will discuss how to use, we will, firstly, explain how to navigate the website's interfaces to get things done. After that, we will discuss how to do specific functions like linking your wallet, connecting to metamast, verifying smart contracts and minting NFTs.

Understanding how to navigate

Blockchain websites come in all shapes and sizes. And even though most of them are designed to comply with specific industry standards, they mostly differ in their user interface. This means being familiar with a alternative might not be enough to actually get things done on Snowface. But since you're here, let's quickly walk through how to navigate Snowface.

Once you arrive on the homepage, the Avalanche C-Chain explorer is the first section you will see. This section allows you to power-search allows you to explore and search the Avalanche blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on the network. You can simply copy, paste and search an NFT contact address to read its code from the explorer.

Just below the explorer is the small dashboard reporting a summary of real-time market activity on the Snowtrace/Avalance community. If you have the intention to trade, the dashboard is a quick way to familiarise yourself with the latest market price gap, transaction history, and market cap.

If you want to view the list of top accounts on the blockchain network, look at the navigation bar and select the "Blockchain" drop-down button, then click "Top accounts." Other options in the drop-down menu include view transactions, view pending transactions, view pending contract transactions, view blocks and verified contracts.

Another thing you can do on Snowtrace is track tokens. This is probably the most popular feature on this blockchain website. The token tracker allows you to explore and search ERC tokens and their activities across the Avalanche blockchain.

On the page, you can view a total of 51,609 Token Contracts, analyze their current price and price change, holders, and circulating market cap.

You may also view the result in an ascending or descending order, as you see fit.

Lastly, the chart and statistics section has an ample amount of customized charts that can help you view specific information. For example, the chart below demonstrates ERC20 daily token transfer chart:

How do I link Snowtrace to my wallet?

  • Type in

  • Fill in a Wallet address

  • Select "Connect to Web 3" from the menu on the left

How to verify smart contract using snowtrace

  • Look up the contract using Snowtrace

  • Select the "Contract" tab.

    • If the contract hasn't been authenticated, you'll see anything like the picture below

  • Verify and Publish by clicking

  • Choose the following from the dropdown option on the following screen.

    • Solidity (Single file)

    • The version of the compiler you employed to collect the deployed contract

    • The type of open-source license (specify none if applicable)

  • The code from the flattened contract should be copied and pasted into the relevant box.

  • Check "Yes" in the drop-down option tagged "Optimization" if it was utilized to compile the contract.

    • If optimization was utilized, expand the "Misc Settings" box at the bottom and enter the number of operations.

  • Choose "Verify and Publish"

    • All Contracts with the same bytecode will be checked if it is successful.

    • If not, look at the error messages and make the necessary adjustments.

    • Before deployment, double-check that the compiler version and optimizer runs were the same as when you compiled the contract.

How to mint a Snowboard NFT on

You can mint a Snowboard NFT on using Avax. Follow the procedure below to get it done.

  • The first thing you want to do is copy and paste the NFT contract address in the Avalanche C-Chain Explorer

  • Once you do that, you're going to find yourself a page like the one below with details of all ongoing transactions

  • Next up, switch the display tab from "transactions" to "contracts" (as shown below), where you can read the contract creation code, contract API, the Bytecode sitemap, etc.

  • Now look at the options at the top of the page and click “write contract”

  • This should show you a hyperlink titled "Connect to web3" just below the options. Click the link

  • Next up, connect your Metamask or WalletConnect to authorize and complete the request

  • Once that is done, you should see your wallet address displayed on the page. Now, look at the tabs on the page and go to the one that is titled "mint"

  • On this tab, input the number of Snowboard NFTs you wish to mint and the corresponding AvaxDAO.

  • Wait for the transaction confirmation from Metamask (it might take up to a minute)

  • If you do not get an on-screen confirmation, refresh the page, and your balance should be visible now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of personal data does Snowtrace collect?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the collection and the nature of the service or transaction solicited or completed, they may collect certain categories of Personal Data from you directly or from third parties.

How does Snowtrace collect data?

Any personal data you send to Snowtrace is covered by this privacy statement:

  • When you use their products and services,

  • When you open an account with them;

  • Or when another contract or agreement binds you.

The following are just a few other ways they may gather personal data:

  • Communications with the client via phone, mail, fax, and email;

  • Whenever you visit their website;

  • Whenever you get in touch with them in person;

  • Whenever they get in touch with you in person;

  • Whenever they obtain details about you from third parties; and

  • Through various other channels, such as our support helpdesk.

Final thoughts

Although Snowtrace is a very recent company, the website has garnered about twenty-three thousand, two hundred and thirty-five unique visitors daily. This indicates that they are on the right track. As time passes, we'll update this review.

Pros & Cons
  • Safe domain
  • Efficient Privacy Policy