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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Blog
With the creation of news websites, blogs have also been developed in order to help pass information across to a great number of people. Blogs and News sites are more alike in every respect only that while Blogs publishes one stories or the other about an event, news sites publishes different stories for an event. This is quite complicated but would be made easier when talking about Crypto Blogs.

Crypto Blogs ensure they keep readers updated on events that happen all around to cryptocurrencies. Blogs are also very selective just like crypto news sites because they either consider a type of cryptocurrency or blockchain or all of them generally. Blogs do not have advanced designs like News sites and they are updated by different authors of the platform. People who post information on the site are called Authors.

Crypto Blogs are always very accessible because with just one tap on the link to a particular post, you can get informed as quickly as possible. These links to posts can be shared on social media platforms, getting an audience to read what they have to offer. Although, there are no alert or notification mechanisms for blog sites except for a blog app. Also, you don’t have to register before you can read posts from a blog.

The blogs in this category are very useful and there over 30 of them with different mechanism of operation and information they disseminate, some of them include;
1. Coinbase blog
2. Kraken blog
3. Bitfinex blog
4. Cex Blog
5. Trezor Blog
6. Changelly Blog
7. Ethereum Blog
8. BTC Blog
9. BitPay Blog
10. Coinjar Blog
All of the blogs in this category are either into Altcoins, Bitcoin, or Blockchain. It will be very surprising to many users that even crypto news sites have blogs as part of their features, an example is Bitfinex Blog which is a feature of the exchange platform Bitfinex.

However, there are some factors you should consider before selecting a type of blog to read here;

• Content

The content of a blog is very important because that is what make readers interested in a blog. If a blog is talking about fashion, then you have no business with it because you are more interested as a crypto blog rather than a life or fashion blog. It strictly must be about cryptocurrencies or crypto-related articles, that is why you will find crypto exchanges in this category.
The content must be original with posts having been thoroughly confirmed from the right sources before been posted on the blog for readers.

• Quality of design

Blogs have a thing for not being too fancy but a great design wouldn’t be bad after all. The quality of design would make reading fun and interesting. Likewise, the quality of images become improved and you can easily access the blog anytime you want without having to consider the quality. It is difficult to choose what blog has the best design in this category but there are quite a lot of them with great designs.

• Simplicity with words

One thing most blogs would consider better than news sites is simplicity with words. Words that are simplified or broken into basics enhance effective communication. News sites may not be beginner-friendly, having all information updated to the general public without consideration to people who are unfamiliar with the site or cryptocurrency. However, on blogs, they are considered very important and they try to simplify words so they could be easily understood. Most beginners would rather prefer crypto blogs to crypto news sites because they are easy to read and understand.

• Additional Features

Also, one more thing you should consider are additional features the blog has to offer. It doesn’t have to be with images, videos, categories, etc., just having an application is enough. An application could be an additional feature because it makes it more mobile-friendly and accessible. However, some blogs offer advertisement services to crypto sites or platforms so readers can use them. Another type of feature commonly known is being able to link the blog to social public accounts; here, you can share posts or information from the blog with friends or the public easily without stress.

Summary and Conclusion

In summary, you will find out why blogs are better than news sites in this category and how important they are in keeping you informed. If you want something simple and easy to read on cryptocurrencies and crypto-related sites, all you have to do is check through the blog aspect and get steady information. Crypto Blogs are known to be updated more than most Crypto news sites on a daily basis and improved with features to aid use.

In conclusion, pick your type of blog in this category carefully because they have been reviewed and their pros and cons have been listed.