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Cryptomining Blog Review
Cryptomining Blog
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Crypto Mining is a pretty hot topic in the crypto world and for good reason. Without mining, we have no blockchain and without blockchain, we have no coins! (Or at least most of them).

If mining cryptocurrencies is something that interests you and makes you want to buy up a ton of expensive GPUs and use very last watt of power supplied at your house then this may be the place for you.

If you already have a massive rack of screaming fans causing power outages across your neighborhood for the good of mining Bitcoins, this is also the place for you!

This blog has very easy to understand content for both beginners and advanced miners.

Opposed to most crypto blogs, this one skipped the fancy overlay and designs and went straight into posting a pic with some words. Effectively simple and I like it!

As soon as you join the site you will be enamored with a huge picture accompanied by a massive paragraph of whatever the latest content creator posted. Yup, its that simple. No need to click around or load another page to read the article as it’s right there in your face ready to go.

Of course, if you want to find specific content you will need to take a look through the sidebars and select the categories you’d like to read about.

Pros & Cons
  • The site is incredibly easy to use.
  • There is TONS of helpful information here for users of all experience levels.
  • The website just feels a little dirty to me compared to other crypto blogs.