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BTC Blog Review
BTC Blog
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The link above will send you to the official blog of BTC.com, which is a crypto mining site that hosts wallets, pools, mining data, etc. The blog is hosted on Medium.

Upon visiting the website, you will immediately notice a pretty familiar WordPress style blog that is clean and well designed. There are four main categories with are detailed as follows:


In this category you will find various pieces of content related to what BTC.com specializes in which is events and crypto mining. You will find mining guides, event information, hackathon discussions, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash news, and easy to follow how to tutorials.

• Bitcoin 101:

o This category hosts a very wide range of information and as the category title suggests, its essentially an all-encompassing Bitcoin guide conglomeration. You’ll find guides ranging from wallet set ups to mining configurations to joining different crypto communities. Read through here and you’ll be talking like a true crypto enthusiast in no time.

• Careers:

o This section is for both behind the scenes blog posting as well as major job openings with BTC.com. You may also find meet and greets with BTC.com team members and management.

• News:

o This section is all about… you guessed it, news! Anything news worthy related to BTC.com is posted here. It turns out, BTC.com is involved in A LOT of different activities throughout the crypto space.

Pros & Cons
  • Beautifully designed interface.
  • Interesting content.
  • Content is uploaded several times per week.
  • I don’t see any cons other than the fact that if you hate crypto, you’ll hate this blog!