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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Bitcoin (BTC)

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Site Rank: 1 Review: What You Need to Know About The Top-rated Bitcoin Site

There are more than 1.7 billion results for the google query "Bitcoin Website." This is not surprising. After all, Bitcoin is a massive cryptocurrency project that has never stopped growing since 2009.

However, Bitcoin users can find it hard to identify which Bitcoin site to trust because of this massive result. Many websites pose to be authoritative sites for Bitcoin today, misleading new users who fall victim to Ponzi schemes and many other types of crypto frauds. And on top of that, the fact that Bitcoin does not have an official website makes it even harder to trust even the top-rated sites. is one top Bitcoin sites, and this review will cover everything you need to know about the website. You will learn if the site is legit and safe and all the pro features that may interest new bitcoin users and developers.

What is is an open-source project dedicated to the advancement of Bitcoin.

It is frequently the first result on search engines when searching for "bitcoin," although it is not linked with the Bitcoin Foundation.

We can attribute the success of this crypto website to two factors. One is that the website is constantly updated with new features for users. For instance, additional Bitcoin software and a translation system were added between 2011 and 2013 to make Bitcoin services more accessible to users around the world in their language.

Secondly, the Bitcoin website is an independent open source project. In 2014, the site's community forum was launched. The forum welcomed suggestions, fixes, and updates from developers worldwide. Consequently, the forum influenced the site to become a fully open-sourced project today.

Is the official site for Bitcoin? is NOT the official website for Bitcoin. Although Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi registered the site in 2009, they transferred the control and ownership to developers and additional individuals outside the developer network. Nonetheless, is a credible place to learn the latest Bitcoin news and features.

The world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin changes so fast. helps users stay in the know. But, since it is not Bitcoin's official website,

Who owns or controls

Decentralized ownership is the primary motive of any aspect of the Bitcoin network.

And, just like Bitcoin, is owned and controlled by Bitcoin users. No individual can speak authoritatively about the site.

Even though developers handle the complex part of the Bitcoin project, they cannot create, remove or update rules without approval from Bitcoin users. So, for Bitcoin to work, all users must be working with the same software and regulations.

So,, through its community forum, publish information, guides, event, and invite talents that help Bitcoin users function effectively. The website has been sponsored by The Bitcoin Foundation between 2014 and 2015 and Paxful since 2018 to ensure the community and contributors have all their needs.

How to learn Bitcoin on

If you want to get started with Bitcoin, is one of the best places to learn everything you need. The website provides information and resources that teach you how to use Bitcoin and How to accept Bitcoin. These are the things you can learn on the website that will help you adapt to the Bitcoin system faster:

Informing yourself

Bitcoin transactions are not the same as everyday transactions, so it is essential to learn how to use Bitcoin before you get started. As such, published a comprehensive and beginner-friendly guide on how to trade Bitcoins securely. You can find this information on a dedicated page where you learn

  • how to secure your wallet

  • how Bitcoin price works

  • why Bitcoin payments are irreversible

  • the anonymity of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin transaction confirmation

  • Government taxes and regulations that affect Bitcoin

Choosing your Bitcoin wallet

There are hundreds of crypto wallets online, and choosing the right one for your Bitcoin transactions can be really hard. This is where comes in. If you click on the "Choose your wallet" section, the website will ask you to answer a few questions to determine a list of wallets that best suit your needs,

The questions are straightforward, and you do not have to input any personal information. For example, you will be asked to choose from android/iOS, Desktop/Windows/Mac, or hardware wallet, and how much you know about Bitcoin (New user or Experienced).

People get lost quickly in the crypto world, especially when staring at graphs and charts you do not understand. But uses the questions above to determine the ideal Bitcoin wallets for your needs.

How to get and spend Bitcoin

Another thing you will learn on is the several ways to buy and spend Bitcoin. Because of its popularity, merchants worldwide trust Bitcoin as a credible means of transaction. So lists a couple of ways to locate these merchants or find products for sale online. also teaches users how to accept Bitcoin. This information is essential for individuals and businesses who want to use Bitcoin as a means of payment. On the website, you will find a comprehensive guide that will

  • Inform you about accepting Bitcoin

  • Teach you how to process Bitcoin payments

  • Guide you on how to set up your account and settle taxes

  • Offer advice on informing your customers that your business accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Pro-features of

There are numerous free bitcoin-related resources on Let's take a look at them:

Learning resources

The learning resources section features a lot of credible sources to learn about Bitcoin. Some of the featured sources include Bitcoin Wiki, Let's Talk Bitcoin, and Iam Satoshi.

Exchanges has one of the largest repositories of places to buy Bitcoin in exchange for other currencies. From international to country-specific exchangers and Peer-to-Peer, you will never run out of options of where to exchange your Bitcoin.


The directories section collects various bitcoin Merchants, Exchangers, Merchant tools, Projects, and Wallets so that users can easily buy and sell Bitcoin from trusted sources.

Charts and Statistics

The charts and statistics section lists some of the top Bitcoin-related chart websites like Satoshi dot info, BlockCypher, TradeBlock, and BitcoinAverage. If you are an avid reader of charts and figures, check out this section.


Bitcoin documentaries are great sources of knowledge for people who want to advance their knowledge of Bitcoin. The documentaries section on lists a couple of highly-rated Bitcoin documentaries like Ulterior States, Evolution of Bitcoin, and Magic Money: The Bitcoin.


Bitcoin vouchers make buying shopping with Bitcoin a breeze. lists various Bitcoin voucher providers you can use.


If you want to learn how to use bitcoin reasonably and securely, check the guides listed in the resources section on However, the website itself has excellent guides for getting started with Bitcoin; third-party guides offer in-depth analysis of Bitcoin best practices.

Developer guide has contributors from Github and other top developer communities. Therefore it can provide relevant and current information for users who want to build Bitcoin-based applications.


Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, bring innovation to payment systems. The development does not stop with Bitcoin, so the developer and community of users keep exploring several ways to expand the Bitcoin project. has a section that lists the technologies and real products currently being researched or developed based on Bitcoin to keep users informed. Crowdfunding and Micropayment are some of the innovations. You can read more about them here.

How to buy Bitcoin on

Follow the steps below to buy Bitcoin on

  • Go to

  • Click on "Buy Bitcoin" on the homepage

  • On the next page, enter the amount of BTC you want to buy and click continue

    • The default exchange currency is USD, but you can change it in the settings.

  • Enter your Bitcoin wallet address and click continue to complete the process.

Who manages is managed by the community of Bitcoin users, developers, and contributors. Together, the community deliberates and develops new features for The community on Github has a reasonably large following. On Github, developers can report a new problem or resolve an existing one. To support rapid development for, the community on Github rewards contributors with Bitcoins if they open and resolve issues labeled with "Bounty."

What is the Whitepaper?

The whitepaper is the first Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It is a Whitepaper written exclusively to promote the services of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, not the website. However, as the website that launched the Bitcoin project, hosts a copy of the Whitepaper.

But in 2021, Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, won a lawsuit against Bitcoin over ownership of the Bitcoin white paper. In fact, Craig claims that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and demanded pay $48,000 because associates the document with alternative assets like Bitcoin Core. Craig argues that these assets do not align with the Bitcoin vision.

How does help Bitcoin users? cannot help Bitcoin users initiate a transaction or protect their accounts. However, the website has a comprehensive guide teaching Bitcoin users up to 16 types of Bitcoin scams, including Blackmail, Fake Exchanges, Malware, Free Giveaways, Meet-in-person, Money Transfer Fraud, Ponzi schemes, etc., and how to avoid them. These resources are found on the "Avoid scams" page of the website. The types of scams listed on the page are: FAQs

Is safe?

A major giveaway scam affected in 2021 when a hacker took control of the website. The hacker programmed a pop-up message on the homepage asking visitors to donate via a QR to a charity supported by Visitors fell for the hack because it promised the first 10,000 donors would get double the money, which was false.

Based on that event, the general impression is that may not be safe, and visitors are warned against sharing personal information on the community groups or forums.

Is legit? is a legit Bitcoin-related website sponsored by Paxful, a credible peer-to-peer crypto company. The website covers everything you need to get started with Bitcoin. And, despite that it got hacked recently, the site is still one of the best sources for Bitcoin news, updates, and guides.

Is free

Because third-party organizations sponsor the site and its projects, it doesn't charge users to get access to its resources.

Does have a wallet? is a Bitcoin-related information website. It does not have a Bitcoin wallet. However, the website lists credible and recommended Bitcoin wallets for Bitcoin users.

Is also and are different even though they are unofficial Bitcoin-related websites.

Final thoughts is one of the top-rated Bitcoin-related websites. While it is not the official website for the Bitcoin project, it was instrumental to the development of Bitcoin. Because of that, the website is recognized as an authoritative source of Bitcoin news and updates. The website is suitable for Bitcoin users of all levels to learn how Bitcoin works, set up a Bitcoin wallet, secure a Bitcoin wallet, spend Bitcoin, and where to buy Bitcoin. also educates business owners about the benefits of Bitcoin as a payment method. is also a great place for developers to collaborate with a community of other developers who are passionate about the Bitcoin project. Through its developer guides, reference, examples, and glossary, makes it easy for developers to contribute to the growth of Bitcoin and its community.

However, given the recent giveaway scam on the website, users are advised to take control of their security and the website's security measures and its comprehensive "avoid scam" guides.

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  • Learning resources
  • Exchanges
  • Directories
  • Charts and Statistics
  • Documentaries
  • Vouchers
  • Guides
  • Developer guide
  • Innovations