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Cryptolinksby Nate Urbas, Crypto Enthusiast
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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Tracking
There are always better ways to doing things in every aspect of life because people are always working and researching, some scientist and researchers never believe that there is nothing impossible. They even get grants for Government to keep their research going. Presence or absence of good resources one has for work can help lead to success or hinder success. What one uses to carry out work are very important. It is impossible to make use of another person's work resources because every work has its own resources. In the Crypto world, resources, tools and information one uses is very important, as you need to carry out your trade and investments. If someone- Crypto trader A has access to quality resources and tools and another Crypto trader B does not. Their trading would differ; one can trade better, easier and at convenience while one might find it difficult to trade conveniently because there are limited or no resources to carry out the work. However, some traders are in search of a place where they can get access to maximum trading resources, tools as well as quality information which is needed to carry out trades easily and at convenience, or you just need a place where you can get access to useful information on market data and so on, there is platform who can help fulfill your needs to the maximum. This platform has worked vigorously to help make these available for your convenient and happy trading. This platform has helped made several useful links available to which one can locate what he/she needs. This platform is known as cryptolinks.com. On this platform, we will find over seven (7) sites in the category of Altcoin protfolio tracking which have been strictly and uniquely examined and proved useful to viewers over the years. Some of these include: CoinTracking, coin.fyi, Altpocket, Blockfolio, Delta and so on. Arguments have even erupted on which one these listed provides the best services but you can only find yourself. Below here, we have collated a few characteristics together with their explanations, which forms bases for why they are regarded as the best of bests. These characteristics are as follows;

Better and Convenient means to trading

These sites help provide useful information in a well detailed and well organized manner by making available various analysis on market trades in form charts and reports on profit and loss, realized and unrealized gain, list of all trades and fees and so on. All these makes trading easy and convenient such that you can trade with your legs crossed sipping a cup of coffee with every required information or data at your reach. Some of these sites also provide means to download Cryptocurrency applications on your mobile device which has better developed features for trading such as Cryptocurrency Live price and portfolio
tracker which can be downloaded on Google play store or Appstore for free. Here you can check and track your trade live looking at how the chart rises or falls. On some of these sites, one can have access to track his/her trades as well as be able to discuss live with top traders in the game, that's fantastic! You also get to follow top traders and learn a thing or two from them. On some of these sites, you can access to check your total profit/loss since you started investing or since the last 24 hours as well as see the trend of your cryptocurrency investments with your personal portfolio graph in both your local currency and in Bitcoin.

A Means to Updated Information

On some of these sites you can get up to date information about exchange prices and market analysis with over 80 exchanges, candlestick charts, and real -time order book for every digital currencies. On some of these sites, with newly developed features you can receive updates directly from their crypto teams with blockfolio signal one can receive development updates straight from leadership teams of coins like Dash, Icon, TenX, Civic and so on to your mobile device in form of notifications. Some provide updated data every hour or daily depending on the sites’ specialty.

A Means to Learn more

Some of these sites help provide means to learn more making available to viewers and readers with up to date on Cryptocurrency news in form of articles or videos. These articles or videos are placed there just to enlighten Cryptocurrency traders and keep them updated on their knowledge. They provide updates on news related to digital currencies, which are updated on a daily basis and I can assure you there is always something to read about which might be educative and informative.

Global Currency Support

On some of these sites you can get access to view your portfolio in over 60 Fiat Currencies including all the major ones like USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, AUD, CAD, SEL, BRL, and many more.

A Means to Communicate

Some of these sites give viewers the opportunity to contact them in they have any complaint about their services or you want join their team or suggest an idea.


With all these few features, I believe with no doubt one can say that they have a lot to offer you as they are best in what they do.