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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Miner, Holder. 🚀🌑

There are several perks attached to participating in the crypto space or owning digital currencies. For one, some crypto activities provide a means of earning profits and an opportunity to actively contribute to technologies poised to change the way we live or go about doing business. One of such activities is cryptocurrency mining, as it determines the validity of some cryptocurrencies and offers a viable way of earning crypto income.
In light of the benefits of adopting in crypto mining, we have put together a review section that explores the workings of the crypto mining market, as well as avails useful information on how to mine cryptocurrency, and ensure the profitability of one’s foray into this business model. Furthermore, we will highlight the factors to consider when choosing a crypto mining website and introduce you to top websites that fall under this category.

What Is Crypto Mining?

Crypto mining is the process of dedicating one’s computing power to finding new blocks on a blockchain for the chance of earning cryptocurrency as a reward. While this definition surmises the concept of crypto mining, it does not, however, tell the full story. Note that the consensus mechanisms at work on public blockchains determine the mining requirements imposed on interested miners. Nonetheless, it is not a must for a cryptocurrency to permit mining activities, as we have several blockchains that do away with the process while ensuring the verification of transactions via other means.
On the other hand, mineable cryptocurrency networks pick consensus algorithms that best suit the ecosystem and defines the specifications for successfully mining new coins. Although there is a growing number of consensus mechanisms being adopted in the crypto space, yet the most commonly used one remains the Proof of Work PoW protocol. This mechanism requires miners to compete for rewards by using either computers or specially designed mining machines to solve complex math problems. The winner gets to earn coins, unlock a new block, and load transactions on it. Apart from the coins earned as rewards, the best miners make extra profits by charging transaction fees. It is these apparent financial benefits, and the importance of establishing a robust system for validating crypto transactions, that have made mining appealing to crypto participants.
PoW consensus mechanism governs the transaction validation process of the bitcoin network. Since bitcoin continues to retain its status in the crypto market, mining bitcoin is, therefore, a keenly contested activity. In turn, the difficulty of finding new blocks and earning coins on the bitcoin blockchain has exponentially increased. Bitcoin miners who are serious about being successful must adopt sophisticated mining rigs or joining mining pools to up their chances of making reasonable profits.

What Is the Best Cryptocurrency to Mine?

As mentioned earlier, developments have the liberty to pick the consensus mechanism that is ideal for their crypto projects. And it is the type of protocol implemented that would determine the suitability of the cryptocurrency to miners. To find a coin, which is the best cryptocurrency to mine, you ought to consider the consensus mechanism governing its blockchain among other things. Other factors to consider include the power consumption rate of the mining rig appropriate for the crypto, the restrictions as regards the range of mining machines accepted, the cost of electricity in your location, and block difficulty level of the blockchain.


Electricity is perhaps the most important factor, determining the profitability of mining activities, especially bitcoin mining. Mining bitcoin is an electricity consuming endeavor as a result of the growing complexity of the puzzle or mathematics problem miners have to solve to find new blocks. Hence, a majority of bitcoin miners and mining farms are located in countries with cheap or clean electricity. Also, it is common for miners in cold regions to set up their mining rigs in such a way that it allows them to incorporate it as a home heating system.

The Mining Machine Applicable for The Cryptocurrency

For a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, with over the roof block difficulty, it is a waste of time to mine with everyday computers. Miners with higher chances of earning profits have specially designed machines with high hashing power. These machines are ideal for mining activities entailing the solving of very complex problems. However, note that not all mineable crypto allows miners to utilize mining rigs. Some offer small scale miners a fair chance at partaking in the largesse available for the taking. Hence, an easy to mine cryptocurrency would allow you to connect your computer and start mining with little or no reason to worry about a lack of opportunities.

Block Difficulty

A majority of consensus algorithms increase the complexity of their mining processes whenever the number of miners vying to find new block shoots up. Thus, it takes a lot more computing power to find new blocks on popular cryptocurrencies. As such, it is imperative to gauge the difficulty of the crypto mining activity of your choice, its effect on the overhead cost of operations, and how it diminishes your opportunity to earn crypto.

What Are the Various Types of Mining Websites?

There are different types of crypto mining websites available to miners. And depending on the type of mining services that these websites avail, it is vital to understand what they do and how you can capitalize on their unique features. The first set of crypto mining services that you need to familiarize with is cloud mining platforms. These websites provide contracts, which allow users to own shares of the hashing power of crypto mining facilities. Whenever these facilities earn block rewards, the earnings are distributed among shareholders based on the shares of the processing power they own.
Secondly, there are rig rental platforms, where users can either borrow or lend computing power for a fee. Likewise, we have mining pools, which provide a way for crypto miners to pool computing power to boost their chances of finding blocks. The pool distributes earning according to the contributions of each member.

What Are the Factors You Need to Consider When Looking to Adopt A Crypto Mining Site?

Having explored the fundamentals of crypto mining, the next section introduces you to the factors that could help you determine the best crypto mining sites for you.

The Type of Mining Activity You Are Planning on Adopting

As stated earlier, there are different ways you can capitalize on the budding crypto mining market. You can choose to lend out your processing power to interested miners. You can also join a mining pool to improve your profitability. Likewise, cloud mining might seem appealing as a viable crypto mining model. Whatever the business framework you opt for, it is ideal that you seek out the platforms that provide services that align with your goal. Once you narrow your search and pick a mining niche, it becomes easier to identify top-performing service providers.

The Reputation of The Platform

The cloud mining niche is notorious for housing shady service providers promising heaven on earth, only to disappear once it is time to pay investors their returns. The same also applies to other sectors in the crypto mining market. Hence, it is advisable to carefully research the reputation of the crypto mining website you are considering. By so doing, you can protect yourself from unnecessary risks associated with adopting a service provider with a not-too-stellar track record. The advisable way to go about this is to research reviews and scour the internet for information hinting the illegitimacy of the website under review.

The Fees of The Services Rendered on The Platform

For those interested in adopting altcoin cloud mining or rig renting websites, it is imperative to analyze the fees policy governing the platforms and its fairness. Ensure that the services rendered and the fees have strong correlations. You wouldn’t want to opt for a website, which has a price framework that very much makes it look like the platform is trying to shortchange you. To ascertain the fairness of prices, we suggest that you explore several other websites offering similar services to gauge the conformity of the fees with market standards. This notion is also true for those exploring mining pools. You ought to assess the accessible payment plan, the sharing formula of the platform, and the timeframe it takes the website to distribute earnings to eligible users.

The User Experience and Mobile-Friendliness of The Site

As it is with fee policies, it is vital to assess the website design and determine its user experience as well as its mobile-friendliness. For individuals who are particular about the aesthetics of websites, it is advisable to subscribe to platforms with aesthetically-pleasing website designs. While this is a given, it is important to ensure that the incorporated design does not inadvertently reduce the site’s loading speed. More often than not, you will find that websites with aesthetic and simple designs have no problem integrating with mobile interfaces. And since you might have to check in on the status of your mining activities now and then on your smartphone, hence, it is imperative to go for crypto mining websites providing top notch services via web and mobile applications.

The Beginner-Friendliness of The Website

Although crypto mining entails a bit of complexity, it is, however, not mandatory for websites offering related services to take on a business framework that only appeals to crypto experts. This assertion majorly applies to individuals who are just trying out mining as a source of crypto income. For people who fall into this category, it is vital to ensure that the websites they eventually adopt strive to present features and services in such a way that helps newbies partake in the crypto mining market. Therefore, we suggest that you gauge crypto mining websites’ affinity for beginners before adopting one. One of the indicators to look out for is the availability of educational materials (both in written and video format) for users.

The Customer Support System of The Platform

Customer support is a crucial factor to consider when exploring the viability of mining websites. The first thing you should consider is the availability of 24/7 customer support systems. Also, we suggest that you gauge the propensity of the provider to resolve issues and respond to queries promptly. Note that platforms serious about providing these services would have to go the extra mile to provide quality feedback mechanisms and several communication channels.

How Much The Platform Contributes To Your Profitability

In some cases, it is a complete waste of time to opt for mining websites, especially when they do not add value to users’ mining business. In light of this, we suggest that you scrutinize the features and services accessible on the platform under review and how they impact your earnings. If you discover that utilizing the platform does little to help you improve your profitability, then it is not worthwhile to dedicate your time and funds to such an endeavor.

The Number of Cryptocurrencies the Platform Support

Crypto mining platforms usually have cryptocurrencies they specialize in. Thus, it is imperative to check that the platform you are considering supports the crypto mining activity you are looking to incorporate. For example, a bitcoin miner has no business with an Ethereum mining pool, unless he or she has the intention of consolidating on both mining operations. In cases where miners would love to access multiple mining options, the reasonable choice is to adopt mining websites supporting a wide array of cryptocurrencies, especially the best altcoins to mine.

How Did Cryptolinks Compile Its List of The Best Crypto Mining Websites?

Owing to the vastness of the crypto mining market and the apparent difficulty in identifying quality platforms, we at Cryptolinks have gone to lengths to research the sector and handpick the best sites offering related services. To achieve this, we have incorporated a sophisticated research methodology that borders on the organic review of the service providers operating within the crypto mining niche.
While reviewing these platforms, we researched the reputation of each service provider. Platforms that were found wanting were blacklisted and expunged from our list. Afterward, we assessed the price system of each platform and how they compare relative to market standard rates. Thereafter, we focused on user experience, beginner-friendliness, and mobile-friendliness. Customer support also featured in our research, as we gauged each platform’s propensity to provide top-notch feedback systems. Furthermore, we explored the features of each of the reviewed crypto mining websites and envisaged their appeal to miners as profitability-boosting tools.
At the end of our review, we found 17 mining websites that are eligible to feature on our website. Note that each site has its separate review, which we suggest you read before opting for a mining platform.

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