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Cryptolinksby Nate Urbas, Crypto Enthusiast
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Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and ICO on Telegram
Crypto Telegram

Getting access to quality information is key in the world we live in. Without being properly informed, moving forward might be difficult because ignorance drags one backward. When one is informed and updated about what is going on especially in your field (s) of interest, one will most likely progress. When you read, you gain more knowledge and insight as long as what you're reading is well detailed and informative. There are several means of getting information either reading the news online or on paper, by checking YouTube for trending videos, discussing with people either face to face or on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. However some means of getting information are easier and cheaper than some others.

In the Crypto world, information is a big deal because the market and game changes very rapidly, before you know something new has come and people have already started benefiting from it and you're left out in the cold wondering what it is because you were not properly informed. Sometimes you even get access to information that are either incomplete or false which might also be dangerous, not knowing at all might be better than knowing the wrong thing. However, if you fall into any of above category listed above or you are just looking for the easiest and cheapest means to get updated with quality and original information on what is going in the Crypto world, there is a platform that has made provisions to the needs. This platform is known as cryptolinks.com. On these platforms, there are over 24 telegram channels where you can get access to raw, undiluted information about anything Cryptocurrency. These channels have been thoroughly scrutinized and examined by trying them out and they have proved themselves accountable and responsible. Some of these channels include ICOcountdown, ICO Alerts, ICO Insider Community, ICO Insider Channel, Altcoins OGs, Bitcoin channel, TokenMarket, CryptoNews, Upcoming ICOs, Nxt Community, Pump n Dump and so on. The good thing about all these telegram channels is that you can join as many as possible, which equals to unlimited amount of information.

Below are list of characteristics and their explanations, which form the basis for why they are regarded as the best of bests. These characteristics are as follows;

Access to maximum amount of information

These telegram channels provide access to raw information about anything digital currency. On these channels, one gets information from people of like minds, people that actually trade and are already successful experts in the field or from people that are still trying to get to the top. These information could be in form of a broadcast, a link connecting to a site where you can also get quality info. It also be in form of a discussion whereby a problem is posed and several members of the channel or community from every facet of the world get to comment and say one or two things on the topic based on their view about it. It could also be in form an article or a video probably with a link and so on. The way telegram was developed, you can't miss out on any information as on telegram you can scroll up to view old chats or information that you missed. These channels help make it possible to have to access to means in which one can post educational and informative articles and be able comment to other people's post. One can also ask questions or get answers to questions asked.

Cheap and Easy Access to Useful Information

These telegram channels help provide cheap and easy access to useful information in the sense you can get access to maximum amount of information at your convenience without any stress. Telegram is an application that one can get access to by downloading on your mobile devices. After downloading, then you embark on a journey to maximum amount of profitable information. The telegram app can support any type of mobile device such as Android, iPhones, Blackberry, Nokia and so on. These channels help accommodate every Cryptocurrency person from every facet of the world.

Coin Specific

Some of these channels were specific created based on the fact that they only provide information on a particular digital currency such as Bitcoins, Blockchain, Ethereum, Monero and so on, while some channels or community give information on any kind of digital currency.


In case, you joined a group or community that doesn't give good information on the Crypto but distribute information that are highly inappropriate, telegram has provided a means to report as spam by just clicking on the category that suits you case. Most of these telegram channels do not condole any form of indiscipline, any one who fails to comply with the rules of the group or community might be removed by the admin of the group.

Exposure to Profitable Discussion

On these channels you get to discuss with people like you or mostly better than you from different parts of the world since telegram is a global app that is used across the globe.


The little information provided about these channels above should make you believe that they are the best and that they stand to offer a lot more.