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ICO Insider Community Review
ICO Insider Community
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ICO Insider community as the name implies, is a community which houses a group of like-minded people. According to the group’s info, all reviews and updates regarding Blockchain, ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency discussions all go on in ICO insider community. There is a contact address, one which leads to the website of ICO insider and another which serves as a helpline platform.

ICO insider community has quite a number of members, and looking at the available shared media, the number is quite okay, considering the number of people in the group. On joining the group, the chief group admin referred to as Combot, who is a bot, directs you to read the pinned message for the rules of the group before posting. It also warns that new users would be banned automatically once the rules are defaulted.

Taking a look at the pinned message which serves as the “House Rules”, there is a list of rules which all members are expected to adhere to, or risk being banned from the group.


1. ICO Insider community has a good number of members and a relative number of shared media

2. Discussions which relate to the crypto world are discussed on the group

Pros & Cons
  • Also, the presence of the bot as one of the admins, and the stringent rules, is an indicator that scammers would have a hard time to operate
  • The messages posted in the group shows that the group is a good place to read-up informative news updates
  • New members to the group who are unaware of how things work, might get banned and they would have no idea what caused it