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Binance Exchange Review
Binance Exchange
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The Telegram group for Binance exchange seems to be a very active one, one major advantage about joining this group is, previous messages which has been posted right from the creation of the group, would still be accessible. However, with the number of members in the group, and considering the number of messages which would come from almost all members in the group, it might be hard to keep up, except if you are one who constantly checks the group.

The telegram group has an admin called the Binance FAQ Bot which spells out certain rules and regulations guiding the group. In a pretty long broadcast message, it informs and reminds all new members and old members of the group that the Telegram group is a platform for discussion. Also, it also states that those who are in need of support, can contact the customer support or customer service link.

The Binance FAQ Bot also warns members of the group that no Binance customer service would be the first to message any member of the group directly. Also stating that anyone who claims to be a Binance customer service is a scammer and should be ignored. Binance FAQ Bot also gives a directive that the scammers be reported immediately.


1. The group has a lot of members

2. Messages come into the group regularly

3. The group has a large number of media files

Pros & Cons
  • The group has an admin which ensures the purpose of the group is achieved
  • Messages which are posted in the group are very much which might make it hard to keep up