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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Gambling
The gambling industry was a natural fit for cryptocurrencies. With the United States making online gambling illegal, cryptocurrencies offered a way to circumvent this and allow those interested to bet their cryptocurrencies in hope of winning larger rewards. However, as with any businesses, users need to be careful to separate the legitimate businesses from those that are riskier or are scams. We review 47 of the key businesses operating in the area of cryptocurrency gambling so that users can make a prudent choice when picking the service they wish to gamble with.

The businesses vary in a number of ways. Some businesses are restricted from certain jurisdictions with the United States and China being common areas that are restricted. Some offer only a small number of games whereas others offer a wide variety. A number of the websites are for niche use cases. With poker being an extremely popular sport in the United States but illegal to play online, many residents struggle to find alternatives. Cryptocurrency sites are a valid solution. These reviews include several popular solutions along with the most used United States online poker room. Some of the others focus on sports betting while others focus on casino games. Certain services in the review have developed their own gambling games which users may find attractive. These developed games are often based on a certain theme. There are also different deposit, withdrawal, and fee conditions for each of these websites and these reviews enable readers to absorb this important information at a quick glance. As with many services in cryptocurrency, the support for given cryptocurrencies vary. Most of the gambling services reviewed support Bitcoin but the support for Altcoins is more select. There is a minimum deposit amount on many of the services.

Many of the services offer sign-up bonuses which can be attractive to users and a good way to gain customers. Any user considering using a site due to its sign-up bonus should also take into account other key factors. Some of the most important factors to take into account include the service's reputation, business risk, and security. Ultimately, if you deposit funds with one of these services, you are no longer the owner of the funds. This means that the businesses risks become your risks and this has to be a valid consideration. The funds only become the user's funds again upon successful withdrawal which means it's also important to consider withdrawal policies. These reviews have a strong emphasis on security and policies of the companies. Many of the sites reviewed should be used with caution as some lack SSL certification. This makes the security of their website questionable.

Users should also expect the registration process to be vastly different per site. Some of the sites will be extremely quick and easy to get started with whereas others will collect information on the user. Not all of these services will be ideal for the user who wishes to maintain anonymity but there will be services which will cater for this.

Many of the sites will offer promotions to attract users. These reviews will highlight the key points of the promotions and offers. Some represent a genuine attractive offer whereas others may have complicated sign-up processes along with terms and conditions attached. The reviews will highlight which the best offers are and which are better to avoid. Some of the services will even go as far as to provide you with a small amount of cryptocurrency to try out the service. But to actually withdraw the cryptocurrency will involve typically owning a minimum amount in the account and going through a sign-up process. Some of the services will also offer a referral programme where users can earn commission from the fees of those they refer.

Designs are varied with some sites having straightforward and intuitive interfaces that match up to their traditional gambling site counterparts. Others have a clunky design which is difficult to navigate and understand. Sometimes this can turn out to be a small-scale operation with a badly designed website, and other times it can be representative of a flawed overall operation. Our reviews will help easily separate and distinguish between these.

Key to the utility provided by these services is the technology underlying and the services offered. While traditional gambling sites can often be publicly traded companies with large amounts of capital, the cryptocurrency gambling sites reflect a completely different type of business. The access to large amounts of capital is often reflected in the traditional gambling sites by high throughput in site performance along with additional service features such as 24/7 customer support. The cryptocurrency gambling industry provides an entirely different service experience. These reviews will highlight what can be expected from these sites. If there are low load times for the website, this will be pointed out. If there have been bad customer experiences in the past this will also be highlighted.

Users considering products in these categories should note an important element. Cryptocurrencies is still a very new industry and many of the gambling sites which are operating in this industry are very early projects. The business model when dealing with cryptocurrencies is an entirely different business model than the traditional gambling sites that deal with fiat currencies. This offers some benefits to users such as accessibility to formerly restricted areas and unique user experiences. But it also means a whole different set of business risks that need to be considered. It is important that users exercise prudence when using these services. This category aims to provide users with the key points to consider about each of the services.