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BC.Game Review

History shows that new ideas and companies are bound to emerge and set new trends that would bring about the next phase of growth for each industry. The same is true for the casino market, which is currently experiencing a digital revolution partly powered by the growing appeal of cryptocurrency. Although this has been ongoing for a while, the new generation of casino websites is aiming to speed things up and usher us into the future. One such platform is BC.Game, a new generation crypto casino website, specializing in using the latest technologies, particularly, blockchain to optimize casino services.

In this guide, I will be taking a look at BC.Game’s operations and highlighting its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

What is BC.Game?

BC.Game was launched in 2019 as a licensed casino website that specializes in creating an optimized ecosystem for casino players. For the creators of BC.Game, the goal is to enable sophisticated tools for playing casino games. While at it, they want to ensure that transparency and fairness feature as the central theme of their platform. As such, they have opted to input elements of decentralization with the help of blockchain technology. With this, BC.Game has created provably fair games powered by blockchain technology.

It is worth mentioning that, in its early days of operation, BC.Game’s decision to incorporate transparency forced it to focus on creating proprietary and verifiable games. At the time of writing, BC.Game has one of the largest collections of in-house developed games you will ever find on a crypto casino website. While this achievement is potent enough to elevate BC.Games to the hallowed realms of the top crypto-powered casino services, it has gone a step further to incorporate a dynamic and vast list of game titles from prominent game developers. In other words, BC.Game offers a wide array of options in terms of game titles. However, note that the operation of this platform is limited to the casino realm for now. Hence, you will not find the tools required to bet on sporting events on this website. However there are plans in place to implement sports betting in the future. More importantly, the website offers one of the best game graphics you will find in the casino space.

Recall that BC.Game is a crypto-focused platform. Interestingly, the website supports a long list of cryptocurrencies. The decision to feature a wide array of digital assets bodes well for players looking to fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. As part of the platform’s efforts to retain players and reward them for their loyalty, it has introduced several bonuses and promotions. As such, players get to receive bonuses and join promotions designed for unprecedented chances to earn rewards.

The features of BC.Game

Having surmised the workings of BC.Game, let us take a look at some of its core features.

BC.Game casino games

As mentioned earlier, BC.Game offers proprietary games designed to enable a verifiable system for ensuring that the outcomes of the games are not rigged. The names of some of the proprietary games available on BC.Game are:

  • Classic Dice

  • Cave of Plunder

  • Savior Sword

  • Ultimate Dice

  • Crash

  • Oriental Beauties

  • Hi-Lo

  • Keno

  • Limbo

  • Plinko

  • Wheel

Apart from this selection of provably fair games, the platform also features games from third-party developers, including BetSoft, BGaming, Evoplay, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and GameArt. All in all, the game library encompasses the following gaming sections:

  • Slots

  • Live Casino

  • Table Games

  • Game show

In total, there are over 2,000 slots games available on BC.Game while the live casino titles were over 270 in total.

Usability and design

One of the most appealing components of BC.Game is its game and website graphics. The platform as a whole carries a sophisticated look which showcases the technical expertise of the development team. Notably, the user interface is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with the list of trending games and top winners frequently updated for users to see.

It also helps that users can search for games by entering the category of the game, the game title, or the provider into the search bar. Also, you can easily navigate the library by sorting the list based on the gaming categories listed above. Moreover, the website has been optimized for mobile devices which makes it a lot easier to play games on the go.

Messaging tool and forum

In addition to the seamless design of BC.Game, there are other components that make it worthwhile to adopt the platform’s casino services. One of such features is the platform’s social tools that let you connect with other users. One the one hand, we have the live messaging system where users can communicate in real-time with other players. Think of it as BC.Game’s in-house Telegram group channel. Interestingly, this networking tool supports memes, which makes it even more appealing for a crypto and casino audience. Here, users can share their experience, showcase their winnings and even help new players find their footings.

The second social networking tool featured on BC.Game is the platform’s forum page. Here, conversations are grouped based on topics. Players can join any of the conversations and bask in the community-centric theme of BC.Game operations. Remarkably, both the live messaging system and the forum support multiple languages. Also, players seem to have embraced these functionalities as I noticed that there were a lot of activities initiated on both the social networking tools.

Supported payment methods

As mentioned earlier, BC.Game supports only crypto payments. Therefore, you can only make deposits and initiate withdrawals with digital assets. In total, the platform supports 28 cryptocurrencies, which makes BC.Game one of the casino websites with the most comprehensive payment system. Some of the supported coins are BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, BCH, TRX, XMR, BSC, EOS, DASH, XLM, USDT, USDC, LINK, XRP, and BAT.

Deposit and withdrawal

Note that you can make deposits or initiate withdrawals with any of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above. Like most casino websites, BC;Game has set transaction limits for each supported coin. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the exact limits anywhere on the website. Nonetheless, It is likely that the BC.Game will indicate the appropriate limits for each supported cryptocurrency when you are on the verge of entering an amount you either want to deposit or withdraw.

Bonuses and Promotions on BC.Game

There are a variety of bonuses and promotions on BC.Game, the first set of bonuses are the 3 initial deposit bonuses that promise up to 180% bonus each. Then there is the fourth deposit bonus that has an upper limit of 240%.

Notably, the website also offers bonuses based on players’ gaming activities. Players are ranked according to how frequently they play games available on the platform. The ranking of each player would determine the type of bonus they are eligible to receive. In addition to this, BC.Game has introduced the Task HUB, which distributes rewards to users that have completed tasks assigned to them. There is also a treasure hunt that takes place every 6 hours on the website. You can as well earn a monthly bonus based on your cumulative wager for each month. Ensure to read the fine prints before engaging in any of these reward programs.

License and Supported countries

Like most crypto casino offerings, BC.Game is a licensed casino service in Curacao. For the most part, the platform is available globally. However, there are territories or countries where BC.Game’s services are prohibited. These countries are:

  • China

  • Netherlands

  • Dutch Caribbean Islands

  • Curacao

  • France

  • United States

That said, it is advisable to do your research and confirm the legal status of BC.Game in your country before registering or funding an account on the website.

Customer Support

There are several customer support channels you can choose from. You can either send an email to the customer representative or request assistance via live chat. A third option is the help center page on the website containing information about some of the platform’s core operations. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the website’s social network tools, including the live messaging system and the forum, to ask questions from other experienced users.

What are the pros and cons of BC.Game?

Pros of BC.Game

It supports a wide array of digital assets

Thanks to BC.Game’s decision to support 28 prominent cryptocurrencies, players do not need to initiate unnecessary exchange-based swaps before they can access the games on the website.

The graphic design is top-notch

It is not every day you see a crypto casino platform go all out to establish high-quality graphics designs to improve the seamlessness of its website and the gaming experience of users. Therefore, it is commendable that BC.Game has left no stone unturned in its quest to deliver optimal performance.

BC.Game offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions

Knowing fully well that the implementation of effective customer retention techniques will boost engagements, BC.Game has incorporated a massive customer reward program that features various deposit bonuses. With this, users can rest assured that they will at one point or the other receive reward for adopting BC.Game’s offerings.

It provides an extensive customer support system

Players can access 24/7 customer support by using the platform’s live messaging tool to communicate with customer representatives or other experienced players. Alternatively, you can request help on the website’s forum page and have other users chip in their insight. The third option is email support which may not be as effective as the first 2 channels.

The cons of BC.Game

It is a relatively new offering

BC.Game come onboard in 2019. Therefore, the website is relatively new, which makes it even harder to judge the sustainability of the platform. However, if we base our judgment only on its present performance, it is safe to say that BC.Game is currently a viable crypto casino site.

BC.Game: The Ultimate Crypto Gaming Experience FAQ!

What is BC.Game?

BC.Game is a cutting-edge online gaming platform that merges the thrill of casino games with the excitement of cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of provably fair games, generous rewards, and a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts.

How can I get started on BC.Game?

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply sign up for an account on BC.Game, which takes just a few moments. Once registered, you can explore the platform, deposit your favorite cryptocurrencies, and start playing games right away!

What kind of games does BC.Game offer?

BC.Game boasts an extensive collection of provably fair games designed to cater to every player's taste. You can enjoy classic casino games like Dice, Crash, Roulette, Blackjack, and Plinko. Additionally, BC.Game regularly introduces new and exciting game options to keep the gaming experience fresh and thrilling.

How can I be sure that BC.Game is fair?

BC.Game is committed to transparency and fairness. The platform employs a provably fair system that allows players to verify the integrity of each game's outcome. Through cryptographic algorithms, players can independently confirm that the results are unbiased and free from manipulation.

What cryptocurrencies can I use on BC.Game?

BC.Game is renowned for its extensive range of supported cryptocurrencies. You can use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and many others. The platform continually adds support for new cryptocurrencies to enhance the user experience.

Are there any bonuses or rewards on BC.Game?

Absolutely! BC.Game loves to spoil its players with generous bonuses and rewarding promotions. You can earn various bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, daily rewards, cashback incentives, and exclusive VIP perks. Additionally, BC.Game hosts regular contests and tournaments with exciting prizes up for grabs.

How can I ensure the safety of my funds on BC.Game?

BC.Game prioritizes the security of its users' funds. The platform implements advanced encryption protocols to safeguard your personal information and financial transactions. Furthermore, BC.Game encourages users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of protection.

Can I play BC.Game on my mobile device?

Absolutely! BC.Game understands the importance of accessibility and offers a seamless mobile gaming experience. You can enjoy all the features and games on BC.Game directly from your mobile browser, allowing you to play and win anytime, anywhere.

Does BC.Game have a community or social features?

Yes, BC.Game has a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts from all around the world. You can engage with fellow players, participate in forum discussions, and even join BC.Game's lively social media channels. The platform encourages a sense of camaraderie and provides an avenue to connect with like-minded individuals.

Is BC.Game available globally?

BC.Game is a global platform that welcomes players from all over the world. However, it's essential to note that certain jurisdictions may have legal restrictions on online gambling or cryptocurrency usage. Users are responsible for complying with their local laws and regulations.

Pros & Cons
  • It supports a wide array of digital assets
  • The graphic design is top-notch
  • BC.Game offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions
  • It provides an extensive customer support system