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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Site Rank: 11 Full Website ReviewPros and Cons, and more

What comes to your mind when you hear "Dogecoin."? Dog coin, right? You may even think "joke coin," and you'd be correct. Dogecoin took the world by surprise, being the first meme coin at a time when crypto investors had ten toes down into the soils of cryptocurrency. It was the comic relief.

Dogecoin was the latest big thing in town, the cash cow. And many online entrepreneurs wasted no time creating websites dedicated to the project. But did you know Dogecoin has an official website? Can you tell the official Dogecoin website apart from these third-party sites? If not, you risk trading Doge on scam sites or downloading Dogecoin wallets on compromised websites.

To avoid a red-face moment, we covered a comprehensive review of below. You will learn about, the pros and cons, how the website can help a developer, and more.

About is the official website of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The website's main aim is to represent Dogecoin's mandate as a fun and friendly Internet currency. In the same vein, the website is also the official repository of resources, guides, and links to everything related to Dogecoin officially.

The website has served as the official domain for the dog coin since its launch in 2013. Currently, receives more than 300,000 visitors monthly. In an (internet) world where a dozen others look-alike for every website, Dogecoin's position as the official platform for the Dogecoin project has helped it scale above competitor websites like and

Who controls the Dogecoin website?

According to the information on the website, Dogecoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. What we know about open-sourced projects like Dogecoin is that no individual can speak authoritatively about its assets or protocol.

Therefore, even though the website is the official domain for the Dogecoin project, its creators and administrators cannot take absolute control. It is believed that, like other assets related to the Dogecoin project, is open-sourced and community-owned. As a result, users can rest assured that the website's administration will not be compromised due to bias.

Who created, the official website of Dogecoin, was created by Jackson Palmer and Shibetoshi Nakamoto. Jackson is an Australian and US-based software engineer, and Billy is an American programmer and IBM software engineer. In 2013 they created Dogecoin (as a joke) based on the meme of a Japanese dog, Shiba Inu. At that time, they registered as the official website for the project. Billy Markus is pseudonymously known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto.

Aside from Jackson and Billy, the website also credits a Reddit user, edswf1, as the website's designer. While this does not indicate that Edswf1 is a part of the official team, it shows Dogecoin's practical commitment to being community-oriented.

Pro features of

If you are looking to join the Shibes community, here are the reasons you may enjoy using

Multiple language support supports 11 international languages, including Deutsch, Español Français, Italiano, and Hindi when writing this article. While this number is low compared to crypto websites like, it is essential to note that the language modules are sufficient for's visitors, most of whom are from the United States.

Very simple navigation

Most people think of crypto websites in charts and graphs and are discouraged eventually. is different. On the one hand, the website is straightforward, having only six pages. On the other hand, the navigation is straightforward. This is because the website has one primary call to action, get started with doge.

Attractive and responsive website design

In terms of the website design, gets an A. On the homepage, you will enjoy the bubbling interstellar of Dogecoins flowing on the screen. What's fun, however, is that the coins multiply when you click on the strings connecting them. While this feature reciprocates Dogecoin's motto as "the fun and friendly internet currency," it also shows attention to the commitment to creating a modern and interactive solution in the crypto world based on interconnectivity.

Wallet download on all platforms features the direct link to download the Dogecoin wallet so you can skip redirects, silly signups, and potential counterfeits on third-party websites. Therefore, you can get started with Dogecoin faster and more conveniently. Whether you wish to use the Dogecoin wallet on windows, android, mac, Linux, or iOS, the website lists a direct link to each platform.

Link to the project team

It is uncommon to see a crypto website list the name of its creators and creates a link to their social profiles. But that is exactly what does. If you scroll to the website's footer, you will find a link to the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit accounts of the website's developers and designers.

On the one hand, this shows that the website's developers, who are also the co-founders, are open to communicating with the dogecoin followers. On the other hand, it promotes transparency and builds trust among the fanbase. 

Join Dogecoin community

It is easy to fall for scams through fake community groups in the crypto world if you are not suspicious. To ensure that all Dogecoin fans join the verified community, published the links to the verified Shibe community on Reddit and Github (for developers).


When it comes to crypto website security, we have learned that a website is not guaranteed safe just because it is the official domain for the project. This is true with the Binance hack in 2019, causing Binance to lose around $40 million. In light of that, here are some security features we found on is protected by SSL certification, which encrypts a user's login credentials and banking information to prevent unauthorized users from reading or using them.

Similarly, the website's information and URL are verified on Github. In addition, the website does not request personal information or KYC data. That way, hackers cannot steal any real information about website visitors.

Lastly, Check Point Threat Cloud certifies the website to be free of threats that may compromise your data and information.

Multiple device access is optimized to work responsively across several screens and devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Accessibility is available everywhere in the world. The website can be accessed without using a VPN or a dedicated server.

User concerns about

Despite the positives, has the following disadvantages.

It lacks essential details

When compared to other crypto websites, lacks a lot of information that may be of immense help to its community of users. One of the vital information missing is the "About us" page. Without this page, users may find it challenging to comprehend the vision and mission of the project's founders. This may not be an issue for users who understand that Dogecoin is a fun crypto project. But for real crypto enthusiasts, the absence of the about page may be critical.

No developer docs

In addition, developers may be at an advantage because the website does not have a developer docs page. Developer docs help software engineers and programmers learn how to interface with software. In the absence, developing and expanding the dogecoin project might be impossible.

No learning resources

The crypto world is growing so fast with new technologies and ideologies. Crypto enthusiasts need authoritative and factual learning resources to stay in the loop. On, there are no learning materials that may familiarize new and existing users and developers with the project.

No whitepaper

The Dogecoin whitepaper is not published on Publishing the whitepaper of a crypto project is a privilege often reserved for the official websites and partners only. This is done to verify their credibility, certify the originality of the document, and make it accessible to investors and sponsors. The absence of the whitepaper on the website can challenge its credibility.

No constant update

It goes without saying that a website's value can be measured by how active, relevant, and updated its content is. Without an active blog or news section, offers nothing informative to Dogecoin users who visit the website. Shibas and new users need to log in to Reddit to follow the conversation, which may be challenging for people who do not wish to have an account on platforms like Reddit.

No research forum

In our Terra.Money review, we showed how Terra uses the research forum to discuss and update the public on issues concerning governance and research. does not have this page. And as such, stakeholders and crypto enthusiasts who are interested in topics concerning research and governance may find it challenging to follow along or even rely on competitors.

How to get a Dogecoin wallet on

You need to install the Dogecoin wallet on your desktop or mobile device to send and receive Dogecoin. Here is how to install the wallet from

  • Go to

  • Click "Wallets" in the navigation bar or scroll down to the wallets section on the homepage

  • Select the between Multidoge or Dogecoin core wallet type

  • Below the wallet type, you will see a list of supported platforms such as Windows, Linus, and macOS. Select the platform that is most appropriate for you

    • The website will direct you to the download page

  • Read the disclaimer and click "I read and understood the disclaimer. Download now!" if you are satisfied.

  • Go to your download folder and complete the installation.

How does the support network work?

If you are interested in supporting the Dogecoin project, lists several ways to get started. Let's review them below.

Spread the word

This Dogecoin support model encourages you to "become a self-appointed Dogecoin ambassador" by telling your friends and family about it. You join the Dogecoin community on Reddit and contribute to the conversation. You may also ask a retail shopper to allow you to pay with Dogecoin.

Contribute to

The second method to support Dogecoin, as seen on, is to contribute to the maintenance of and the development of new features. This is good for you if you are a web developer looking to volunteer for a fun and modern project.

Educate people

You can also write blog posts, share informative posts on social media, create educational videos, and so much more, to educate Dogecoin fans who require further knowledge about cryptocurrency.

How software developers can use

Even though there are no developer docs on, the website educates developers on how to build on Dogecoin. On the support page, a section titled "develop" briefly encourages software developers to join the Dogecoin Dev community on Reddit. There, they will learn how to use their skills to improve Dogecoin and build exciting new services or software that use Dogecoin.


Can I buy and sell Dogecoins on

No, you cannot buy and sell Dogecoins on To do that, go to the website, scroll to the wallet section, download the Dogecoin wallet on your PC or mobile device, set up the app, and start buying and selling Dogecoins.

Is legit? was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, co-founders of Dogecoin. Therefore, it is a legit site and the official domain for Dogecoin cryptocurrency., is it safe?

With an active SSL encryption, no KYC or request for user information, and a verification badge on Github, is considered safe and secure for all users.

Is trustworthy?

Users can trust since it is the official website of Dogecoin. However, with much information missing on the website, you may want to trust the Reddit community or competitor website for updates and news about Dogecoin.

Final thoughts has been pivotal to the growth of Dogecoin over the years. The cryptocurrency project started as a joke and has surprisingly started as a joke, but it has surprisingly reached a market cap of $18 billion.

Being a very simple website, serves to help Shibes find authentic social media pages and communities for Dogecoin faster. Similarly, it also directs software developers to the appropriate community where they can connect with like minds and build amazing features for dogecoin.

Additionally, the website is considered safe and secure for all users and accessible in all countries around the world. However, the absence of critical information like developer docs, whitepaper, and learning resources are the downsides of the website.

Pros & Cons
  • Multiple language support
  • Very simple navigation
  • Attractive and responsive website design
  • Wallet download on all platforms
  • Link to the project team
  • Join Dogecoin community
  • Security
  • Multiple device access
  • Accessibility
  • It lacks essential details
  • No developer docs
  • No learning resources
  • No whitepaper
  • No constant update
  • No research forum