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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Charity
Charity should be a necessity for all humans with conscience. It could take any form maybe giving money, clothing materials, volunteering at a shed, visiting orphans and the less privileged with gifts, donating to various foundations and so on. As humans we should always learn to and find a means to give back to the society in one way or the other. There's probably one person who really needs your help and your donation or help will always go a long way. The only kind of difference now between traditional currencies and digital currencies is that digital currencies are virtual. The way an individual can donate normal conventional money, one can also donate digital currencies such Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vcash, Monero etc. Some people actually want to do these (donate) but do not know any platforms that can help with that. However, there is platform, which can help provide useful information on this aspect. This platform has helped collate sites that are great, successful, highly reliable and recommendable on Crypto charity. These sites have been tested trustworthy, thoroughly scrutinized and properly examined and with their short reviews one can easily pick the best that would suit your taste. On these Cryptolink.com you would find more than 5 legit Crypto charity sites which are highly reliable and dependable such as fidelity Charitable, Pineapple Fund,War Child, Bitgive Foundation, Clean Water, Coin Dignitas, Donationcoin and so on. Below are a few characteristics collated on these sites that make them unique and best of the best in the business. These are:


Some of these sites help provides up-to-date information about charitable events or emergency fundraisers in which one can donate to save lives or send someone to school.

Some of these sites are in affiliation with some charities in which they offer support in form of donation of digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.

Some of these sites make use of Blockchain technology, which allows donors to trace their transactions on a public platform in real time. Donors can see how funds are spent and ensure they reach their final destination
Project results are also shared for directly with donors. These sites also provide a form of reward for the good actors in nonprofit sector, educate the people who donate (donors) about effective outcomes of donating as well as identify & avoid fraudulent activities along traditional paths.

Some of these sites help individuals in the Crypto world provide information on how to donate Cryptocurrency which are used render help to souls that really needs help. They are in affiliation with charity foundations such as Cleanwater.org and so on.

Some of these sites help make use Crypto coins donated to trade or invest order to add more value to it. These sites recognize that there are many factors that go into the valuation of a coin. Some of those things we can attempt to control and affect, but others rely on the community, exchanges, and the industry. So rather than only relying on trading and exchanges to dictate pricing, we’ve gone to great lengths to add value to holding and using Coins.

Some of these sites also provide means to an advertising section here, on their wallets, official pools, and our official faucet. They have also developed code that can be imbedded into pools and community sites that will give more people an opportunity to participate and be charitable without having to donate money or coins. Not to worry they have a strict policy for appropriate content and types of advertisements so that it would not to become a burden for the community, it’s intended to be a benefit.

Some sites such cleanwater coin offer individuals and donors another way that can help add value by offering an official source to purchase clean water coins for btc rather than having exchanges as the only source. Also all the coins that they will sell will come from the charity wallet and the btc will be donated to one of their charity projects. Offering this kind of service will be valuable to the community because it allows us to convert the charity wallet into btc without going to an exchange and will help us to donate the maximum amount to CharityWater.org.

On some of the sites on crytolink.com one can get the opportunity to become their business partners with them because saving lives of people can’t be done by one person but with a group of people it can be done better just by joining them in this global initiative of becoming their sponsor. Your additional help it can go a long way to prevent more deaths and save more lives of families from losing their loved ones. All you have to contact them to find out how you can become a coin sponsor. and get help to those who are waiting for your help.

Some sites help provide information on a modern way to donate to avoid fraudulent activities. Conventional ways of donating to charities by sending dollars and cents, pounds leaves a lot of room for uncertainty but with blockchain technologies one can open ledger and cross-check all of your donations was received by the charity you intended.


All these about shows a little about what these sites have to offer that Crypto can also help the community in its own way.