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War Child Review

War Child


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Just as the name of the platform states, it is involved in helping children as well as refugees from war zone. There are several homeless kids and people out there that have been displaced from their homes due to different kinds of war. All around the world, kids, women, families are suffering with no means of livelihood, living each day as their last; the aim of this charity platform is to get in touch with them and provide basic amenities for survival.

Currently, in parts of the world like Syria, there are many families who are living in the streets of a neighboring country or a refugee camp, War Child reaches out to them in form of donations through cryptocurrencies and provide for their needs. This donation can be made by anyone who has digital assets in possession.

There are several things War Child provide these people with, some of them include;

1. Education: Particularly, the younger ones, they are taught how to read and write. They even find sponsorship programs for them to help their career.

2. Skill Acquisition: This is an opportunity for someone who isn’t interested much in the education aspect or for the elderly ones by teaching them various skills that could keep them busy and allow them provide for themselves.

Features of War Child

1. Donations: You can make donations easily by hitting the Donate button at the topmost part of the homepage.

2. Newsletter: You can register for War Child’s Newsletter and receive updates.

Pros & Cons
  • They reach out to people via social media platforms.
  • Easy navigation.