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FIDELITY Charitable Review

FIDELITY Charitable


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Fidelity Charitable was an organization founded in 1991 whose aim is at making donations to a user’s favorite charity platforms. It is also regarded as The Giving Account. The Giving Account works in such a way that when you make a single donation, you can make several other donations to other charitable organizations.

Fidelity Charitable acts as a middleman between a donor and other charity organizations. For instance, you make a donation of $10,000 to The Giving Account, this account now shares your donation to other charities you would love to be interested in. One thing about The Giving Account is that it obeys command given by a donor i.e. the donor makes the decision on who and when to make a donation to a favorite charity organization.

During the process of making a donation to The Giving Account of Fidelity Charitable, the only benefit received by the organization is a tax-deductible donation made to them. Also, you can go further by investing your donation as you please. When you invest, be certain that you will have an exponential growth and you don’t have to worry about tax during the time you make decisions on what charity organization should benefit from your donations.

Features of Fidelity Charitable

1. Charity Support: With the Giving Account on Fidelity Charitable, you make several donations to several charitable organizations. As long as you give the permission.

2. Tax Receipt: When you make donations throughout the year, you are only eligible to have only one tax receipt; hence, you have a transparent platform.

Pros & Cons
  • The platform combines two different parties together.
  • Only tax receipt every year.
  • Cryptocurrency support