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Bitgive Foundation Review

Bitgive Foundation


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Bitgive Foundation was created to help several platforms that have something important to contribute to the community and world at large. The aim is to combine philanthropy and blockchain tech together. They help in securing projects and make sure it turns out successful.

There is a video on the site that explicitly talks about Bitgive Foundation and other services it provides. To join the platform and make donations in form of cryptocurrencies to charities, you can just click on Donate and donate any amount of cryptocurrency from your digital wallet.

Bitgive Foundation highlights some of the problems of the world today and Blockchain philanthropy being the only solution that would solve the problems. Some of these problems include;

1. Financial Services in limited supply.

2. Fees charged when making transactions or Service fees.

3. Fraud and Theft.

4. Problem of Transparency with most crypto websites.

5. Poor time management.

Blockchain Philanthropy provides solution to these problems by;

1. Ensuring virtual access anywhere in the world.

2. Zero or low transaction or service fees.

3. Topnotch security.

4. Real-time transparent quality.

5. Time management.

Bitgive Foundation believes in your giving, which is the only way to solve most of the problems we face in the world.

Features of Bitgive Foundation

1. Newsletter: You can sign up to the newsletter of the platform and start receiving unlimited updates on charities

Pros & Cons
  • Any amount of donation is welcomed.
  • Provides solution to most crypto problems.
  • Secure and safe.