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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Android Apps

Best Crypto Sites
Apps were created to be a better version of the web. If you use a website to access a particular platform, you could face a lot of difficulties while doing that; you could either face privacy risks, connection errors or caches being downloaded to consume storage on your device.

Websites give us access to platforms but the adverse effect could result one way or the other. Therefore, apps were created by developers to ensure convenience, ease in use and protection of data. On applications, you can save, download and share information easily without gaining access to the web.

However, in this category, we are more interested in android applications for cryptocurrencies. Android apps are always very easy to download provided the device operates on an android iOS. You can download all the applications from the site with the link provided on their website or just a quick launch on Google Play Store and download the application.

There are many crypto android applications which could either be for exchange, news, books, videos, etc. but we are interested in the best of them all. The best android apps for cryptocurrencies with great features, awesome designs and convenience in use.

There are 14 best crypto android applications with their Google Play Store links in this category, they include;
1. Bitcoin Checker
2. Crypto Price IQ -Crypto Price Alerts and News
3. Bitcoin Ticker
4. Coinbase -Buy Bitcoin & More. Secure Wallet
5. Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
6. Blockfolio Bitcoin/Altcoin App
7. Wallet
8. Cryptonator
9. Mycelium
10. Bitmap -Bitcoin ATM Map
11. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Altcoin Price Tracker
12. –Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA Ripple Price and Crypto News
13. CoinMarketApp -Cryptocurrency Portfolio, News, ICO.

Clearly, you can see that all the applications listed above are not the same thing i.e. all belong to the same type of crypto function. Some are wallets, while some are for news and another for price alerts. There are all different in their own ways with several features.

All these applications listed have been reviewed carefully and for you to choose any of them above, you need to consider some factors that will be helpful. These factors are;

• Tools

Tools are important assets for any platform and with an application, their use cannot be overemphasized. Tools could be in several ways depending on the type of application and the features available. Often times, the most common types of tool are data tool and charting tool. Few sites in this category have no charting tools.
These two tools have a lot of things in common but are different in some respect. For a data tool, they are known to provide fast information about price, historical data, calculator, etc. and for a charting tool shows graphical analysis of a cryptocurrency.
The better the tool on the app, the better it is to use the app.

• Accessibility

Often times, many users complain of not being able to access their applications due to some reasons or another. A good application must be accessible from anywhere in the world. You should have a mobile control over your application and not the other way around.
It must also not be too complex to use i.e. straightforward and easy to use. An application with too many information or details or options will only bore the user and its full potential may not be attained.

• Widgets and Other features

Widgets are important in displaying useful information like price tracking for price alerts applications and recent updates for crypto news applications. With the aid of a widget, the site becomes less-cumbersome so you can enjoy a mobile-experience.
Also, other features are important because they ultimately settle debates and arguments between users. For instance, there are 2 crypto android apps offering the same services with all the factors considered above, the only way you can determine the best out of them is to compare and contrast the features in both. The best application always has advanced and outstanding features. The quality of these features however depends on the type of android device.
Features are important and when selecting, you should make sure it gives the best mobile-experience you would love.

Summary and Conclusion

All the factors above are important in the selection process for the best applications for a crypto activity of yours. If you need a crypto price tracker or alert system, watch out for the features and the factors and pick out of those listed above. All of them have been listed in the order of importance, but you may find something else through the review of each one of them.
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