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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Debit Cards
Debit and credit cards that operate with cryptocurrencies are one of the newest products which are being experimented with in the cryptocurrency industry. There is no clear leader in the area as many companies are experimenting with different features and models to bring their prepaid and credit cards to the market. This category is smaller than most as the business area has limited products and reviews eleven crypto cards.

Users need to be extremely cautious when using a new service. Many of the cards offered here are built on top of already existing services. The reviews highlight the key points to consider before using one of these cards.

It can be often difficult to determine what fees are going to be paid. Websites can present complicated fee schedule and include important details in small print. These reviews will highlight the key fees to take into consideration and whether the fees are par with market rate, above market rate, or below market rate.

There will also be a huge difference in the amount of trust you can place in different services. When using a card, the businesses risk become the user's risks and users need to take this into account when using the cards. For this reason, these reviews will highlight important details such as the history and reputation of the company. Some of the companies have a long history of successful operation whereas others have funded their projects via an ICO and have little history of operation. This is important in evaluating these cards. How have they been funded? Do they have strong partnerships and a strong team which they can rely on in difficult business time? Or do they lack solid partnerships and may be just experimenting with an additional service?

The cards vary in the way they function. Some are linked to a wallet. In these cases, the wallets security also needs to be taken into account. The reviews highlight any security concerns that there may be. The security situation from the user's viewpoint as well as the businesses will also be presented in the reviews. Does the user control their private key to the wallet? Does the user have the ability to enable two-factor authentication?

These reviews will place a high emphasis on security and reputation. Cards with stronger security and a history of success in operations will gain a higher star rating when compared with cards that may have more functionality but lack security.

Some of the cards are linked in an exchange and facilitate the exchange of supported assets. This can be a useful function but the supported assets can sometimes be limited. The reviews will include the number of assets which are supported for cards with an exchange function.

One of the most important elements users consider when it comes to prepaid and credit cards is what fiat currencies are supported. The cards included in this category vary in their support for fiat cryptocurrencies. Many support major currencies such as EUR, GBP, and USD. Others support fiat currencies which are not commonly supported in services such as RUB. However, there can be limitations when it comes to the fiat currencies. Some cards such as Cryptopay limit the funding method to only Bitcoin with no option to fund the card with fiat currency.

Restrictions are commonplace in the cryptocurrency industry. The card category is no different. Some of the cards restrict access to users with some common places of restriction being the United States and Singapore. These reviews will highlight what areas these cards will be restricted from. Some cards are still in their early launch period and are experimenting with certain markets first. This will also be highlighted in the reviews. For example, the MCO card has not yet launched in Europe and Asia with huge waitlists in these areas. Some of the cards included in this category are available worldwide.

Certain services may tick all the boxes. They may have a great website, a clear fee structure, and widespread functionality. However, this does not hold any value if the company cannot deliver on their promises. For this reason, these reviews have also taken into consideration the experiences of past customers of the products. Forums such as BitcoinTalk and Reddit were examined for users reporting their past experiences. Not all of these posts on forums can be trustworthy but they serve to paint an overall picture. They also serve to demonstrate how readily the team behind the card service is willing to help. The responses can vary widely with some issues being posted gaining no support and others having immediate support with a huge effort being made by the team to resolve the experience. These reviews will also take into account customer reactions and highlight the general sentiment the community holds towards the companies behind the cards. A wide variety of responses can be seen in the reviews with some gaining stellar reviews in this area and others being labelled a scam.

The cryptocurrency industry is an early industry. Prepaid and credit cards in the cryptocurrency industry are an early project in an early industry. This can make it difficult to choose which one to use and determine whether you can trust them. These reviews are aimed to help readers make a decision on whether one of these services is for them. Security and reputation are given preference in the star-scorings and readers can also gain an overview of the functionality, support, and features they can expect from each of these services.