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Volet Advcash Visa and Mastercard

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A Deep Dive into the Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard

If you're looking for a reliable online payment processor that packs a punch with both fiat and cryptocurrency capabilities, then you've probably come across Volet (AdvCash). As a crypto enthusiast myself, I’ve seen this platform soar in popularity, particularly in Russia, and recently making notable strides in the Western markets as well. In this in-depth review, I’ll focus on the Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard, discussing their features, benefits, and a comprehensive breakdown of all associated fees. I’ve personally tested this platform and am ready to share an honest view of the platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

But first, what is Volet (AdvCash)?

Volet (AdvCash), short for Advanced Cash, is a payment processor that deals with both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. It offers different payment options, and one of them is bank cards, both virtual and plastic. Volet (AdvCash) supports several national currencies which effectively gives it a global reach. Aimed at making digital transactions easier and more user-friendly, Volet (AdvCash) also fosters a strong collaboration with the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance.

Breaking Down the Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard

One of Volet's (AdvCash) most sought-after features is undoubtedly its proprietary Visa and Mastercard, available in both plastic and virtual forms. Let's get down to the details and find out what makes these cards worth considering.

1. Easy Funding Mechanism

The Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercards are straightforward to fund. With multiple options, including crypto wallets, direct bank cards, and even direct transfers from both Visa and Mastercard, the funding process has been made hassle-free for consumers.

2. Bespoke Services

Security is always a primary concern when dealing with funds, and Volet (AdvCash) doesn’t disappoint. Through a multi-tier account security structure and immediate customer support, users get standard security which is vital for such financial transactions. Another handy feature is the ability to hold multiple currencies in one single account, considerably enhancing usability.

3. Convenient Withdrawals

The Volet (AdvCash) cards feature an expedited international Visa/Mastercard payout service. In addition to this, the platform gives users the freedom to get these cards in any currency of their choice.

Let's expound further on some other features that enhance Volet (AdvCash)'s usability.

4. Multicurrency Support

AdvCash is glocal in the real sense of the word. The platform readily supports multiple currencies including fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUB, KZT, UAH, GBP, and BRL. It also rocks a significant suite of digital currencies including popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH.

5. Volet (AdvCash) E-Wallet

Volet (AdvCash) e-wallet is an easy-to-use pocket performer that competes head-on with most standard bank cards and popular wallets like PayPal. It facilitates online payments and supports multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies – a feature which most bank cards tend to lack.

6. Crypto Trading Options

Volet (AdvCash)'s collaboration with Binance has spawned a lively functionality on its platform – buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Link your Binance portfolio directly in your AdvCash account, manage it with minimal fees, or simply hodl your crypto and earn interest of up to 8% per annum. This flexibility lets you have your crypto world right in your pocket.

A Detailed Look at Volet (AdvCash) Fees

Now let's discuss the business side of things – the fees. Fortunately, Volet (AdvCash) charges no fees for account opening and maintenance. Below is a detailed breakdown of the associated costs for loading and withdrawing funds. Please note that the actual figures depend on the currency used:

Account Load Fees

  • Transfer from another ADV user: No Fees

  • SEPA transfer: 1 EUR

  • Visa/ Mastercard: From 3.5%

  • Stablecoins: 1 USD

  • Cryptocurrencies: Charged at the internal exchange rate

Account Withdrawal Fees

  • Transfer to another ADV user: No Fees

  • SEPA transfer: 0.5% plus 5 EUR

  • Local Bank Transfers: From 0.5%

  • Mastercard (USD,EUR): 3.5% and 2.5% respectively

  • Visa/ MC cards in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine: 2.5% and 1.5% respectively

  • Stablecoins: 0.5% plus network fees

  • Cryptocurrencies: Charged at internal exchange rate

How Secure is Volet (AdvCash)?

Volet (AdvCash) provides robust security to its users, with mechanisms such as geo-distributed data backup systems, secure database encryption, two-factor authentication, and more. It is apparent that Volet (AdvCash) put significant thought into ensuring clients' funds and information stay protected.

How do I Get Started with Volet (AdvCash)?

To get started with Volet (AdvCash), sign up on their website, and choose the type of account you want, either personal or business. The former gives you a simple account with cards in your preferred currency, free user-to-user transfers, crypto features, and payouts to Visa and Mastercard. A Business account, on the other hand, provides unique features for receiving payment from worldwide customers, mass payout options, and merchant tools.

Conclusion: Is the Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard Worth It?

After an in-depth review, I can confidently conclude that Volet (AdvCash) is indeed a worthy competitor in the fintech industry. With its unique blend of low fees, high security, and multilevel functionalities, the Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard offer considerable value, especially for savvy crypto users. However, the lack of a mobile application is a minor shortcoming that hopefully, Volet (AdvCash) will address soon;

I end my review here by stating that while Volet (AdvCash) has its limitations, it scores high on overall usability, and the Visa and Mastercard, both plastic and virtual, are favorable payment options for a range of users. A deep dive into the world of crypto and fiat currencies could hardly get more exciting.

This concludes my detailed analysis of Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard. I encourage potential users to approach financial decisions with a degree of care and diligence, and hopefully, this in-depth review aids in that process.

Volet (AdvCash) Visa and Mastercard FAQ

1. What is AdvCash?

Volet (AdvCash), which stands for Advanced Cash, is a payment processing platform that allows users to make payments with hoth cryptocurrency and fiat currency. They provide both virtual and physical payment cards, and have gained significant popularity in Russia and across Western markets.

2. Why should I choose Volet (AdvCash) over other platforms?

AdvCash distinguishes itself from its competitors with its ease of funding options, security features, and convenient withdrawal methods. Unlike most cards that are directly associated with particular exchanges and their tokens, AdvCash frees you from these constraints. It also offers competitive currency conversion rates, and it is not platform-specific.

3. What are the features and products that Volet (AdvCash) offers?

Volet (AdvCash) provides a diverse range of user-friendly features: 1. Virtual or Plastic Card: Accessible in both forms, these cards can be used for withdrawal at any merchant or ATM card that supports Visa or UnionPay. 2. Card Fees: There are three types of cards available, each with different fees and features. 3. Multicurrency Adv Account: This supports fiat, token, and digital currency, making cross-currency trading a breeze. 4. Currency Exchange: With unbeatable exchange rates and no waiting time, currency conversion has never been easier. 5. E-Wallet: Like PayPal, Volet (AdvCash) also provides an e-wallet service, making online payments convenient and compatible across multiple currencies. 6. Buy/Sell Crypto: Collab with Binance enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from your Volet (AdvCash) account.

4. What are the fees involved with Volet (AdvCash)?

Volet (AdvCash) does not charge for account setup or any maintenance fees. However, there are fees for loading and withdrawing money, which depend on the currency used.

5. How do Volet (AdvCash) works?

Volet (AdvCash) offers two types of accounts: personal and business. Personal accounts offer free user-to-user transfers, crypto features, and payouts to Visa and Mastercards. Business accounts allow international payments, crypto acquiring, mass payouts, and merchant crypto tools.

6. Is Volet (AdvCash) safe to use?

Absolutely! Volet (AdvCash) is a secure platform committed to protecting the security needs of its users. It uses two-factor authentication, intelligent identification, and secure database encryption to ensure customer security.

7. How do I create an account on Volet (AdvCash)?

Go to Volet (AdvCash) official webpage, click 'sign up' and choose a personal or business account. Complete your KYC verification for access to full services and features.

8. What customer support does Volet (AdvCash) offer?

Volet (AdvCash) provides 24/7 customer support via email and online chat. They also maintain a comprehensive FAQ section for quick self-service.

9. How do I deposit money into my Volet (AdvCash) account?

After logging into your account, click on 'Deposit Funds' in the top left corner of your dashboard.

10. How do I withdraw from Volet (AdvCash)?

Go to 'Send Funds' in your account dashboard to withdraw your funds. Remember, you must verify your account before you can withdraw any money.

11. Is Volet (AdvCash) a legitimate platform?

Yes, Volet (AdvCash) is a licensed platform in Belize by the IFSC. In Europe, payments are processed via an agent of NordPay Financial Limited, regulated by the FCA.

12. Can I use Volet (AdvCash) in India?

Yes, Volet (AdvCash) is fully operational in India.


Volet (AdvCash) has shown itself to be an innovative platform in the crypto payment processing realm. The safety features, user-friendly interface, and competitive exchange rates make it a go-to option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe.

Pros and Cons of Volet (AdvCash) Visa and MasterCard

It's essential to ensure the crypto wallet or cards I use align with my needs providing efficient services. After thorough research and personal use, let me share my thoughts on the pros and cons of Volet (AdvCash) Visa and MasterCard.

Pros of Volet (AdvCash)Visa and MasterCard

Wide Range of Supported Currencies

Volet (AdvCash) supports multiple currencies, including fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This means I can deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds using USD, EUR, RUB, BTC, ETH, and others. Having multiple currency options is excellent, especially for someone like me that deals with different currencies daily.

Cards Offered in Both Physical and Virtual Forms

One standout feature is the availability of the payment cards in both physical and virtual forms. The virtual card is exceptional for online transactions, while the physical one is perfect for real-world usage. As someone who shops online frequently, the virtual card is quite handy.

Low Fees

What I appreciate most about Volet (AdvCash) is the competitive fees. Volet (AdvCash) charges low fees for transactions and currency conversions, which saves me a fair amount of money in the long run.

Connects with Binance

Being able to connect my Binance account is just the icing on the cake. As a constant user of Binance, this feature makes it easy to manage my crypto portfolio.

Secure Platform

As a crypto guy, I place a high priority on security. The two-factor authentication and secure encryption on Volet (AdvCash) make it reliable and safe to use.

High Usability

Volet (AdvCash) provides an easy-to-use interface and 24/7 customer support, which is a significant advantage for users like me.

Cons of Volet (AdvCash) Visa and MasterCard

Limited Cryptocurrencies

Currently, Volet (AdvCash) supports major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and BCH. However, as someone who deals with other types of cryptocurrencies, I find this quite limiting.

Lack of Educational Content

One significant downside is the lack of educational content and a dedicated blog section on their website. For beginners in the crypto space, these resources can be particularly helpful.

Minimal Product Offering

Volet (AdvCash) is a dynamic platform, but it does feel like it could offer more. The service is largely limited to Visa and MasterCard, an e-wallet, and a link to Binance.

No Mobile Application

The lack of a mobile application is another con. As someone who is always on the go, a dedicated mobile app would make transactions much more convenient and accessible. All in all, while Volet (AdvCash) has its few drawbacks, the pros outshine the cons. It is an excellent platform for managing your cryptocurrencies and performing seamless transactions. I absolutely recommend Volet (AdvCash) with both Visa and Mastercard. Volet (AdvCash) provides the crypto flexibility, low fees, and top-rated security you need. It's never been easier to manage your crypto and fiat currencies. Outsmart previous limitations with Volet (AdvCash)'s cutting-edge payment processor and take control of your assets today. Count me in!


Advanced Cash Volet (AdvCash) is an e-currency and e-payment platform. Volet (AdvCash)’s goal is to offer you finance solutions at low fees. Users of the platform are provided with a number of services including transactions services via the dashboard and also a card which they can order. Four fiat currencies can be used through the platform which includes the Euro (EUR), Great British Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD), and the Russian Ruble (RUB).

In terms of the card, there is no maintenance fee associated which is an attractive feature when compared with competitor’s rates. Transaction fees vary based on their type but in many cases, they are lower than competitor rates. If you believe you might be trading off with security and reliability for these lower rates, Volet (AdvCash) state they employ a data backup system and encryption at the data centre. However, they have not been audited so this cannot be verified.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there is support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. In terms of cryptocurrencies, this support is not extensive and is very limited. This solution is more tailored for other types of payments. The cryptocurrency community online has also voiced problems with using the cryptocurrency services of Volet (AdvCash). Many have complained online that deposited funds never arrived and there was limited support from the Volet (AdvCash) team when this happened. With these complaints online, the risk of losing cryptocurrency when depositing to Volet (AdvCash) cards is higher.

Pros & Cons
  • Four fiat currencies including the Russian Ruble
  • Zero maintenance fees for cards
  • Strong security promised
  • Competitive rates when compared with competitors
  • High Usability
  • Secure Platform
  • Connects with Binance
  • Low Fees
  • Cards Offered in Both Physical and Virtual Forms
  • Wide Range of Supported Currencies
  • Online cryptocurrency community have voiced issues over the depositing and use of cryptocurrencies on the platform
  • Support for cryptocurrency is very limited
  • Higher risk of losing funds when depositing cryptocurrency
  • No Mobile Application
  • Minimal Product Offering
  • Lack of Educational Content
  • Limited Cryptocurrencies