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Uquid Prepaid Card Review
Uquid Prepaid Card
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Uquid provides payment processing services for users with their services including both a wallet and a prepaid card. Cards are available to be denominated in USD, EUR, or GBP. Cards support a wide variety of over 40 cryptocurrencies which is greater than a lot of competitors. Transfers can be easily and quickly made from user’s wallets to their debit cards.

The debit card includes the functionality of a normal debit card and can also be used to receive payments in the case of freelancers or others whom this may help. Both virtual and plastic cards are offered. Fees are around the same as competitors. Cards can be funded through several methods such as bank transfer or any of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Uquid card offering has only been around since 2016 which is very early when compared with competitors in the space. Access to the card is also restricted from some areas including US citizens, places in the Middle East and Africa, and also India. There have also been some concerns voiced by the cryptocurrency community about the card being unavailable at times. It is uncertain whether this was just a brief issue or is a more ongoing problem Uquid. In terms of online presence, there is a reason for some concern. The LinkedIn page is completely blank for Uquid and there is bad English on their website. These could be minor issues and no cause for real concerns, but the company should be able to easily fix such things.

Pros & Cons
  • A wide variety of cryptocurrencies supported
  • Cards can be used to receive payments also
  • Many options to fund card
  • Transfers can be made quickly from wallet to debit cards
  • Card offering has only been around since 2016
  • Some areas restricted including the US
  • The online presence gives some cause for concern with a blank LinkedIn page and bad English throughout the website
  • Some concerns have also been raised from the online cryptocurrency community