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CoinsBank Review
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CoinsBank markets themselves as the all-in-one gateway to blockchains services. Their services include wallets, exchange, merchant services, and prepaid cards. Overall, they provide a lot of support. Most cards have support for the major fiat currencies of USD, EUR, and GBP. CoinsBank also provides support for RUB, JPY, CHF, and AUD. The card enables users to convert between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. A wide variety of cryptocurrencies are supported.

CoinsBank also offers a wide range of cards. There are six cards in total which cater to a variety of user needs. For example, one card is tailored for users that wish to remain anonymous. However, this card has higher fees along with strict restrictions. Fees are generally higher for CoinsBank than competitors in the card industry because they offer such a wide variety of solutions. CoinsBank aims to be an all-in-solution and users pay a premium for this inclusiveness.

CoinsBank is new to the cryptocurrency industry, only launching in April 2016. This is very early stage considering some of their competitors such as BitPay which has been established since 2011. Overall, CoinsBank is a great service and also organises a lot of key cryptocurrency events for the community. However, users will pay higher for this great service.

Pros & Cons
  • Many options to cater to specific users' needs
  • Support for a wide variety of fiat currencies
  • Support for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Organises important events in the cryptocurrency community
  • Still in the early stages of operation
  • Higher fees than competitors