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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Ethereum (ETH)

(3 reviews)
(3 reviews)
Site Rank: 2 Review: What You Need to Know About The Top-rated Ethereum Site

Ethereum is among the fastest-growing and most popular cryptocurrency projects today. But, despite the enthusiasm in the community, Ethereum is still a new concept to many people. This can make it hard for people to learn about Ethereum’s advantages. On top of that, there is also much misinformation about Ethereum out there on the internet.

The team wants to help people understand Ethereum by providing a credible and easy-to-navigate entry point to the Ethereum community. This review covers the pro features of and how one can take advantage of these features either as an investor or developer.

What is is an open-source domain for resources and credible information about Ethereum.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a community-run technology. And because of its decentralized nature, nobody can own or control the Ethereum project. Nonetheless, users need somewhere to get credible information, where comes in.

The website is developed and maintained by a small team of developers passionate about the Ethereum project. The goal of the team is to make the website the best portal for Ethereum’s growing community.

What does do?

The team and community are responsible for publishing articles, resources, news, and features related to Ethereum and its uses. The website is developed using open-source technology, and everyone is welcome to submit suggested improvements to the code or send us feature requests.

Among other things, the website is dedicated to two functions:

  • To explain Ethereum to anyone new to the technology

  • To become a platform for new developers to start building with the Ethereum technology

Who sponsors is funded by the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. The Foundation supports with several programs known as the Ethereum Foundation Initiatives. One of the initiatives is the Ecosystem Support Program, an expansion of the Ethereum Grants Program. The program provides financial and non-financial support projects and entities within the greater Ethereum community.

Many other organizations sponsor the critical development of aside from the Ethereum foundation. And despite their funding and sponsorships, these organizations cannot control or lead Ethereum. Generally, these sponsors only wish to allocate resources to critical projects, be a valued voice within the Ethereum ecosystem, and advocate for Ethereum to the outside world.

Who controls is independent of the Ethereum Foundation, the entity responsible for developing the Ethereum protocol, or any other independent entity. Nonetheless, the website shares the Ethereum Foundation’s values and mission and supports in helping put together the website.

The team is an international group dedicated to improving its resource. The team members come from various backgrounds, including software engineering, digital currency, finance, and information technology.

Who are’s competitors?

Several other websites provide information about Ethereum. Among them are The Ethereum Wiki, Bitcoin Wiki, and the Ethereum Stack Exchange.

Pro-features of

There are many Ethereum-related websites online, but Ethereum tops them all because of the following features:

Ethereum Technology resources is the largest portal for Ethereum-related resources. It has everything a newbie or advanced investor needs to know about Ethereum technology. No wonder it is often referred to as a “portal to Ethereum.”

The purpose of the resources on the website is to serve as onboarding information for people interested in Ethereum and an addition to existing resources.

Constant update

The crypto world changes fast, and Ethereum is no different. attained its top-rated status among Ethereum-related sites because it is constantly updated to reflect how people use the site and what the community wants from it. This is why the website is open-source- anyone in the community can propose changes.

Multi-tier interface is not just an essential website. It comprises different phases that cater to the various journeys of an Ethereum user. For instance, the website has a page dedicated to developers. The page features tutorials, documentation, and learning tools for Ethereum developers. Conversely, the “Enterprise” page comprises mainnet and private Ethereum applications to help enterprises build a business on the Ethereum model.

Ethereum community

The community hub is home to hundreds of thousands of developers, technologists, designers, users, HODLers, and enthusiasts. The hub is the best place for Ethereum-enthusiasts to find and connect with like-minded individuals, earn a living, and contribute to the growth of Ethereum. There are several ways to participate in the community. You can join an online community, participate in Ethereum events, contribute to a project or search for grants for your project.

Language and translator program is available to Ethereum enthusiasts worldwide in multiple languages. Currently, the website is available in 43 languages. Through its translator program, the community has been working hard to add more translations in the future. In addition to translating, the translator program also curates a list of Ethereum resources in many languages.

Intuitive design’s design is an A+. The creators of the website are so confident in this design that they dedicate a page explaining the design principles. Because they want users to perceive the website as a credible source of Ethereum-related information, the designers adopted an inspirational, universal, credible, story-telling, and collaborative interface design. The design principle is evident in the use of color, visual direction, and content that makes the website easy to navigate, fresh, and helpful.

A modern Style guide

The style guide follows a comprehensive user journey for the new and advanced Ethereum users, developers, and enterprises. The guide directs the tone and objectivity of the content so that users find it easy to understand what Ethereum stands for and how to use it.

Planned features has a section where users and developers can view the complete list of tasks in progress. This way, they keep the community aware of what’s coming.

Request a feature

If anybody has any idea of a feature that will improve Ethereum, they can join the server on Discord, GitHub, or Twitter and suggest the feature.

Open jobs

A team is dedicated to, even though the website is open-source. So, jobs related to the development team are often published on the Discord server for qualified candidates to apply.


The glossary section on defines terms related to Ethereum to help both new and existing users get familiar with the project. assets

The assets section features all the illustrations, artworks, and brand assets used on the website. The great thing about this section is that all the assets are available for download, and you can re-use them in your Ethereum-related project, article, or presentation with credits to the creators. This website truly values its community.

Is the official site for Ethereum?

There is no official website for Ethereum. Ethereum users only created to offer support and information to anyone that wants to learn about Ethereum.

Who owns or controls

No one can speak authoritatively about or assume official ownership. The website is wholly owned, controlled, and managed by the Ethereum community. The Ethereum community comprises Ethereum investors and developers.

How does help Ethereum users?

Aside from the comprehensive information and resources, also offers guides that help users do the following:

  • Finding an Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum wallets are programs that let you check your balance, send transactions, and connect to other Ethereum-supported programs. explains the different types of wallet and help you choose the best one for you. For instance, it recommends wallets like HyperPay, AirGap Wallet, and MathWallet if you’re an Ethereum newbie. Other wallets like Trezor and Safepal are great fits for crypto converts.

What’s even more impressive is that the website allows you to choose your wallet based on the features you care about. If you scroll down on the “Wallets” page, you will find a section with a button that says “Find a Wallet.” Clicking the button will take you to the next page, where you can checklist the features you value, mainly in an Ethereum-wallet. Doing that will help the website generate recommended wallets based on your preference.

  • Staying safe with Ethereum

Since there is no customer support in crypto, you are responsible for securing your assets. The website helps you with actionable advice to secure your wallet, like writing down your seed phrase and bookmarking your wallet on your desktop to avoid phishing scams.

  • Getting some ETH

The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called ETH. You’ll need some ETH in your wallet to use Ethereum applications. Visit to get a list of reputable places to safely purchase ETH.

  • Learn Dapps

Dapps or Decentralized applications are Ethereum-powered applications. If you want to learn more about these tools and services, visit the dapp page. The page collects comprehensive information for you to learn and get started with decentralized apps in finance (DeFi), Technology, Gaming, Arts, and collectibles (NFTs). Provided that you get some ETH and set up a wallet, you can connect to these Ethereum dapps anytime.

Learn NFTs on

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the latest trend in the crypto world, and everyone wants to go at the new money-making venture. However, learning how NFTs work from the right source is a challenge. But that is not the case for users. dedicates an entire section of the website to teaching you about NFTs. In fact, the website has an alternative domain at Ethereum.eth, which is registered on the internet through the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)- not the usual domain name system (DNS).

Ultimately, the website is changing how people learn and use Non Fungible Tokens by publishing free NFT resources to its users. Interestingly, the website rewards its contributors with POAPs (Proof of attendance protocol) NFT, which can be used as a form of ticket for some crypto meetups.

How does the ecosystem grant work?

The Ethereum ecosystem grant program is a variety of funding grants for projects working to promote the success and growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. As a developer, if you have a solution, feature, or new product you think would be a great fit in the Ethereum network, you can visit the grants section on The community curates the grant section, and it lists different grant programs such as:

  • EF Ecosystem Support Program funds open-source projects that promote the functionality, scalability, security, and privacy features of Ethereum

  • Academic grants round, which sponsors research and academic works related to Ethereum

  • MetaCartel funds any project focused on the development of decentralized apps and DAO creation that benefits Ethereum

There are many other open, project-specific, and quadratic fundings on This is one of the reasons why the website maintains its status as a portal into the world of Ethereum. It is genuinely a community-focused site that gives back to users and developers.

How does help developers?

Like Ethereum investors, publishes a wide range of resources for developers who want to learn how to build and contribute to the Ethereum network. The resources are divided into different tiers you can choose from based on your knowledge level.

  • Learn Ethereum development is the section where you can read up documents about the core concepts powering the Ethereum stack.

  • Learn through tutorials helps you learn Ethereum development with step-by-step video tutorials.

  • Start experimenting is for you if you want to get your hands dirty quickly and learn on the go.

  • Setting up a local environment prepares you for building with the essential building blocks needed for your stack.

  • Devcon (or Road To Devcon) features past and upcoming Ethereum conferences for developers. FAQs

Is legit? is a legit crypto website for Ethereum developers, users, investors, and researchers. The website is open-sourced and managed by the team and its community.

Is safe?

There has been no event of hacking or security breaches on Ethereum in recent times. We have good reasons to believe that the website is a safe and credible place to learn about Ethereum and development projects. mining, is it real?

Contrary to what some people think, is not a website for mining Ether. Instead, the website hosts a page that explains Ethereum mining: how it is done, the cost of mining, and who can benefit from it.

Pros & Cons
  • Ethereum Technology resources
  • Constant update
  • Multi-tier interface
  • Ethereum community
  • Language and translator program
  • Intuitive design
  • A modern Style guide
  • Planned features
  • Request a feature
  • Open jobs
  • Glossary
  • assets