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BitKong Review

Few Bitcoin casino games are as unique and appealing as BitKong. The creators of this game have somewhat chosen to do things differently by implementing unique features and building the game from the ground up. In this BitkKong review, we will thoroughly examine the workings of the website and highlight its pros and cons. 

BitKong Overview

BitKong is unlike most bitcoin casino platforms as it does not opt to feature games from third-party game providers. Instead, it has created its native game with impressive graphics and exciting gameplay.

The entirety of the website oozes a professional look even though much of the platform’s functionality centers around a single game. Since there is only one game available on the website, it is quite easy to navigate and understand the features of BitKong. All you need to do is deposit cryptocurrency, set a preferred game difficulty option, and withdraw winnings instantly. 

As monotonous as BitKong is, the website is simply addictive. It is worth mentioning that the crypto casino website has found an effective way of using cryptocurrency to its maximum potential. By restricting its operations to an original game, BitKong could develop a blockchain-verifiable and fair betting system. In essence, BitKong is provably fair. 

How To Play BitKong

The game theme of BitKong borrows heavily from the popular King Kong story arc. In terms of design, we can conclude that BitKong falls under the minesweeper genre. Simply put, all you have to do is place a bet using crypto against BitKong and have a chance to win.

The gameplay features a tower of cells and columns. Note that the number of cells in each row changes according to the level of difficulty of the game. The easiest level features four cells. You must select any of the four cells and hope that it is one of the 3 winning cells of that round of bet - the losing cell being the one that yields a poop. 

Once you select any of the winning cells, you move up to the next row for another round of betting. This continues until you reach the top of the tower which understandably has the highest bet multiplier. In other words, the higher you go, the more winnings you accumulate. You can choose to collect your winnings at any time. However, note that whenever you select a losing cell, you lose all the winnings you had accrued up until that point. 

As stated earlier, BitKong is a multi-level game. In other words, there are multiple difficulty levels, which you can choose from. The odds decrease as you climb the difficulty ladder. In contrast, the prizes increase significantly. Below is a breakdown of the difficulty levels of BitKong;

  • EASY (Four cells: 3 winning cells, 1 losing cell)

  • MEDIUM (Three cells: 2 winning cells, 1 losing cell)

  • HARD (Two cells: 1 winning cell, 1 losing cell)

  • EXTREME (Three cells: 1 winning cell, 2 losing cells)

  • NIGHTMARE (Four cells: 1 winning cell, 3 losing cells)

Apart from the difficulty settings, you can set your bet size before playing BitKong. The lowest you can bet is 10 Satoshi but you can bet as high as 1 Bitcoin. 

Fortunately, BitKong allows users to play a demo mode. The importance of this Demo is to allow players to know their way around the game and learn how to play and make moves. If the game meets your expectation, you could register and make your first deposit. 

Is BitKong Provably Fair?

As discussed earlier, one of the strong suits of BitKong is the fact that it is provably fair. Even BitKong went as far as dedicating an entire page to the mechanics of its provably fair system. From what we discovered, we noted that there was a conscious effort to establish a fair gaming ecosystem where bettors can rest assured that the result of games is insusceptible to manipulations. 

You can either verify ticket fairness or hide verification. If you would like to verify ticket fairness, there are some details you have to fill in. It includes;

1. Hash

2. Number

3. Server Seed

4. Client Seed

5. Result.

After filling in all these details for a previous ticket, you can now verify. With a good verification, you can proceed to play your game and win.

BitKong Bonuses and Promotions 

Unlike most bitcoin casinos, BitKong does not offer deposit bonuses. Instead, it offers cashback and faucets as loyalty rewards. Understandably, BitKong rewards users according to their volume of activities. The platform ensures that its metrics are uniform by using a point-based reward system. Each player accumulates points whenever they play the game. To enjoy bonuses, you need to accrue enough points to feature on any of the daily, weekly, or monthly leaderboards. Players are ranked based on their position on the leaderboards. The rankings include:

  • Adventurer – the base rank

  • Hero – accrue 1,000,000 points to become a Hero

  • Master – from 10,000,000 points

  • Legend – accumulate 100,000,000 points to emerge as a legend

  • King – when you get 1,000,000,000 points

These rankings also come with cashback offers. King-ranked players receive 0.3% cashback while lower ranked players settle for 0.1%. Also, you can receive magic chest rewards as a ranked player. BitKong classifies its chest rewards under 3 groups:

  • Silver chests contain between 100 and 10,000 points

  • Gold chests range between 1,000 and 100,000 points

  • Black chests can contain between 10,000 and 1,000,000 points

According to BitKong, 100 points is equivalent to $1. Therefore, the Black chest offers up 10 $10,000 as a reward. Lastly, BitKong’s players ranked Master and higher can enjoy the Happy Weekend and Funk Hour faucets. Alternatively, you can claim the standard faucet once you accumulate 2,500,000 points and above. With the standard faucet, players can receive 2 points every 10 minutes. Note that faucets apply to players that are not using VPN, incognito mode, or proxy. Additionally, you can partake in the jackpot game for the ultimate winnings. 

Supported Cryptocurrencies 

Interestingly, BitKong does not restrict users to Bitcoin. The casino does enough to provide a flexible payment system for popular altcoin users. The list of supported coins includes Doge, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can even exchange cryptos on the platform. While this is a given, only players that have placed a bet can take advantage of this extra feature.

Deposit And Withdrawals 

You can deposit into your BitKong wallet with any of the coins listed above. Note that the minimum limit for Bitcoin deposits is 1 mBTC. The transaction fees on the withdrawal vary between 2% to 10%, depending on the preferred payment method and how fast you want BitKong to confirm the transaction. 

User Experience 

As stated earlier, the creators of BitKong went all out to deliver a sophisticated gaming platform that encompasses simplicity and usability. Not only have they opted for an impressive website design, but they also ensured that this design is effectively replicated in the mobile version of their platform. That said, it is worth noting that BitKong provides a mobile app version for android users. 

Customer Support 

Remarkably, BitKong offers 24/7 customer supports via live chat. While this is true, live chat is only accessible to registered users. Apart from the live chat support, you can get in touch with BitKong’s represent via email or explore the website’s FAQ page for detailed solutions to common issues. It also helps that the website comes with multilingual settings as users can choose between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese


Again, the BitKong team has done remarkably well security-wise. The platform offers 2FA as a secondary security measure. It also uses advanced encryption to protect users’ data. While researching, we also noticed that BitKong had high ratings in popular customer review websites. This shows that the platform has not had any major issues since it began operations. However, we could not help but notice that BitKong did not provide any details regarding the jurisdiction where it is being regulated. This ordinarily is a red flag when reviewing crypto casinos. Nonetheless, the platform has kept an almost flawless track record and is widely considered a trusted gambling website. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of BitKong?

Having considered all of the features of BitKong, we went a step further to collate the website’s strengths and weaknesses. 

What Are The Pros Of BitKong?

BitKong has a great interface and graphics design 

The design decisions of BitKong make it a lot easier to navigate the features seamlessly. Thanks to a conscious effort to deliver a quality design, BitKong is quite an addictive crypto casino. As an added advantage, BitKong optimizes the mobile experience of its platform both on the website and on the mobile app. 

BitKong sports an original provably fair game 

We commend BitKong’s effort to deliver an original title, especially one that is so good. The decision to opt for a native game offers BitKong’s creators a lot of room to implement a functioning provably fair system. 

It supports a wide range of altcoins 

Another advantage that BitKong offers is its flexible payment infrastructure that integrates a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in addition to bitcoin, users can utilize at least 4 other altcoins to deposit and withdraw funds. 

BitKong provides 24/7 support

The customer support representatives of BitKong are available round the clock thanks to the live chat channel provided to registered users. 

What Are The Cons Of BitKong?

There is only one game available on BitKong

It is good that BitKong sticks to what works, but its decision to offer just one casino game may deter players interested in a wide range of options. 

No deposit bonuses

Unlike a majority of online casinos, BitKong does not offer deposit offers. While this may be a deal-breaker for some bettors, BitKong tries to make up for this by implementing an impressive loyalty reward program. 

Pros & Cons
  • The site is simple and game looks easy
  • You can practice via Demo before the real game
  • You have an option to either verify ticket or hide verification
  • The site takes a longer time to update.
  • Site is monotonous.