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Chainalysis Review
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Chainalysis is a compliance and investigation software aimed at institutional customers. The company is headquartered in New York. The software analyses the blockchain to build trust between entities. Typical clients of Chainalysis include governments, financial institutions, and exchanges. Chainalysis has a number of significant investors including Techstars, Digital Currency Group, and FundersClub.

Chainalysis has two products, one aimed at investigating the blockchain and the other aimed at compliance. The investigation software can be easily used with any starting point. Users can input a cryptocurrency address and find connecting addresses. The results and reports of this software have been used in courts for legal proceedings. The compliance software provides real-time alerts on incoming and outgoing transactions that could be related to suspicious activities. Clients using the software also get dynamically updated client risk profiles and up-to-date blockchain information. Users can demo the software before becoming a client.

Chainalysis have an active blog which covers a wide variety of topics. Chainalysis also have a weekly newsletter which website visitors can subscribe to.

Pros & Cons
  • The leader in investigative and compliance software
  • Users can demo software before becoming a client
  • Compliance software notifies users in real-time
  • Niche use case for the software and does not provide much value to the everyday cryptocurrency user