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Ethplorer Review
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Ethplorer is suspiciously a lot like Ethscan only not nearly as good in my opinion.

Ethplorer basically allows it’s users to track any Eth address and find its transaction details. It also provides useful token information and analysis alongside total address analytics and historical balances.

The website is well designed and visually appealing and after landing on the home screen you will find a neat little chart detailing Token operations and token market cap. Under that is a search function where you may search for a specific TX address or token name. Scrolling further users will find a “Top tokens activity” chart complete with the top 10 (50 if you expand it) tokens and their basic data. You may sort this chart by capitalization, trade volume, or operations. On the same page (I know, there’s a lot of stuff going on the home page) you will finally hit the bottom which contains the last function. This is a real time updating box full of information regarding the most recent token transactions. Here you can see what token was sent by which address and what address received those tokens. It even shows the amount so you can see who’s loaded and who’s not!

Pros & Cons
  • This website is very detailed and gives a lot of information in relation to Ethereum and its tokens.
  • Easy to track portfolio addresses
  • Visually appealing and clean design
  • It seems an awful lot like Ethscan and I’m fairly sure Ethscan came first. Knock off? Maybe.