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Ethplorer Review

It is common knowledge that the versatility of Ethereum provides an enabling environment for the development and running of blockchain applications. This infrastructure houses a lot of moving parts fueled by its ever-growing economic hub that permits transactional-based deals. Due to the large volume of activities attributed to this network, it is advisable to incorporate the services of a blockchain explorer that is compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem.
Therefore, we decided to research Ethplorer, one of the best Ethereum tracking tools available today. In this Ethplorer review, we will explain how it works and highlights its strengths and weaknesses.

What is Ethplorer?

Ethplorer is a lot like Ethscan as it provides the tools required to track transactions and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to track any Eth address and find its transaction details. Also, it provides useful token information and analysis alongside address analytics and historical balances.
EThplorer focuses on offering useful information about ETH and all digital assets using its various token standards. In addition to receiving access to data on ETH-powered transactions and activities, you can also track Ethereum-based tokens.

How Does Ethplorer Work?

The Home Page

The website is well designed and visually appealing. After landing on the home screen, you will find a neat little chart detailing the Ethereum token index. Above this chart is a search function where you may track specific transactions, addresses or tokens. Scrolling further, users will find a “Top tokens activity” table complete with the top 10 (50 if you expand it) Ethereum-based digital assets and their market data. You may sort this chart by capitalization, trade volume, or operations.
On the same page, you will find a real-time updating box full of information regarding the most recent token transactions. Here you can see the summary of each validated transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. The information available in this section includes the type of tokens transferred, the address of the sender and recipient, the time of the transaction, and the amount sent.

Address Explorer

As stated earlier, you can find a comprehensive overview of the activities associated with Ethereum addresses on EThplorer. To do this, enter the address in the search function on the home page or click any of the addresses featured on live transaction explorer. The website will direct you to the address information page, where you can access all the vital data, including historical balance and transaction details. Besides, you can do all the exploring you want on the historical transaction chart provided. This chart takes into account the number of transfers executed by the address and its balance over time. Interestingly, you can set time variables to expand or limit the chart to a specific time frame.
Furthermore, the balance table shows all the tokens owned by the address and the value of each. With this, you can view the entire portfolio of the address and the percentage allocated to each coin.

Top Tokens Table

You can track the market performance of the top 50 Ethereum-based tokens, including ETH, on Ethplorer. The website allows users to sort this table based on the trading volume of tokens, the market capitalization, and their operations. The information provided for each featured digital asset includes price, the market cap, and the percentage change in price based on time variables – 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Ethereum-Based Token Charts

Surprisingly enough, Ethplorer has ensured that its website comes with graphical charts of all the tokens featured in the metric section. Hence, when you click the digital assets on the token activity table, you can access a comprehensive chart and other vital data. The chart uses candlestick patterns to indicate price movements. Likewise, it showcases the number of transfers executed via the token. There is also data showing the volume of tokens transferred daily, weekly, and monthly. Below this chart is a section for the contract information. Here, Ethplorer discloses the contract address of the token, the address of the creator, and the remaining balance.
If you scroll further down this page, you will find data on the latest transactions, and the addresses with the highest volume of tokens. Ethplorer even goes as far as to show the number of tokens each whale address owns, its worth in dollars, and the percentage of the total supply that it represents.

Ethereum Token Index

Although the Ethereum token index chart features on the home page, you can get a clearer view by clicking “View Full” below the graph. This section shows the “market capitalization and operation count of Ethereum-based tokens.” The index tracks the trading volume and market cap of over 2600 tokens and presents this data in a graphical form.

Bulk API Monitor

Knowing fully well that some users could desire to track several addresses or transactions concurrently, Ethplorer has introduced the Bulk API Monitor to automate large tracking activities. This product logs the operations of addresses, the value of transactions, the historical balances, and smart contract addresses of Ethereum-based tokens. As such, you can do all of the heavy-duty trackings you want and even monitor smart contracts, even though you know or do not know the addresses executing transactions.
Surprisingly, it is easy to set up the Bulk API Monitor as the product requires minimal coding experience. According to the information released, users only need to create pools with API keys and add addresses. Once this is done, the monitor automatically logs data detailing transactions executed by selected addresses. You can reconfigure the settings of the API monitor to choose the suitable frequency. However, note that this service is not free. Ethplorer has opted for a point-based system called Tick. It charges 1 Tick for each transaction tracked. Below are the pricing plans for Ethplorer’s Bulk API Monitor.
FREE: up to 1,000 ticks/month, 1-hour transaction history
Basic: $14.9 up to 50,000 ticks/month, 1 day transaction history
Medium: $79 up to 1,000,000 ticks/month, 5 days transaction history
Advanced: $399 up to 10,000,000 ticks/month, 10 days transaction history
Ultimate: $699 up to 100,000,000 ticks/month, 30 days transaction history.

Ethplorer Watching Service

The Watching Service has a similar function to the BulK API Monitor. However, it is more suitable for the not so technically-inclined users. Ethplorer designed this product to help newbies explore the often-evasive Ethereum ecosystem. One of the unique things about the Watching Services is its notification system. Every time a tracked address sends or transfers funds, the tool sends either email or telegram alerts. With this, it is easier for users to track activities on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Token Widgets

The platform also offers widgets, which other websites can integrate. Crypto projects can track and showcase the performance of their tokens or the recent tractions executed via their smart contracts. Ethplorer’s customizable widgets can monitor token activity charts, recent transactions, and the top Ethereum-based token activities.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ethplorer?

Thanks to our comprehensive research on the functionalities of Ethplorer, it is was easy to determine the pros and cons of the Ethereum-based blockchain explorer.

The Pros of Ethplorer

Its Blockchain Explorer Is Robust

It is good that users can rely on Ethplorer for all their tracking needs. There is a broad array of functionalities available on the platform. Therefore, users can do just about anything from monitoring addresses, exploring blockchain transactions, and determining the best performing tokens. The availability of all these features makes Ethplorer the go-to blockchain explorer for the Ethereum ecosystem.

It Provides an Ethereum Token Charts

Apart from logging the on-chain activities of tokens, Ethplorer also tracks the market performances of the top 50 Ethereum tokens. This feature allows users to have a vantage view of the price of the most popular tokens and how they are fairing as regards market visibility and engagements. It also helps that the users can sort these metrics. More importantly, Ethplorer provides charts for all the tokens featured. It is worth mentioning that these charts are impressive because Ethplorer is not a crypto metric site per se.

It Supports Bulk Tracking

Notably, Ethplorer has recently expanded the scope of its services to accommodate users looking to execute more tasks. Users can automate heavy-duty tasks with the help of the platform’s Bulk API monitor. The sheer volume of transactions and addresses that can be tracked with this tool makes it an ideal choice for crypto businesses. As such, Ethplorer is suitable for both individuals and companies.

It Offers Telegram and Email Notifications

It is always a plus when metric platforms and blockchain explorers implement notification systems. Therefore, we must commend Ethplorer’s decision to alert users when addresses on their watchlist execute transactions or receive funds.

Ethplorer Has Widgets

Other websites can integrate Explorer’s customizable widgets. This service allows website owners to implement key Ethereum metrics and real-time data on selected addresses or tokens.

It Is User-Friendly

Ethplorer utilizes a simple design layout that should appeal to users whether they are experienced crypto participants or not. You can easily navigate the site and access the required tool or services. Notably, the core services of this website are free. You only need to pay if you intend to perform heavy-duty tracking. Another thing that boosts the usability of this platform is the absence of advertisements. Users do not have to navigate a slew of ads before they can use the features.
It Has A Comprehensive Documentation For API-Based Services
While researching this platform, we discovered that it had a page detailing the workings of its widgets and APIs. Here, users can access step-by-step guidelines on how to use these products. Hence, users may not require to contact customer support before resolving issues.

Flexible Customer support

Ethplorer has optimized its customer support system by creating API documentation and a community page on Zendesk. Apart from these two channels, you can log your queries via an email ticketing system, Twitter, or Reddit. However, note that the platform does not support live chats.

The Cons of Ethplorer

At the time of writing this review, we could not identify any downsides of using Ethplorer.

Pros & Cons
  • Its Blockchain Explorer Is Robust
  • It Provides an Ethereum Token Charts
  • It Supports Bulk Tracking
  • It Offers Telegram and Email Notifications
  • Ethplorer Has Widgets
  • It Is User-Friendly
  • Flexible Customer support
  • This website is very detailed and gives a lot of information in relation to Ethereum and its tokens.
  • Easy to track portfolio addresses
  • Visually appealing and clean design