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Bovada Casino

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Bovada Website Review

  • Bovada is a sportsbook and casino website that specializes in offering bonuses, solid features, and exceptional customer service. 

  • Bovada was originally established in 2011, and its headquarters are located in Costa Rica.

  • There are numerous features that make the website stand out when compared to others, such as its regular updates, competitive fees, and overall user experience.

  • The website design is simple and minimalist but modern, ensuring any person, no matter their experience, can leverage it to its maximum potential. 

People who aim to gamble will typically look for the best website out there enables them to access a plethora of different options. While there are many websites out there available today that offer this opportunity, some stand out more than others. In this case, Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks and online casinos out there which has stood the test of time.

Originally established in 2011, it has made a reputation for itself as one of the best casinos in the United States, where its sportsbook has seen a high level of popularity.

Whenever someone is enthusiastic about trying out different casino games or just trying to use a sportsbook and engage with various games by placing a bet, they want to utilize the best platform available to them.

Many players, however, are wondering how Bovada stands out when compared to other websites, and today, we are going to go over its website, history, features, and pros as well as cons to see what it has to offer. Let's dive in.

Bovada Website

When you visit the Bovada website for the very first time, you are greeted by quite a lot of information. However, all of this is represented in a minimalist design language which can be understood by anyone.

To truly see what this website has to offer, we will be moving from top to bottom, left to right. With all of this in mind, on the top-right side of the screen, there is the Bovada logo. 

This is followed by the navigation bar, where any user is able to access the following pages:

  • Sports

  • Casino

  • Live Dealer

  • Poker

  • Horses

As we move further to the left side of the screen, there is the Join and Login button, followed by a hamburger menu and a language selector.

On the Join tab, there are numerous fields needed to be fulfilled by the user. These include the first name, last name, date of birth, mobile number through which an SMS code will be sent for verification, an email, the password, ZIP code, and, if they have one, a referral email address.

Then, each user will need to certify they are the minimum legal age for gambling in their jurisdiction and they have read as well as agreed to the Terms of Service on the website. 

When we take a look at the hamburger menu, there are numerous categories which can be selected, including Sports, Casino, Live Dealer, Poker, Horses, Promotions, Articles, Help, Crypto Promotions, and the Refer-a-Friend program. 

There are two languages users can select on the website, including English and Spanish.

As we move further down the page, there are numerous other categories in a sub-navigation menu. 

These include the primary sports available on the website, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, UFC and MMA, Golf, Hockey, and "All Sports" as a button.

Then, there is a slider menu that goes over the promotions on the website. These will change over time; however, at the current point in time, they include the following:

  • World Cup 2022 "Is Victory Calling Your Name?" is an event that lets players get a $750 welcome bonus.

  • The NBA is Back with the "Time to take your shot" bonus. 

  • Then there’s the “All NFTL bets” bonus, where players can get a $750 welcome bonus.

  • This is followed by the “Who’s ready to step up” bonus, which features $250 in welcome bonuses for the college football section.

  • There's a jackpot event, where real-time Jackpot drops all day, every day.

  • There's also the "Refer Friends" bonus, where players can get $275 whenever they refer their friends to the website. 

As we move further down the page, there is a tab seen as "recommended for you."

  • Here, the website recommends the World Cup, how to recover your password, Bet on Basketball, and Bet on College Football, among other options.

  • Then, this category is followed by the "Casino Favorites," which include Hot Drop jackpots, Promotions, Table Games, Slots, Speciality Games, and others.

  • Following this category, there are the "Hottest Poker Tournaments," which include the Poker Welcome Bonus, the Kickout Tournaments, the Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments, $150,000 guaranteed and $100,000 guaranteed events, and much more.

  • Then there are the "Sports Betting Guides," which include College Football Betting insights, How to Bet on the NFTL, MLB Betting Insights, NBA Betting Insights, UFT Betting Insights, and a lot more.

As we move further down the page, there is the "Play With Crypto" Category. Here, users can make deposits with cryptocurrencies, some of which include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Litecoin (LTC).

This is followed by the browse promotions page, What is Bitcoin? Explanation page, the Refer-a-Friend program, and additional help. 

Near the bottom of the page, visitors can access numerous websites, including:

  • Help Center

  • Affiliate Program

  • About

  • Terms of Service

  • Forms & Agreements

  • Privacy Policy

  • Responsible Gaming

  • Self Exclusion

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Fairness and RNG Testing Methods

  • KYC Policies

  • Accounts Payouts and Bonuses

  • Dispute Resolution

Additionally, at the bottom of the page, there are social media channels, including Bovada Facebook, Bovada TWitter, and Bovada Instagram.

History of Bovada

Bovada was initially known as Bodog. Throughout 2011, Bodog decided they did not want their other brand licenses to be associated with gambling, so they rebranded the gambling portion of the website to Bovada. As such, Bovada as a website was originally launched on December 14, 2011.

 Unlike the Bodog brand, which ended up leaving the United States market after this move, Bovada serves Americans and has become one of the top gambling sites in the region. 

Bovada Functionality

There are numerous features and functionalities, as well as bonuses, make Bovada stand out when compared to other offerings.

The Welcome Bonuses

There’s the Bovada Crypto promotion, where players can get up to 3X for a total of $3,750. Note, this promotion is only for new members depositing for the first time.

There are bonus codes needed to be entered, so keep that in mind. 

There is a three-deposit system, where on the first deposit, players get a bonus amount of 125% Match up to $1,250, and on the next two deposits, they get an additional 125% Match up to $1,250 each time.

In order for a player to accept this bonus, they need to log into their Bovada account, redeem the Casino bonus code while making a deposit in cryptocurrencies, collect it, and repeat it for the next two deposits. Note, the next two deposits are available to you only after players have used up the first bonus.

When we dive deeper into the $750 bonus, which is another bonus, there is a 75% match bonus up to $750 and is valid with a Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin SV deposit.

The Rewards System

Bovada features a reward system where players can earn reward points for playing, unlock exclusive payment options, redeem points for cash, and move up the tiers to never lose their status. 

Each game type gives rewards based on dollars spent.

There are a total of six tiers, including:

  • Starter - only Level 1

  • Rookie - Split Across 3 Levels

  • Pro - Split Across 3 Levels

  • All-Star - Split Across 3 Levels

  • Legend - Split Across 3 Levels

  • Hall of Fame - Only Level 1

The Refer-a-Friend Program

Another unique system through which Bovada operates is by introducing the Refer-a-Friend program.

In terms of how it operates, all players have to do is sign up using the link sent by a friend or enter their email addresses. Then, the new player can pick a welcome bonus or just make a deposit. Then the website will send the referral bonus based on the deposit. The friend that is referred can get up to $200 and even $75 more if they use Bitcoin (BTC) for making a deposit. 

Sports Betting

Another unique way through which Bovada stands out is due to the fact it offers a comprehensive sportsbook selection.

It is split across different sports. However, there is also the "Trending Event" tab, which goes over notable events such as:

  • College Football

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • College Basketball

  • NHL

  • FIFA World Cup

  • FIFA World Cup Futures

  • FIFA World Cup Specials

  • FIFA World Cup USA Specials

  • UFC Fight Night

Here, those betting or gambling on the games can see numerous data types, such as the live betting odds, the spread, the win, and the total. 

Casino Games

There is a wide range of casino games available on the website as well, including Blackjack, Slots, Table Games, Hot Drop Jackpots, Roulette Games, New Games, Casino Bonuses, and a lot more. 

On this page, players can view the hot casino games for real money, the casino games with jackpots, the new online casino games, the trending casino games, and the top table games. 

Pros and Cons of Bovada

Bovada Pros

  • Access to both a sportsbook which includes live sports betting as well as many casino games.

  • Minimalist website design which can easily be read and understood.

  • A mobile version is fully available.

  • Plenty of welcome bonuses and even additional bonuses for those making a deposit in crypto.

Bovada Cons

  • Not available in all regions of the world.

  • There are smaller casino games when compared to websites that specialize exclusively in casino offerings.

  • The rewards system can be a bit confusing for new users of the sportsbook and casino.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Bovada sportsbook and casino website is a solid offering for those who want to gamble on multiple game types. The overall website is designed well, and it is extremely simple to navigate through and use, which is exceptional for new players.

There are numerous welcome bonuses available depending on the code entered and the game types played, and there is a rewards system, the Refer-a-Friend program, alongside other features that genuinely make Bovada stand out when compared to competing websites of its type.

Overall, this is an excellent website that should be checked out by anyone interested in the world of gambling at least once, and it has a lot to offer. Note that this is an offshore casino website, and it does not require a state license to operate. However, it has been on the market since 2011, and it has stood the test of time, which has earned it a solid reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

When Was Bovada Founded?

The Bovada website officially launched in 2011, which means it has remained active within the market for quite a while.

Does Bovada Offer a Welcome Bonus?

There are numerous welcome bonuses on offer at the Bovada website. However, most of them need to be accessed by entering a specific code, and each of them is unique based on the game types being played.

What Kinds of Games Are Available at Bovada?

There are sports games as well as casino games. Some sports games include Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, and others. In terms of Casino games, the website includes Slots, blackjack, table games, hot drop jackpots, Roulette Games, Live Dealer games, and even Crypto Casino options.

Does Bovada Offer Customer Support?

When it comes to resolving disputes, the first instance of contact occurs with [email protected], where a dedicated member of our team of Customer Service Representatives will handle user complaints. If, however, the issue is not resolved this way, users can also request in writing that a complaint has escalated to a Customer Service Supervisor. Players can also direct their complaints to the Dispute Resolution Office (DRO).

Pros & Cons
  • Access to both a sportsbook which includes live sports betting as well as many casino games.
  • Minimalist website design which can easily be read and understood.
  • A mobile version is fully available.
  • Plenty of welcome bonuses and even additional bonuses for those making a deposit in crypto.
  • Not available in all regions of the world.