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ICOcountdown Review
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The ICOcountddown Telegram group has an information for all new and existing members in the group’s description. It first of all gives the official account of ICOcountdown which implies that any other account than the given account is false. Also, there is a warning to all new and existing members, to trust only the admins with a “Badge”, further stating that everyone else asides the admins are impersonators. Below the group’s description, is a link leading to the official website of ICOcountdown which contains the list of crowd sales.

The ICOcountddown Telegram group has a lot of members in the group, and looking at the shared media, it is quite on the high side as well. The ICOcountdown group can be regarded as an active group where messages are regularly posted. Unlike some Crypto Telegram group which has the chief admin as a bot, ICOcountdown Telegram group has none.


1. The group has a clear warning to all members of the group as regards trusting only the admins to prevent being scammed

2. ICOcountdown Telegram group has a lot of members and the group also has quite a lot of shared media

3. The group is also an active one, as a good number of messages flood the group on a daily basis

Pros & Cons
  • The ICOcountdown Telegram group is an active group which is very informative
  • The warning to all members of the group serves as a caution to everyone including those who intend to scam fellow members
  • Even with the warning posted in the group’s info, some members of the group could fall into the hands of scammers if they are not careful