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Altcoins OGs Review
Altcoins OGs
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The description of the ALTCOIN OGs group states that the group is for Altcoin discussion, and a group link which leads to WhaleClubBTC is embedded in the post for those who want to discuss on Bitcoins.

Altcoin OGs group has quite a number of members in the group with a fair percentage of them having dysfunctional accounts. Also, the number of shared media is quite low. This shows that the group is fairly active.

On joining the group, an automated message comes in from the group admin who is a bot named Group Butler, welcoming the new member and asking the person to visit a link which contains the rules of the terms and conditions for staying in the group. When the member clicks on the link, it leads to a channel which has few subscribers. Here, all the terms and conditions are available for the new member to digest.

In the ALTCOIN OGs group, messages are sent in at a fairly good rate, so it is easier for new members to read up old messages which have been posted before they joined.


1. The Altcoin OGs group is fairly active

2. The group has a fairly low number of members and shared media

3. The group has a bot as one off the admins who welcomes new members to the group

Pros & Cons
  • Messages do not regularly flood the group and new members can keep up with the recent happenings
  • The group is quite interactive and informative