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CoinTracking is the best tracking tool you will find with maximum performance on your coins i.e. Bitcoins or Altcoins. It works in such a way that it tracks or monitors and reports in case where things don’t add up. The tool analyzes one’s trade and reports all profits or loss made; the essence of these reports is to allow you monitor how your coins are being used or how valuable is your coins.

There are over 6,100 currencies that CoinTracking monitors and analyzes successfully. So, if you want a review on each cryptocurrency, you can have that without stress. The site boasts of having over 300,000 active users and providing historical data from up to 9 years.

Interestingly, you could try CoinTracking out on a demo; in fact, on a Live demo. However, signing up is free and if you want to log in to your CoinTracking account, all you need is your Username and password.

Also, there are videos on the site that helps to make things easy. These videos give a general overview of what CoinTracking is all about. First, it is on the basics and introduction of CoinTracking, then, how-to-use videos, etc. the main purpose of CoinTracking is to determine profit or loss and report irregularities.

Features of CoinTracking

1. Analysis: You can use CoinTracking to determine your profit or loss and the value of your coins. You can even use the charts representing data in an interactive way.

2. Trades: All trades and fees are listed on the site.

Pros & Cons
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Reports data in real-time.
  • All capital gains are reported.
  • Produces data from 9 years ago.
  • Overview of over 6,000 currencies.