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Paxful Blog


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Paxful is basically a payment system that claims to be Paypal + uber.

Their blog is incredibly colorful compared to most other crypto blog sites but is equally as well designed and simple to use. Of course it’s just a simple WordPress site like most of the others as well, so the layout is very similar and should be familiar to any blog lovers.

The content you’ll find here is updated a couple times each month and contains completely random information. Some articles focus on how people in Africa are profiting from crypto and some articles inform you about Paxful’s affiliate program. It’s really just a random mess of articles with no real rhyme or reason involved. Good luck finding specific information you want, although scrolling through and reading the headlines isn’t too much of a chore.

It seems like this is the best place to keep up to date with what Paxful is up to. They like to post a pretty even ratio of general crypto content and Paxful related content. I would assume that most of the general crypto stuff is done by ghost writers, however, the Paxful related releases are clearly done by someone on in the inside.

Pros & Cons
  • The blog couldn’t be any easier to use as there are no buttons, links, etc to worry about.
  • The content is updated roughly twice a month.
  • If you aren’t a Paxful fan you probably won’t like the blog.