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Cex Blog


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Cex.io is a pretty popular exchange for cryptocurrency assets and also offers an online wallet service.

The Cex blog is designed in a very simplistic modern configuration with a block style feed. Users will immediately notice the lack of extra stuff lying around the page. On the blog interface, there are literally only blogs, which provides a very seamless experience and clean display. The styling of Cex overall is just beautiful and really portrays the future of modern website design.

There are only a few categories on the Cex blog. Here they are:

• Cex.IO News

o Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll find news regarding their technology, updates to the exchange, new features and functions, company advancements, etc. This section is decently updated and may produce content a couple times a month.

• Crypto News

o Cex blog likes to cover a wide range of crypto related topics including conferences, events, abnormal price movements, general crypto tech discussions, and more. This section isn’t well updated and doesn’t contain very much new content.

• Bitcoin Talks

o First and foremost, the last content published was from March of 2015 so I’d assume this section is fairly dead. However, you may find interesting content related to general crypto stuff. There’s no apparent rhyme or reason to what’s uploaded here, it seems to be just a general conglomeration of crypto related articles and blogs.

• Analytics

o General analytics posts on various topics, especially market data.

• Bitcoin Dictionary

o General terms and knowledge you should know for the crypto space.

• Trading Tips

o Theres a few exchange tutorials, tool and indicators training tips, and general blogs about training digital currencies. Like most of the other sections, this is not well updated.

Pros & Cons
  • Beautiful display
  • Easy to use and browse around for content
  • Content is good but it’s not regularly updated.