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Purse Blog Review
Purse Blog
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Purse is the infamous crypto to Amazon bridge created and designed to enable Amazon shoppers to earn crypto. How do they do this? Crypto holders will create a list of items they want from Amazon and name their “price” in crypto. Amazon shoppers then purchase this item and trade it for the crypto offered by the buyer. Simple as that!

The blog as four main categories:

• Purse: General news about purse and what they’ve been up to lately. Except there is no general news in this category. Actually, there is nothing. Not a single article resides here. Fantastically surprising.

• Bitcoin: General Bitcoin news, typically tied into something related to Purse but not always.

• Amazon: Since Purse solely relies on the marketplace that Amazon offers, it’s no mystery why Purse would cover topics related to Amazon. Of course, since this is Purse’s blog, almost every article involves the relationship between Amazon and Purse.

• BCOIN: This section has two articles. “Purse and Bcoin in 2018” and “crypto 4 your thoughts? A bcoin and cosmos hackathon”. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all its got. Sorry to disappoint.

There is some content here, but don’t expect a steady stream of eye poppers every day. Or even every week. Or even every month.

Pros & Cons
  • The content that is available is certainly well written and helpful.
  • The content isn’t up to date and there are categories lacking actual blog posts. Is it even a category if there are no posts inside of it?