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Bitcoincore Blog Review
Bitcoincore Blog
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Bitcoin Core is the website for Bitcoins open source project software. This software is coined “Bitcoin Core” and allows for anyone to make their own version. Of course, to do this, they need a great place to gain information and what better place to learn about Bitcoin Core open sourced software than its own proprietary blog?

This blog is a little different than most crypto related blogs. It’s very serious. There is no cool or eye-catching styling. There is no interesting and unique layout. There are no images. There are no block styling news feeds. There is one continual line of news with a link you can follow to read more. That’s it, aside from the year categorizing them.

Upon visiting this site, you will notice that almost everything uploaded to the blog is focused on a version of Bitcoin Core that has been released. There are a few older articles that don’t share this focus, but they are still very much so focused on Bitcoin Core itself. These articles are not humorous and they are not for beginners. This is a serious place of information and has no entertainment value whatsoever.

Pros & Cons
  • This is the perfect place for software developers that love Bitcoin to gain access to the open source software.
  • This blog provides very detailed and technical explanations of each new version that is released.
  • This blog is a no BS zone. Strictly Bitcoin Core related information is shared here and the idea is very focused.
  • This is not suitable reading for a non tech newbie